Battle of the Gods, continued

I’m sure it’s just me, but once again I notice that just days after SteelMuscleGod posts a muscle worship video, Adam400m puts one up. They probably don’t realize it, but they’re engaged in some fierce body-on-body competition in my imagination, and the tide may be turning once more.
SteelMuscleGod has posted a bald-face appeal for worshippers to bid on a private show somewhere in Europe. Snarling his pitch, SMG strips off his body-hugging top and gives a brief preview of what could be yours (to lease) in person. With his stunning upper body, the last time I had pictured it, I imagined SMG barely enduring a long, tortuous body scissor from Adam400m, relying on those rippled abs to prevent him from suffering serious internal injuries. Then SMG clamped on a dizzying headlock, followed by a bearhug, before finally wearing Adam down to his knees and commanding the Brit to worship him.

Taking a look at Adam400m’s post of a leg workout and posing session (complete with unabashed body worship by the cameraman), has made me reconsider if these two warriors are, in fact, done with their battle. I’m imagining that just as Adam is tracing his tongue across SMG’s washboard abs in seeming surrender, his eyes flicker open, finally catching his breath and coming back to his senses. Continuing to worship SMG into his own distracted reverie, Adam licks his way up to the crevice between SMG’s thunderous pecs. Just as SMG’s deep, husky voice fades into indistinct moans of pleasure, Adam knees him in the crotch, doubling his opponent forward.

With SMG clutching his assaulted balls, Adam shoves his opponent’s head between his gargantuan quads and squeezes. His legs flash hard and striated, the veins rising to the surface, as SMG’s screams of anguish are muffled between Adam’s upper legs, each one as thick as SMG’s waist. SMG’s body is shaking and convulsing in muffled sobs as he slowly drops to his knees, frantically trying to pull his opponent’s legs apart enough to pop free his head.
Adam slowly grinds his hips in tight rotations, his abdominals constricting in waves like a python. The irrepresible, cocky confidence of the SteelMuscleGod is reduced to sobs of pain as he tries punching his fists into the slabs of beef crushing his skull. The punches have no effect other than to bruise SMG’s knuckles. “When gods are brought to their knees, it’s time for them to do some worshipping,” Adam says, a light chuckle in his voice.
Again, I’m just saying…

Battle of the Gods

As you probably already realize, there are always beautiful muscleboys fighting it out in my imagination. Walking through my day, I see handsome hardbodies, and my first thought is, “I wonder which of those hunks would win in a submission battle.” I watch television and see hollywood gym bunnies, and my first question is, “Which hottie could make the other scream first?”
Two of my muscleworship crushes are fighting tooth and nail in the arena in my mind. SteelMuscleGod posted a new worship vid, primarily focusing on those astounding legs. Posing in his yellow briefs, SMG is growling and snarling at the camera throughout. “Big muscles are back, more shredded, and harder than ever.” He’s a handsome studpuppy, and his glasses make me smile. He’s looking bigger in each video he posts, and he demands, “Contribute and worship!”

Battling head-to-head with SteelMuscleGod is Adam400m, the English bodybuilder. As if in answer to SteelMuscleGod’s upload on Monday, Adam posted a legs-video on Tuesday. Adam similarly is growing in every upload, helpfully explaining that his legs are “definitely getting beefier from squats.” Adam yanks up the fronts of his shorts, showing off his sweet upper thighs and giving a nice glimpse of the heft of that shapely package. Adam isn’t as verbal as SteelMuscleGod, but he’s also inviting our contributions (via his website) and implicitly demanding to be worshipped.

I’m not made of money. I can’t whip out my… credit card for every hardbody YouTube god demanding to be worshipped. This competition for my heart/wallet must be translated into a muscle battle. These boys both love their quads, but I have to imagine Adam having the edge in a body scissor battle. Trading body scissors, SteelMuscleGod would be whimpering in pain.
When SteelMuscleGod snaps a headlock on Adam, though, I think the tide would turn. SMG is sporting thicker biceps that Adam would struggle against, but finally be unable to escape. When SMG suddenly captures Adam in a bearhug, he’d pull the Englishman off his feet. Adam would try to scissor his captor’s muscled torso with those shredded thighs, but SMG would squeeze the air out of his opponent’s lungs and leave him powerless.
There might eventually be some bondage involved, but regardless, SMG would psychologically overwhelm Adam with that husky, cocky, snarling voice. “Worship me!” he’d demand of his crushed and breathless opponent. Adam would resist, but when SMG licks his own massive peaks and then shoves them in Adam’s face, the end would be near. As my scene closes, Adam would be on his knees, his face being smashed into victor’s torso as SMG holds him by fistfuls of hair. A tongue flickering out of the defeated man’s mouth would signal the sweetest submission of all.
I’m just saying…

Encouraging Exhibitionists

Online video sharing platforms are such a remarkable evolution in human community. How else would some musclehead get instantly worshipped by thousands of viewers worldwide, with nothing more than a webcam and no shame?

I’m currently infatuated with the handsome boy who goes by SteelMuscleGod. His profile says he’s from Romania, and despite excellent English, he does have a thick accent, so Romania sounds about as believable as anything else. And speaking of thick… holy crap, his latest video spotlighting his legs is incredible. As I’ve mentioned, I’m on a leg kick, and SteelMuscleGod’s legs manage to make my head spin. The soundtrack to this clip alone is cumworthy. The accent totally puts it over the top. He gets bonus adoration points for making sure we get a gander at the muscle calves. Very, very beautiful.
I remember seeing this guy on a cheaper webcam many months ago, dressed in a wrestling singlet and growling about all the dominating torture he would inflict on his opponent. He flexed and twisted, showing off every inch of his upper body. The fact that he kept his glasses on was so charming. I’m bummed that I can’t find that clip any longer. Is it my imagination, or is YouTube getting less user-friendly by the hour?
Anyway, up with exhibitionists! I’m not really interested in paying $40 for a 10 minute private web show (if I made $240 per hour, perhaps I’d be more open to hiring someone for $240 per hour), but if others are ready to shell out that cash, I say more power to SteelMuscleGod. Now, if perhaps SteelMuscleGod and this guy were to trade bodyscissors until one man screamed, that might tempt me to shell out some serious dough (if it lasted long enough… and it got sweaty… and they were seriously into it).