Leather and Lace

I love a hot, homoerotic wrestling story. This is self-evident, I realize, but it’s the starting point for this review of BG East’s inaugural “Cosplay” match. I mean, I like hot bodies grappling under pretty much any context, of course. My buttons are reliably pushed simply by the combination of hot hunks battling for domination. But it’s more than just value-added for me when a wrestling match has big, bold personalities, with explicit motivations, telling a story with an introduction, the building of suspense, perhaps a few surprises, and then a satisfyingly decisive conclusion that doesn’t just determine who “wins” but wraps up the drama with clever call backs and the final release of all that suspense.

Honestly, I cued up Cosplay solely on the promise of getting to see Chase Addams and Dante Lesen in the ring. I’ve been a Chase fan from that beginning. His aesthetics are fucking beautiful. When I enjoyed the opportunity to interview Chase at BG East several years ago, he sat there in front of me in wrestling trunks and boots, and I had a hard time keeping myself on task. There’s something about his body that makes me swoon, and it’s not just his award-winning nipples. And gorgeous rookie Dante Lesen literally made me gasp when I saw him walk into the mat room in his debut match. His proportions, his handsome face, and that ass…. Fuck, yeah, so solely on judging the book by its cover, I was always going to pull Cosplay off the shelf and thumb through the pages.

I’m happy to report that Cosplay does more than just showcase the beauty of these two hunks grappling. In fact, it’s a relatively high concept match, which BG East has been producing more of recently. It’s a story-forward homoerotic wrestling match that establishes a little mystery and some significant suspense from the start. Lovely, lovely Dante has eagerly signed on to a meet-up with veteran wrestling heel and blossoming kinkster Chase, to get them both in the mood before showing up at Folsom-themed festival. In the interest of transparency, I should say that I’ve only admired gay cosplay from a distance, and I’ve absolutely only been a tourist when it comes to Folsom Street Fair and BDSM and leather culture. But Cosplay 1 brings me right along accessibly, pretty immediately and explicitly sorting out the drama of newbie pup hunk Dante needing to get dominated and trained by leather and lace butch queen Chase.

Chase overwhelmingly dominates, which isn’t a surprise. However, I LOVE fierce, brief, little glimpses of Dante on offense. After my interview with Dante, it’s particularly fascinating to watch him dance along that line of bringing it and sucking on it. He sells the fierce young hunk who, sure, wants to be dominated, but needs to be conquered first. So, when Chase conquers him, also delighting in those flashes of Dante’s ferocity, it’s extra sweet. Dante sets the bar high. Chase needs to out-wrestle and control him before he’s going to be willing to get collared. Dante pretty much demands to be punished and pushed to the edge of fear and agony, if Chase is going to earn the right to be his sweaty, sneering alpha. And right there and then, Chase steps into the role with an enthusiasm that I don’t think I’ve ever seen from him before.

Okay, so I should say that I’m NOT a fan of a video so devoted to the concept that the wrestling gets shortchanged. I’ve seen matches like that, and they’ve definitely missed the bullseye for me. But this is Chase fucking Addams, so my wrestling kink is firmly stroked over and over. He snaps on a half a dozen finishing submissions, and I swear Chase looks like he loves the extra challenges and opportunities posed by a superfit 6’3 stud with outrageously high tolerance for pain and seemingly infinite capacity for sucking down physical and erotic humiliation. He uses leg locks and arm bars to maximum effectiveness, exploiting Dante’s long limbs. Scissors, a super sexy leg nelson (a hold I’m growing more and more infatuated with), and a spine tingling lion tamer bring the wrestling that moves me most.

And then, fuck, when Chase rips the singlet off beautiful Dante, the combination of aesthetics and wrestling domination are intoxicating! The rookie’s insanely hot ass becomes the star of the show for me, when he’s stripped to mesh trunks and a jockstrap. He’s a mile long and served up for a fucking when Chase rips him open wide in a spladle. Bound in the ropes to get relentlessly groped, whipped, and molded into a gasping, pleading, obedient hunk pup, Dante’s descent is compelling and so fucking beautiful to watch.

