Friday Fashion

Attila Dynasty wore it best!

It was a relatively close contest between Attila Dynasty and Lou Terassi with regard to who you thought wore those pastel pink undies best. Polls here at neverland are frequently blow outs, but Attila took the popular vote with about 60%.  Now let’s see Lou and Attila in the ring in a finish-to-start match, with the boys starting out naked and wrestling to see who gets to walk out of the ring room wearing the aforementioned gear.  Who’s with me?!

Attila Dynasty’s trunks always have to work overtime.

Today’s Friday Fashion poll is a rare cross-production contest. N2N has been making eye catching undergear that’s been a favorite choice at Can-Am. However, a few of the BG East boys have sported N2N gear as well. Take, for example, These biker shorts from N2N. Blue, orange, and muscle sucking sexiness all over, they look like they’re painted on Rusty Stevens. But damn it all, if they don’t look like they’re painted on and aching to get ripped off UK motel battler Darren Madison, as well!  It’s another veteran heel going head-to-head with a achingly fresh faced rookie.  I think they both wear the fuck out of these trunks, but who do you think wore it best? You know the drill: check out your options and then vote below.

Rusty Stevens squared off in these N2N biker shorts against Aryx Quinn in Can-Am’s Arena 2.
Darren Madison squeezed so many gorgeous bulges inside the very same biker shorts in BG East’s Motel Madness UK: New Breed?

Folks’ Strokes

The first preview pics from BG East’s Arena a couple of weeks ago drew a tepid response from a handful of commentators over at BG East’s yahoo discussion group. It’s good for me to see differing opinions, because otherwise I’d blithely dance along assuming everyone was as giddy with excitement and anticipation as I am. I catch myself assuming that what yanks my crank must be a universal attraction (just like occasionally I forget that not everyone is gay). Not true, of course, except in my flights of fancy.

Still, I have to scratch my head in wonder that a wrestling kinked gay man could be uninspired with some of the new releases. In particular, Matmen 21 is already making me wipe the drool from the corners of my mouth. Angelo Demato’s ass in shrink-wrapped shorts alone is enough to make me light-headed. I’ll wax adoringly about that release more in a couple of days. But for now, let me point out a few other highlights that make me astonished to realize that someone else can be disappointed with BGE’s holiday-time releases.

In no particular order, I’ll start with Denny Cartier facing off with gorgeous rookie, Attila Dynasty (awesome name, BTW). Denny with a shaved head and gray, very brief briefs is pushing him farther and farther up the ranks of my favorites. In what looks like a legitimate scrap with a skilled and stunning newcomer, Denny instantly grabs my attention. In a homoerotic wrestling world with a lot of pretty boys playing paddy-cake, Denny is one of the stars keeping the hot wrestling in my homoerotic wrestling. And his round ass, meaty pecs, strong, hairy legs, and cleft chin leave me unable to imagine him disappointing me in any scenario.

The first glimpse I ever got of Eddy Rey was in Lon Dumont’s debut match. That was a little unfair to Eddy, as I can’t take my eyes off of Lon. I haven’t seen much of Lon lately, which seriously damages his strength in the standings of my favorites, but seeing more of Eddy is making me take note of the fine, fine specimen that he is. First of all, he’s a huge beast of a man. I know that in BGE-land, 6’1″ and 210 pounds isn’t necessarily monstrous, but there’s just something about Eddy’s look that seems ponderously massive beyond his stats. He also appears to continue to be ripped to shreds and incredibly arousing when doused in dripping sweat, which is most of the time. In his new match against omnipresent Donnie Drake in Hunkbash 11, Eddy’s trunks accentuate the lead pipe he’s smuggling. None of this, so far, leaves me uninspired.

I realize stills can be deceiving (another recent topic in the discussion group), but the pics for the new Motel Madness UK 7 are taking my breath away with excitement. First of all, six new faces in one release is pure gold, as far as I’m concerned. I won’t get on my soapbox again here about the problem with recycling that’s plaguing so many new releases across wrestling companies (Donnie Drake, I’ve got one eyebrow raised in your direction right now). But I will heap praises on BG East’s talent recruitment skills in hopping the pond and signing up fresh meat that I’ve never seen anywhere else. From the description, apparently Ashley Ryder (another excellent name) is a staple at a London gay wrestling event at a Soho bar. First of all, why the hell don’t I live somewhere with a regular wrestling event at a gay bar!? Second, the mop of hair on Ashley’s head, the devilish grin, the tight bod, and his opponent’s hand across his adorable ass are all sorts of things, I think… none of which are disappointing or uninspiring.

And my last marvel for the moment is at the first match from Motel Madness UK 7, pitting smooth, tight white bread named Darren Madison against the “gypsy hunk” Sasha. Sasha, Sasha, Sasha…. wow. I didn’t even know I was missing this piece of gorgeousness in shiny orange trunks until I saw these pics. I’m pretty versatile on many counts, including my tastes in body hair. But I must say that the fantastic coat of fur on Sasha’s muscled body is as arousing as it is unusual in the biz these days. If I had the dough, I’d offer to buy this piece of hairy gold a ticket to Boston in order for us to get to see him climb into a ring with the likes of, let’s say, Denny. Since I’m so inspired to buy more of these delightful new releases these days, however, I don’t have the dough…. just the dream. I know that there are different strokes for different folks. BGE’s new releases are offering me plenty of strokes.