Bigger than Life

At some point in the past 12 years or so, I’ve probably mentioned that some of my earliest exploration of my homoerotic imagination happened in the form of drawing. It really started with tracing the images of underwear and exercise equipment models (the word Soloflex still gets me hard). As my poor artistry improved a little, I moved on to copying images, and then ultimately free form drawing muscle hunks built to the specifications of my deepest desires. When one of my sketch notebooks was discovered by an older sibling, I freaked the fuck out and trashed them all, which still pisses me off today, because I’d love to go back and look at what my adolescent imagination so lovingly crafted.


When I returned from my hiatus from social media this Spring, I pretty quickly came across the IG and Twitter accounts of Marcus Wrestle. If you haven’t seen his work, you should. It appears to me to be the newest generation of graphic arts applied to the homoerotic wrestling imagination, and it’s fucking hot as hell!


Marcus has rendered his wrestling universe using graphic technology that elevates this beyond the comic book-style art I was getting off on just a decade ago. It’s three dimensional and intimately textured. I’d say it’s got one foot in realism (at least when compared to the comic-book genre), and another foot in graphic fantasy. The realism strikes me in the lighting and shadows, the glistening sweat and pulsing veins, the anguish on the faces, the strain of the muscles and joints pressed and pried and crushed with loving attention to human physiology. I say graphic fantasy, because Marcus likes his men massively muscled, with disproportionately narrow joints. His fighters are whittled down to zero body fat. And their cocks are monsters that would make porn stars faint.


It’s a narrative universe. There’s a story being told, but almost entirely graphically. As a devotee of the literal narrative, I long to know more about the fight club scene itself, the hot hunks shouting encouragement or derision in the background. How do these hot hunks find their way into this scorching hot combat scenarios? Will Rami go out on a date with me?


The tag team bout between Jake and Ryan facing off against Lucky and Kyle appears to be the most extensively built out match on Tag team jobbers vie to make their team heel turns. Lucky and Kyle are fierce in designer jock straps and nothing else. Jake and Ryan make me dizzy in go-go-boy style micro singlets. Lucky and Kyle get out to a quick lead with some vicious double-teaming on Ryan. By the time the Ref finally corrals Kyle in the corner, Lucky’s sitting pretty (so fucking pretty) in a single leg crab, throttling Ryan’s spectacularly hard cock and licking the prey’s lightly hairy lower leg. That lick, fuck. It’s a sensual detail that’s typical of the focus of all of the images you’ll find from Marcus.

ryan and kyle

It’s not a squash, which is sensational, because a still-frame story like this could easily turn 2-dimensional. But no, in fact, when Ryan muscles his way on top and spladles Lucky’s legs open wide, he exacts some sensational revenge by pounding his fist up Lucky’s ass. Ryan and Jake’s double-teaming action on both of their opponents is gorgeous and dripping with melodrama. The sexy singlet boys are pissed. You can see it in their grimaces, as Jake holds Kyle in a full nelson and Ryan drives rabbit punches into the trapped hunk’s abs. They really start to have their way with the jock strap pretty boys. Jake’s standing headscissors on Lucky are gorgeous, flexing and signaling to the roaring crowd, setting unLucky up for a pile driver that knocks him out cold.

It’s looking ugly for Kyle, right? You think you see where this is heading, right up until Kyle blocks Jake’s suplex, reverses, and slams Kyle brutally down directly on top of Ryan. That’s right, with his partner flat on his face out cold, Kyle proceeds to single-handedly fuck up their opponents with panache! He mugs for the crowd.  He throttle’s Kyle’s balls and punches his abs with his ass planted across Kyle’s face, all the while crushing Ryan underneath the both of them. And again, it’s the fine details that make this so mouthwatering, because Kyle’s impossibly big, hard cock has long ago sprung from his micro singlet, and he’s clearly turned on getting plowed under.


You can get tantalized like I did with the free access offerings Marcus puts out. Or sign up for different levels of access to more detailed, more erotic, and previews of the Marcus Wrestle universe. You can also follow Leon, one of Marcus’ wrestlers, who’s a 6’1″ blond German muscle god who also has his own subscription fan site (so… fucking… meta!) on Twitter, as well as see all of the meticulously beautiful details on

My crush Rami takes a boot to the face!?! Tag me in, Rami!!!!

It’s international, multiracial, and just so fucking spectacularly gay!  I don’t think rendered homoerotic wrestling could every replace my appetite for IRL homoerotic wrestling videos, of course. I can’t hear Jake screaming as Kyle’s clawing his balls. There’s no audible gasps or the twang of the wrestling ropes stretching. Thus far, there’s no real dialogue, and I’m a total sucker for hearing wrestlers trash talking, raging, begging. But fuck it all, I definitely get off on this, and there’s a certain 6’2″ Egyptian, ex-military pit fighter who I want to see a lot more of (DM me Rami!!!).

So Rami may not need my tag in, after all, but I’d donate a kidney to be his corner man!


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