I assume there are wrestling fans who may not get into the leather and lace alpha wrestling queen kinkster that Chase sells convincingly in this match. No judgment from me, but as for me, I’m loving it hard. I love the brutally playful fucking around with masculinity and aggression. There’s a lot of wrestling marketed to gay audiences these days that involves very, very, very, very little that’s all that gay about it. See my comments above about my buttons and enjoying the surface of hot guys wrestling, but FUCK, give me some queer wrestling! Bring the explicit sexiness. Let the guys enjoy each other’s bodies, and ESPECIALLY let them enjoy battling to dominate and control each other’s bodies BECAUSE it’s sexually arousing. If we skim off the foam of all of the not-so-gay-for-pay wrestling fare (again, I’m not judging, and absolutely get off on my fair share of hunks wrestling without a spark of open eroticism), the portion of the homoerotic wrestling productions these days that’s as delightfully homoerotic as Cosplay 1 is pretty tiny.

Which is yet another reason I recommend Cosplay. It’s a provocative, compelling, clever and sexy story well told, and it’s unapologetically homoerotic. If you’re into homoerotic wrestling, and not just how wrestling turns you on, this is an in-your-face delight.

Let Slip the Dogs of War

I bumped into BG East newbie Dante Lesen on Twitter, and, of course, immediately asked him for an interview. To my delight, he agreed on the spot. After my review of his debut match, Rookie Wreckers 3: Dante’s Destruction, we chatted about a wide range of topics, revealing that lovely, long Dante is a whole lot more than just a pretty face!

Bard: Woah, Dante, I watched your match, and I loved it!

Dante: I’m really glad you loved it. Thank you for such a flattering article. I struggled watching my match. Listening to myself make pain noises makes me blush.

Bard: You’re welcome, but there was no flattery involved! And like you, I also experience an involuntary rush of blood flow witnessing you suffer so hotly! I wasn’t blushing, though. I hope you had enough of a good time that we get to see you again in a future match!

Dante: There are five other matches that are yet to be released, I’m hoping to come back for more.

Bard: Yay!  No one scared you off then? Masked Menace was pretty brutal on your balls!

Dante: He was actually my last match on that trip. They definitely didn’t scare me off. I am looking forward to more whenever they’ll have me.

Bard: Did you get some wrestling tutorials? You mentioned to me earlier that you were new to the homoerotic wrestling community, right?

Dante: They did teach me a lot! I have a lot of combat and martial arts experience, so I’m no stranger to fighting. But pro wrestling is still new to me.

Bard: Fantastic to hear about your experience! Did I read your pec tat correctly, the “Cry Havoc” quote from Marc Antony in Julius Caesar?

Dante: You most definitely did, “cry havoc and release the dogs of war.” Though I think the actual quote is “let slip the dogs of war.” I got it years ago.

Bard: It feels like a nice mantra for homoerotic wrestling! Does it have special meaning to you?

Dante: It’s the closest thing to a military tattoo I’ll ever get, eight years in the Marine Corps.

Bard: Holy fuck! Seriously? What was that experience like? And did you join when you were 11 [laughing]?!

Dante: I enlisted when I was 17.  It was some of my best and worst moments in my life.

Bard: You look like a baby! That blows my mind you’re a veteran with eight years of service!

Dante: I’m 29, most people think I am much younger.

Bard: I’m definitely with most people! So, military fetish porn is totally true to life, right [laughing]? So, I’ve been stalking… I mean, casually perusing your hot body in your Twitter, and damn, you’re showing it off so beautifully! Can you tell me a bit about your work as a professional hottie?

Dante: I can’t say there is anything really professional about it. The only reason I started an OnlyFans and soon a JFF was because my friend said “why post for free when you can make some extra spending money.” Otherwise I’ve just been having fun with it.

Bard: It looks like you’re having a lot of fun! And that body of yours is so beautiful. Damn. What’s been the response to your extra spending money hobby?

