Producer’s Ring: Marciano vs. Engel vs. Champion

—continued from The News Division: Match 3

The News Division: Match 4

Marciano vs. Engel vs. Champion

Carter savored his victory a few ecstatic moments, staring down at Richard and giving his cock a rough tug of pleasure. With a smile, he finally reached down. Tentatively, Richard looked at the offered hand a few cautious seconds, before accepting the help to climb to his feet.  Carter laughed gently as Richard swayed on his unsteady feet. As the dazed hunk’s knees momentarily buckled underneath him, Carter hooked an arm around his waist and allowed Richard to lean on him as he gathered his wits.  The defeated newsman cradled his aching, semi-erect cock in one hand as he leaned on Carter’s shoulder. Patiently, gently, Carter began to slowly lead them back to the stairs.

The assembled stable of newsmen watching from the base of the stairs were silent as they turned and led the sand and sweat covered competitors up the cliff stairs to the beach house. Once inside, Carter led Richard to the bathroom and began running a bath before shutting the door behind them.

The rest of the newsmen were subdued, when Richard and Carter came back downstairs cleaned and dressed. The tension was thick in the air, as Rob and Chris paced pensively across opposite ends of the room. Suddenly, Eli’s face appeared on the plasma screen over the fireplace.  “Congratulations, Carter,” Eli said.  “Your creativity in securing that submission was a crowd favorite.  Our gay male demographic has gone through the roof.”

Rob stood up and growled at the screen, “I’m leaving now.  I was beaten, and there’s nothing for me to do here now.”

“On the contrary, Rob,” Eli explained.  “We have one more match to determine the fourth competitor to advance to the semi-finals.  The losers bracket will have one more chance to stay alive with a victory in a 3-way.” Rob bristled at the word “loser.” Thomas chuckled at the reference to “a 3-way.”  Eli paused for the surprise development to sink in, as all 6 hunks mentally recalculated their odds. “You have one day to rest,” Eli continued, “and then Rob, Sam, and Richard will compete in a three-way battle on the sand the morning after tomorrow.  Once any one of you submits, you will leave the beach, and the remaining two will then fight to the final submission.” Rob glanced appraisingly at Sam and Richard, noticing the latter  was still visibly exhausted and leaning heavily on Carter’s shoulder. “The winner will be granted the opportunity to claim redemption by moving on to the next round.  I suggest that you rest, perhaps do some light training, and get your heads back in the game.”


The following day, the competitors recuperated, enjoying the momentary reprieve from the high-stakes competition.  Thomas and Sam appeared to strike up a friendship, if not an alliance. The muscled hunks sunbathed nude on the back deck most of the afternoon, obviously enjoying the responsibility to re-apply sun tan lotion on each other’s beefy bodies. Leisurely make-out sessions occasionally punctuated their side-by-side bare-naked napping.

Carter and Richard appeared to continue to be drawn closer by the crucible of combat. They spent most of the afternoon on the beach, running wrestling drills. Carter coached his new protege in defending against an erotic offense, which entailed Carter repeatedly seducing and arousing him, and Richard building tolerance to resist the temptation to allow his will to crumble. Hours of grappling and aggressive seduction climaxed into full-throated consummation of their mutual attraction, stripped naked under the Southern California sun and the watchful eye of Eli’s cameras and countless fans.

Chris and Rob spent the day in the basement gym, pumping iron. They engaged in superficial bro-talk as they spotted one another, openly validating each other’s muscle and strength, while inwardly sizing each other up as potential competitors.


The morning of the fourth and final match of round one, Sam, Rob, and Richard strode across the beach while the others watched from the base of the stairs.  The three combatants came to a halt in the soft sand and looked at one another awkwardly.  The shirtless hunks glistened in the sunshine, the sweat of midday heat and the rush of adrenaline already coating their bodies.  Sam, in green trunks, was more tanned and more blond from the past four days in the Southern California sun.  His face was still bruised from the beating at the hands of his former friend, but the swelling had gone done.  Rob wore red speedos.  Fresh off of a day of cardio and light weights, his muscles were pumped.  Richard wore Carter’s yellow trunks.  The veins in his thick arms, shoulders and chest popped, and a new, smirking confidence seemed to have replaced the humiliation of two days before.

“How the hell do three people fight each other?” Rob asked.  The horn sounded on the cliff above. Sam smirked, stretching his broadly muscled chest. “Don’t even pretend you’ve never participated in a 3-way, Rob,” he chided. “I’ve seen the paparazzi pics documenting your misadventures.”

Sam and Richard simultaneously tackled Rob. Richard grabbed his legs while Sam went high, driving Rob’s upper body into the sand with a violent grunt.  Lying on his back, Rob found Richard straddling low across his pelvis, pinning his legs and torso to the sand.  Dropping to his knees, Sam straddled Rob’s head. Grabbing a handful of Rob’s brown hair, Sam slid into position to snap on crotch-pillow head scissors, wrapping his bulging, blond legs around Rob’s neck. Rob whimpered as the huge quads crushed his head. After a few seconds to wring him out, Sam shifted position, bending his right leg and hooking his lower leg across Rob’s throat.  Grabbing his right ankle with both hands, Sam pulled upward, trapping Rob’s head in a vice-like figure-4 choke.

