Sign from the Wrestling Gods

Living through a pandemic has done a number on a lot of us. It’s been a long stretch and a heavy load on my outlook on life. I’m normally pretty chill, and things don’t get to me (or at least, stick around for long). But the refreeze on the cold war, global economic instability, and ideological hijacking of the U.S. Supreme Court, on top of coping locally with the implications of a global pandemic, have interrupted even my legendarily sound sleep. So, I took it as a sign from the homoerotic wrestling gods when, one late autumn morning, I was watching my local news, and Scott Williams’ face appeared on my screen.

I’d recognize Scott Williams anywhere!

Right? I mean, any time I lay my eyes on Scott, I thank the ether that this gorgeously handsome hunk stars in some of my favorite wrestling fantasies. But the sheer randomness of seeing him show up, completely out of the blue, on my local broadcast, sort of shook me just a little more than usual.

This should be the headline: Homoerotic Wrestling Star Spotted!

Of course, it had absolutely nothing to do with Scott’s incredibly sexy body of wrestling work, or even his incredibly sexy body. It was one of those “feel good” fluffy news pieces that local stations shop around to each other, to try to help us all avoid collapsing into paralyzing depression from watching the actual news. A Boston news outlet was set up near where a major motion picture was, reportedly, being filmed. Boston had closed down some city streets for the production, and locals were showing up along the sidelines to catch a glimpse of U.S. royalty (i.e., our entertainment stars). The poor local reporter who drew the short straw, and had to stand outside and make something that is, fundamentally, not news, appear to look like a news story, was interviewing the looky-loos.

Disclaimer: This is not an image from the newscast. Scott was, sadly, entirely clothed.

And like a thunderbolt from the homoerotic wrestling heavens, Scott Williams is standing there with a microphone in his face! No. Fucking. Way! But yes. Way! I don’t know that I actually heard what Scott said when being interviewed, because I was yelling at the television screen, “NO FUCKING WAY!”

There’s some major meta mind-fuck happening here, when I’m tripping on catching a glimpse of a homoerotic wrestling star that I have crushed on since first laying eyes on him, who is, himself, hanging out in the hopes of tripping on catching a glimpse of a Hollywood star that, presumably, he is passionate enough about to stand around outside in Boston’s brisk late-autumn weather. If I didn’t already believe in the homoerotic wrestling gods, this adrenaline shot to my mid-pandemic morning would have totally converted me into one of the devout.

Speaking of worship…

And because I KNOW that Scott reads the pages of this blog (because he occasionally comments, prompting me to immediately dig out one of his matches and rifle off some shuddering pleasure), I just want to thank him, personally, for brightening my day, yet again. Did you see any Hollywood stars that day, Scott? Did the reporter comment on your superhero-proportioned square jaw and devastating good looks? Have you kept the peaks on those mouthwatering biceps of yours sharpened while the gyms were closed during the pandemic? And, since the homoerotic wrestling pantheon is clearly set on putting you in my path, when am I likely to see you (preferably stripped down and in a wrestling ring) next?

Sweet homoerotic wrestling gods above, put this man back in the wrestling saddle again for us (me)!

7 thoughts on “Sign from the Wrestling Gods

  1. Was Scott in the Documentary “STRONGHOLD In the Grip of Wrestling ” ?? Also I find it strange that BG EAST has removed all but one match of Troy Baker on DVD and instead put them only on their ARENA pay for view site. I know of no other Wrestlers except his brother who’s matches have been removed from previous DVD match listings. You can see them on previews of matches but they have been removed from those DVD for sale . Strange. They have not been completely removed, only to the ” “Arena” pay platform.

    1. David – I don’t know if Scott appeared in the documentary, but if so, I vote that he gets an award for it. Regarding Troy Baker’s matches, you might try sending an email to, if you’re looking for something that you can’t find. I have asked about matches disappearing from catalogs/the website in the past, and was told that BG East honors requests from wrestlers, if they ask for their products to be pulled for specific reasons. It may be that Troy (or some of his opponents) asked for his matches to come off of the public site, but was okay with remaining up behind the Arena paywall. I think wrestlers navigate changing circumstances in their lives, and the way that their homoerotic wrestling celebrity does, or doesn’t, fit into those new circumstances. I appreciate knowing that BGE is responsive to them. ~B

      1. Dear Wrestlingbard, Yes , That is Scott in the Documentary. If you have not seen this incredible documentary I strongly recommend your viewing it and what your thoughts and impressions are. It is one of the most thought provoking films about our Love for wrestling. You will recognize several of the stars of Underground Wrestling from many videos . Thank You for your suggestions about Troy Baker ! What a HOT BODY he has…

  2. BARD!!! What a treat after a long Monday at the office to find this in my email😮 You have to quite spoiling me,….😄. Damn…..if only I could go back in time…. All is well….still wrestling when I can….Jonny Firestorm and I are making a custom vid for a client of his, so I’m still getting some video fun in every now and then….just the private stuff though..

    I have a small group of friends who get a kick out of seeing my pics turn up on Tumblr every now and then. Turns out they are closet wrestling fans!

    Be well……great to catch up! Scott


    1. Dear Scott, We’re in the Documentary “STRONGHOLD” In the Grip of Wrestling? I thought I recognized you in interviews.

  3. Dear Wrestlebard, I just came across your post about the HOT Wrestler MAVERICK and his match with Chris Duran. You are so right about that match except you didn’t mention on the second of the three abdominal stretches Duran uses to end the match for the win , Duran is biting MAVERICK’S nipple while MAVRICK Screams in pain !! One of the HOTTEST moments in the match. MAVRICK’S tag team match on the same video is HOT as well. Chris Duran appears in Young Musclestuds Wrestling 4 in a tag match with Jungle Stud with short hair and without the crazy gimmick and his even more aggressive .Sadly MAVERICK only appears in 3 videos , his match with TREY in Young Muscle studs 4 is also a Killer match ,and the same I believe of Chris Duran. Corby Banning / Corbin Banning also a knock out in the same Young Muscle studs Series was sadly only in 3 Wrestling Videos as well. He was so Hot and cockey flexing with a scissor hold on Marky Parker in YMW 4.

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