Dante: It’s been decent, I don’t have to worry each month if I want to buy a book or two

Bard: Nice! I’m glad to hear it. What do you read?

Dante: I have a little over 490 books. I read everything from fiction to fantasy and everything in between.

Bard: Holy fuck, are you even real? That body, that face, and you’re an avid reader?!  What’s a recent read you’d recommend?

Dante: Depends on what you’d like to read. Currently, I’m reading a fantasy saga by L.E. Modesitt, Jr., The Saga of Recluce.

Bard: I do like fantasy, and I’m making a note of that! I’m currently finishing re-reading Interview with the Vampire. I recently finished a cute gay YA romance, What If It’s Us.

Dante: If you want an amazing YA fantasy duology, I would recommend All the Stars and Teeth, and All the Tides of Fate by Adalyn Grace

Bard: Thanks! I will totally queue those up as well! Since you mentioned being new to the homoerotic pro wrestling scene, what’s your impression of it so far?

Dante: I love it, I first realized I was attracted to men when I was eight after watching WWE. So being able to finally act on those images in my head has been amazing.

Bard: So many of us share that origin story of watching pro wrestling growing up, and it dawning on us, “damn, that turns me on!”  How did BGE find you?

Dante: I found them, there were a few of their wrestlers that I started talking to.

Bard: Excellent! I know exactly which of the BGE staff will find you and break your balls if you disclose anything about any unreleased matches you were in. But I’m wondering if you can tell me about any wrestlers you had a connection with behind the scenes?

Dante: Most of them were really friendly, I had a lot of fun conversations with everyone who was present. A lot of stories and past experiences were shared and fun to listen to, too.

Bard: Very obliquely and diplomatically put! I love it.

Dante: I’ve been taught to be very tactful growing up.

Bard: You’re a gentleman! Dude, gentleman get trounced in homoerotic pro wrestling [laughing]! What’s your favorite wrestling hold?

Dante: As far as favorite holds, I love being put in camel clutch, Boston crab, and schoolboy pin, where they pull my face into their crotch.

Bard: Those are some seriously sexy, painful holds. I notice you’re on the receiving end of them, as you describe them. Do you consider yourself a jobber?

Dante: I do consider myself a jobber, for now at least. I still have to work on my disassociation problems before considering going full heel.

Bard: Oh, now you have to say more about needing to dissociate before you can heel.

Dante: I’ve been trained to kill my opponents as quickly as possible. If I have a PTSD episode that triggers me to not realize who is fighting me, I could seriously hurt or kill somebody. So I have to keep myself in check, which means I have to learn to take the hits and get comfortable with being in the ring.

Bard: Holy shit, I had never thought of that. That makes total sense to me. Being on the receiving end doesn’t have that potential triggering effect?

Dante: It does, but I am in far better control than if my mind slips while I’m performing a technique. If I’m reacting, it gives me a chance to come-to, rather than if I’m initiating the action.

Bard: Fascinating! I respect the hell out of the fact that you’re exploring all of this, and doing it in front of a camera with a lot of us watching and being turned on by it.  You mentioned earlier that it makes you blush listening to your sounds of suffering in your debut match. What was it like to watch yourself get worked over?

Dante: It was hot to watch me get worked over. I was embarrassed because I had to extremely exaggerate the noises. I have a very high pain tolerance, most of the holds never actually hurt me.

Bard: Oh, damn, now that sounds like total heel bait [laughing]! You sold your suffering awfully convincingly to me, at least. What’s the effect on you of watching yourself being humiliated?  Does that humiliation angle turn your crank?

Dante: Humiliation doesn’t do anything for me. It’s submitting and feeling the body contact that gets me going.

Bard: Fascinating! Like I mentioned in my review, there was something stunning about the contrasts between your body and Masked Menace. You looked like a giant! Are there certain type of bodies or characteristics you’re into when you’re gearing up for body contact and getting made to submit?

Dante: Is the question focused for filming or behind closed doors?

Bard: You can go either direction. I am curious about you, though. Whatever you’re comfortable with.