Executing a clearly planned attack, Sam choked Rob while Richard began pounding fist after fist into Rob’s trapped abs.  The stuck hunk’s core flexed defensively. Initially, Rob seemed to take Richard’s beat-down in stride.  The fists bounced off without inflicting apparent damage. Richard shifted tactics, digging the fingertips of both hands deep into the ridged creases of Rob’s six pack, clawing savagely.  Rob’s core continued to flex in a rock hard wall against the onslaught, but he moaned deep in his throat, clearly in pain.  Richard cross-trained, alternating between pounding Rob’s softening abs with his fists, and digging his claws deeper and deeper.

Rob began to whither beneath the swarming double team. As his whimpers grew weaker, Sam unlocked his figure-4 choke.  “I want to beat him,” he said to Richard, staring lustfully and Rob’s reddening midsection. Richard stopped his pounding, leaning backward, out breath and happy to recuperate.  Sam dug his knees into Rob’s shoulders and dropped his ass across Rob’s neck, forcing Rob’s head backward at a painful angle.  The blond beefcake rained fists down on the exposed midsection beneath him. Rob’s groans rose in volume again, straining to pry his arms and legs free from the double team attack.  Slowly, Rob stopped straining, concentrating on sucking down the punishment as he stared up at Sam’s muscled ass cheeks filling his view.

“That’s about all I need from you,” Richard said quietly.  Sam looked up, confused, just in time to see Richard’s right knee come crashing across the side of his face.  Sam sprawled to the sand, clutching at his damaged face. Richard took a slow lap around the two men, breathing hard and plotting his pathway to victory.

Licking his lips, he grabbed Sam’s ankles and dragged him next to Rob’s limp body.  Richard lifted Sam’s legs perpendicular to the sand, and in a rapid motion, dropped both his knees simultaneously into Sam’s exposed hamstrings.  A pained grunt escaped from blond hunk’s gaping mouth, as he reached defensively for his throbbing legs.  Again and again, Richard pounded his knees into the meat of Sam’s upper legs.  Finally satisfied, he yanked Sam’s weakened legs out straight, and snapping on a figure-4 leg lock. Dropping backward on his ass, he sharply hyperextended Sam’s right knee, inspiring a howl of injured pain.

Sam’s fingers dug desperately into the sand as Richard flexed his muscled legs. Maintaining the crippling figure-4, Richard alternated between sitting upright, then throwing his upper body back into the sand and wrenching Sam’s leg harder.  Again and again, Richard drove his body backward, slowly extending Sam’s knee at sickening angle.

Sam screamed out in pain. Richard yelled back at him, “I’ll break it, mother fucker!  Submit now or else you won’t be able to walk away from here!”  Sam screamed, “I submit!”  Richard pressed downward a final time across Sam’s right ankle, hyperextending his left knee at an ugly angle, as Sam screamed in pain, tears pouring down his face.

Richard released his hold, untwining his legs from Sam’s and coming to his feet. Sam rolled away from Richard, coming up to his hands and knees, his right knee held limply off the sand.  The defeated hunk attempted to stand, but his leg gave out underneath him, and he fell back to his hands and knees.  Richard watched for a moment as Sam crawled slowly toward the stairs and the watching stable of news hunks. Before he had managed to crawl far, Richard came up from behind and drove a cracking knee into Sam’s temple. The beaten muscle hunk slumped to the ground, unconscious.

Richard turned to find that Rob had rolled to his hands and knees, his right hand cradling his tortured abdominals.  Adrenaline pumping from dispatching one-half of the obstacles in his way to victory, he quickly walked up behind Rob and straddled his crouching body.  He leapt straight upward into the air, and then dropped his bodyweight downward, driving his ass violently into Rob’s lower back.  Rob fell face downward to the beach, groaning in pain.  Richard remained straddled over his opponent’s body as the battered beauty slowly pulled himself up to his hands and knees again.  Again, Richard hopped up into the air, and dropped his body weight downward, driving his tailbone into the small of Rob’s back.  Rob collapsed to the ground again, drawing his right hand around his side to clutch at his throbbing lower back.

In a daze, grunting in pain, again Rob pulled himself upward off of his stomach, drawing his hands and knees underneath him.  Smoothly, Richard wrapped his legs around Rob’s midsection and fell forward onto Rob’s upper back.  The smaller hunk wrapped his right arm across Rob’s neck from behind, applying a chokehold directly across Rob’s throat.  Richard flexed powerfully, digging his heels into Rob’s aching abs and cutting off the captured stud’s blood and air supply.  Rob coughed and choked, but then gaped silently, no longer able to expel the air in his lungs.  Rob quickly grew light-headed, writhing slower and slower in the all-encompassing grasp of his attacker.

