Shane’s Big Break

One of my favorite unintended consequences of sharing my thoughts about homoerotic wrestling for just anyone to read about here, is the opportunity it’s given me to collaborate with other like-minded men. As soon as I started posting the products of my homoerotic wrestling imagination on this blog, and in the pages of my homoerotic wrestling fiction, I began getting contacted by gay wrestling fans with burgeoning imaginations of their own. I think it was a sexy Swede named Swito who was the first to co-write a piece of homoerotic wrestling fiction with me. We fell out of touch, but still to this day, I get a little extra hit of excitement when I see someone from Svenska logged on here (fuck, I love the Swedes).

Shane, who has no fucking clue

After I started writing my original homoerotic wrestling fiction, set in the Producer’s Ring universe (I swear, I’ll be reposting those stories in a new Google Site soon), and my first collab with Swito came about there, I started the companion site (Sidelineland Stories), expressly to encourage new writers and maximize the opportunities for more collaborations. I’ve completely lost track of the writer Bearhugs (yo, Bearhugs!), but he challenged me to “finish” a story he started, starring a washed-up, former star high school quarterback, who reconnects with an old classmate who gives him the opportunity to break into the local pro wrestling fed. Bearhugs wrote, and I posted, the first chapter, in which Shane finds out just how far old high school friendships can stretch in his first pro match.

Neil, who’s overdue for a heel turn

Then it was my turn. Bearhugs challenged me to write what comes next. I’m not sure that Bearhugs was picturing things going the direction that I took them, but fuck it, that’s the beauty of collaborating with other homoerotic wrestling fans, isn’t it? I decided to twist the straight up squash job into a homoerotic wrestling after-show. It’s populated by you, and me, and a handful of other serious homoerotic wrestling fans, with cash burning a whole in their pockets and a local wrestling company happy to recruit their wrestlers to do what it takes to earn that money.

Sometimes, I sort of dread re-reading things I’ve written in the past. My writing evolved and, frankly, improved over time, and some of the early stuff trips me up with obtuse descriptions and clumsy exposition. But I’m genuinely happy, and just a little proud, to report that I really enjoyed recently reacquainting myself with Shane and his colleagues. Like, seriously, I enjoyed it A LOT (and then rehydrated). Bearhugs picked the only two images I have for this story, so there are limited graphics to accompany your imagination. I have half a mind to put this in the cue to draw in comic format (let me know what you think).

So, now, the first couple of chapters (Bearhugs’ story 1, and my “what happens next“) are posted to the newly launched Sideline Stories reborn. Thanks, Google Sites, for making me re-discover the good, bad, and ugly of my homoerotic wrestling fiction history, as I migrate materials over to the new platform. There are two more chapters (another pro match, followed by the after-match drama) that I plan to post soon, because fuck it if they don’t make me seriously happy, as well! I hope they bring you at least a fraction of the pleasure that they’ve brought me. Take a read, and let me know what you think in the comments here.

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