Dante: As for filming, I can work with almost anyone, so long as they are respectful and understanding. In my personal life, I enjoy mental stimulation and emotional connection. Being fit doesn’t hurt, but it’s not exactly a top priority for me. A level of self confidence and a charming wit is nice.

Bard: That’s cool. I could see you needing someone with a quick wit, just based on this conversation. What else would you like gay wrestling fans to know about you, as we grow infatuated with you as a BGE rookie?

Dante: I’m a Jack of all trades, or a self proclaimed one, at least. So I enjoy learning and trying new things. It’ll be likely that you’ll see me in many unique situations, since I’m more than willing to try anything that peaks my interest.

Bard: Such a hot tease! I’m looking forward to it. And can I offer some free advice? Like, please, please make sure to drop into conversation with Kid Vicious and Kayden Keller and Jonny Firestorm the fact that you have a super high tolerance for pain and sometimes have to exaggerate your reactions because you aren’t hurting enough? Definitely, definitely make sure to mention that to those guys [laughing]!

Dante: Kayden Keller and Jonny Firestorm were at the filming, so two of them know already.I’ll definitely try and reach out to Kid Vicious.

Bard: Awesome. I would think they’d enjoy the challenge! Thanks so much for chatting with me and giving us a glimpse of the man behind the blushing moans.

Cry Havoc

Another hot young rookie!? Hell, yes, welcome to BG East, Dante Lesen! The titular rookie in Rookie Wreckers 3: Dante’s Destruction grabbed my attention in the marketing images and match description, and talking about grabbing something? Fuck, rookie…

The contrasts in this match are spectacularly stunning. On the one hand, you’ve got veteran masked heel, Masked Menace. BG East reports that he’s 5’5 and 170 lbs, but I think both of those numbers may be exaggerated. At least, when 6’3 and 180 lbs of Dante shows up, holy shit, Menace looks fucking tiny! I mean, he’s got sweet, mature muscle, and that sexy hairy chest looks both hot and intimidating. He’s flexing, his signature, ominous silence filling the mat room, when Dante strolls in and takes a 360 degree tour, stroking and admiring Menace’s muscles. And fuuuuck, Dante looks like the leaning tower of Pisa that just might fall over and crush him at any moment. Who is this towering, babyfaced newbie, and did he come to play? “Nice,” Dante whispers his approval, breathlessly. “Nice!” I say.

Dangling such a long, lean, gorgeous cut of veal in front of a legendary heel like Masked Menace is a formula for exquisite destruction. Within seconds, Dante is nursing his bashed balls and getting a mouthful of Masked Menace in a stunningly sculpted face-to-crotch standing headscissors that works so, so beautifully because of their height difference. The babyface newbie is getting swarmed and swamped ruthlessly, when the villain smashes his knee into Dante’s long, lean back and chokes him from behind. Fuck, fuck, that’s sexy!

It’s in the title, so I don’t feel like it’s too much of a spoiler to say lovely Dante gets squashed like a bug. This is Masked Menace, so it also should come as no surprise that Dante’s rookie balls get crushed to a pulp a thousand different ways. And fuck, he may be a rookie, but the boy knows how to suffer like a champ! Damn, watching him writhe and kick and squirm and whimper and scre-eeeam is seriously moving. When the extra-tall red singlet gets peeled off him forcibly, I’m also way, way moved by his washboard abs and his juicy, juicy ass suction packed into American flag briefs.

There are lots of sweet, sweet moments to admire, but let me just linger on the stunning art that is 6’3 Dante broken in half in Masked Menace’s OTK backbreaker. Holy fuck, Dante is weeping, as his big, star-spangled bulge quivers at the apex of his arching body. Menace throttles his balls relentlessly, hungrily, as Dante screams and kicks his mile long legs uselessly. Fuck, he’s gorgeous as HELL getting the warmest… nay, hottest welcome a rookie’s ever had!

Again, I say, welcome to BG East, Dante! I hope you were able to pick up the pieces and sign up for more to come. I promise, it gets better! :::::fingers crossed behind my back::::