Richard leaned forward, placing his face next two Rob’s right cheek.  “Carter asked me to pass along a message,” he said in Rob’s ear.  Then Richard stuck out his tongue and licked Rob’s face from chin to cheek.

Startled, Rob gathered some of his wits.  With herculean strength, Rob kicked his feet off the sand, with Richard still clamped onto his back.  He extended his long, powerful legs and body upward, coming briefly to a handstand.  Then Rob’s legs continued up and over his head.  As Rob came crashing to the sand, Richard’s body was crushed between the larger man and the beach.  The fall knocked the wind out of Richard, who involuntarily released his grip on his opponent.

Rob rolled off of his shocked opponent, but Richard managed to catch his breath well before Rob was finished pulling himself back to his hands and knees.  Richard grabbed Rob’s ankles from behind, pulling him backward off his hands, dropping him face-first into the sand.  He twisted Rob’s ankles, one over the other, leveraging his own bodyweight to flip Rob over onto his back.  Finally, he pried Rob’s feet apart, pinning him to his back, spread-eagled beneath him.

“I learned this one from Carter,” Richard said through clenched teeth.  he drove his head downward, pounding his forehead directly into Rob’s vulnerable crotch.  Rob screamed in pain, jabbing his hands between his upper thighs.  Richard hopped back to his feet quickly, grabbing Rob’s ankles once again and pulling them apart.  Rob stared wide-eyed at him from below, raising his hands as if to ward him away.  “No, no, NOOOO!!!,” he screamed, as Richard dove forward again, driving his forehead toward Rob’s crotch.

Just as Richard released Rob’s ankles, Rob snapped his legs together, lacing his ankles around one another.  His legs snapped shut around Richard’s head in an instantaneous vice grip, arresting the attacker’s strike with Richard’s nose a half-inch away from Rob’s balls.  Richard’s knees fell to the ground awkwardly, and he wrapped his arms around Rob’s big, bulging thighs, trying to pry them apart. Flexing his core and thighs powerfully, Rob grunted loudly, squeezing Richard’s head with all his might.  Richard’s mouth was buried deep between Rob’s massive thighs, gasping for breath.

The pressure on his head caused Richard to begin to see stars.  His ears began to whistle.  Richard tried to punch Rob’s hamstrings, but his blows had no effect.  Rob squeezed harder and harder, groaning with the exertion.  Richard’s body slumped beneath him, and his arms fell limply to his sides.  Rob swung his locked legs, with Richard’s head going along for the ride, to the left.  As his legs crashed to the sand, a muffled scream came from Richard’s mouth still trapped between Rob’s massive thighs.

“Tap, you little bitch,” Rob snarled.  Richard didn’t move, and Rob doubled forward, placing his hands on the outside of his hairy thighs and squeezing still harder.  Richard’s arms jutted straight outward away from his body, pausing as if trying to decide whether he could withstand more abuse.  Rob growled fiercely, his head thrown back and his mouth open wide.  Richard brought both of his hands around to the top of Rob’s thighs, tapping his submission frantically.

Rob released the scissors and kicked Richard away from him with contempt.  Both men lay on the beach gasping for a moment, as Chris, Thomas and Carter ran out to them.  Chris knelt next to Sam, placing his hand on his back as Sam moaned, beginning to regain consciousness.  Thomas fell to his knees next to Rob, slapping him on the shoulder and smiling down at him.  The two of them made eye contact, and Thomas extended his hand.  Rob paused a moment, then grasped his colleague’s outstretched hand, allowing himself to be pulled to his feet.

Carter sat on the sand, cradling Richard’s head in his lap.  Rob looked down at him threateningly.  Carter looked back and winked provocatively. “What the fuck does that mean,” Rob screamed back at him.  “Who the fuck do you think you are!?”  Rob lunged toward him, but Chris joined Thomas in restraining him. Rob was too exhausted to resist as they led him toward the stairs back to the house, screaming incoherently in a rage.

—-Read what happens next: The News Division – Match 5

5 thoughts on “Producer’s Ring: Marciano vs. Engel vs. Champion

      1. Thanks for answering it was just a wish. You ever want someone to brainstorm or just chat erotic wrestling I am here

  1. I love that Rob won. Definitely going to be rooting for him. I don’t know whether to ship him and Cuomo or him and Thomas. One of my favorite parts was how Thomas mentioned that he’s been wanting to wrestle for a while, Perhaps he wanted more than wrestling with Rob.

  2. Hello Bard, It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to your website. I did post a celebrity wrestling match several years ago on Producers’ Ring.
    I enjoyed reading your Newscasters Wrestling Tournament. Just in case you’re ever in the mood to write some matches including some young up-and-coming newcasters and sportscasters, here are some to keep your eye on: Ian Margol, Trevor Ault, Mike Monaco, Evan Stockton, and Chris Vosters. Take care, and best regards.

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