Boys On Film

I get Rocky Sparks, in his new release, Glamour Shoot 1: Immediate Gratification. “I’ve got a job to do,” he explains to Dio Characi. “I’m just serious about photography,” he claims, even when Dio suggests that perhaps Rocky had other things in mind when he asked to take his picture. “You know what would really make this great, though? Some oil. I want to see you glisten.” Fuck. I really, really get that.

Dio’s recent journey with BG East has just gotten hotter and hotter, and I’m here for it. He was sexy as fuck as a punishment slut in Hunkbash 27. Then he nearly burned the ring down taking on a living legend in front of a live audience in Wrestlefest 4. So I’m just a little shocked to be saying that he’s the sexiest yet in the devastatingly hot, intimately private moments with an overtly creeping Rocky.

In a stroke of pure genius, BG East has uploaded to the Arena that actual Polaroids taken during the match. The camera fucking LOVES Dio, nearly as much as I do! And I love that he calls bullshit on Rocky for pretending NOT to be aching to get worked over by him. Shut the FUCK up, Rocky, because that wasn’t believable for a second.

I feel like Dio should sell tickets for everyone who’d pay a whole lot of cash to get pec smothered, the way he does to Rocky. And bearhugged. And liplocked. Absolutely everything he does to Rocky is clearly Rocky’s dream come true. And again, I say, I get Rocky soooo much.

This isn’t competitive, though there’s plenty of super hot wrestling holds. I mean, Rocky keeps threatening to make Dio work for it, but fuuuuck, honestly? He barely makes Dio break a sweat. I, on the other hand, am sweating SOOO much by the time Dio is grinding his crotch into Rocky’s face and sucking on his nipples until he makes him cum.

For those who are more familiar with Dio’s personality from his social media presence, we get a much better look of that in this match. And you can tell his cold, sneering, nasty domination is his strong suit. Can someone, please, buy Dio a planre ticket to the States several times a year, so that we can get him in front of the BG East cameras a lot more often?!

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