Jason’s Tree of Life ironically crushes the air out of Ash in Wrestleshack 26.

I’ve been ordered to work from home again. The silver lining is that, with no commute, I can find the time to post something fresh. I’m currently polishing off an assignment to write the match description for a handful of upcoming BG East releases. Having afforded some detailed and deliberate attention to these matches, I’m reminded of just how fucking erotic I find a super flexible, confident, yoga trained wrestling body (aka Jason Anders).  Yoga features prominently in Ash DeLeon and Jason Anders match in the upcoming Wrestleshack 26 (already available on BG East Arena-to-Own), including planks, side plans, and a seriously sexy tree pose with Jason’s foot rooted right in the center of Ash’s tortured abs. Fu-u-uck.

Yoga in a jock strap is absolutely inspired!

Jason is clearly experienced and adept at yoga, and I’m loving to pieces how much that’s becoming a part of his matches. He’s certainly not the only one to catch my eye for striking a pose before, during, or after a scorching hot wrestling match. More of this, please!

Back in the day, Derek daSilva showed off his stunning body in a headstand lotus pose (a la Sunshine Shooters 1, I think) that makes me swoon!
Quinn Quire’s triangle pose is transcendent from the promo shots for his match against Derek Bolt.
As if Peyton needed to do anything to turn me on harder, he stretches out his objectively perfect physique in a side plank (somewhere around Undagear 28).

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