Friday Fashion

So, sure, it isn’t Friday today, but I’m late reporting the decisive outcome of the last Friday Fashion poll.  Pulling in more than 59% of the vote, spanking both of his contenders handily, the winner is clear.  You know those distinctive red trunks with the black side panels and stylish extra black stripes?

Talk about form fitting…

Stone Whitman wore it best.

A perfect fit coming and going.

Stone has not really been on my radar before now, but doing my research for this Friday Fashion poll has convinced me that I need to remedy that oversight. That adorable babyface with an epic chin like that is striking. His insanely ripped torso is breathtaking, and I’m infatuated with his luxuriously hairy legs. But definitely, a strong selling point is his ability to wear those trunks like nobody else!

Jonny wants you to enjoy those trunks from every angle!

Somewhere I seem to remember hearing that the curly haired cherub is an experienced indy pro wrestler. Still, I think no other opponents are going to treat that gorgeous body quite like BG East heels do, and, on average, his BG East fans have got to love his work more than the straight up pro fans by a factor of at least 20.


I’d like to propose an entirely new genre for homoerotic wrestling, in which we slather wrestlers in maple syrup and the loser is the one who gets licked clean first. Furthermore, I nominate ripped stud Stone to inaugurate what would be this barnburner of a new series.

A dish served hot.

In the mean time, congratulations are in order to Stone, because although it appears he has had a rough time of it in the BG East ring thus far, when it comes to those sexy red trunks, that gorgeous round ass, and that tasty, tantalizing bulge, no one else came close.


Stone Whitman wore it best.

Friday Fashion

I’m calling it. Last week’s Friday Fashion poll appears to have tested loyalties. A couple of readers commented that they caught themselves by surprise with their votes. When it comes to those pink and lime green square cuts making their rounds of the locker room at Thunder’s Arena, the real competition turned out to be between Big Sexy and Vinny. But when push came to shove and you had to pick just one, 48.5% of you broke just one way.


Big Sexy wore it best.


Little wonder that Big Sexy is pulling down victories so long after formally leaving the homoerotic wrestling scene. He was, for quite a while, the premiere franchise player for Thunder’s Arena, combining devastating mat skills, a made-for-pro larger than life attitude, and a phenomenal rock-‘n’-roll body.


Although others subsequently donned these pink and lime green square cuts, it’s hard not to see what the plurality of Friday Fashion voters saw in declaring that he wore them best. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand ties, Big Sexy’s ass is one of the very best in wrestling anywhere, at anytime. The quarter panel alternating colors on these trunks look custom made for Big Sexy’s fabulous, massively muscled glutes, accentuating that size, shape, and mouthwatering aesthetics of his athletic ass cheeks. I’m sure many voters were appreciating other angles that convinced them that Big Sexy wore it best, but as for me, I can’t tear my eyes away from the absolute perfection of his ass.

Big Sexy vs Ace Hanson - 186.jpg

In any case, congratulations, Big Sexy, wherever you are. You are missed, but almost 49% of us still agree that you wore it best!

I noticed a different pair of trunks stretched across the fine forms of three different wrestlers (that I could find, at least), to lift up for your consideration for today’s Friday Fashion poll.  No guarantees that I’ll keep Friday Fashion resurrected long, but now that I’m back into it, let’s have some more fun.

Bobby Burns

BG east slid at least 3 lovely, lean wrestlers into a certain pair of red and black pro trunks. I believe it was Bobby Burns who may have worn them first, taking a beating from Caleb Brand in Ring Rookies 1. He sported them again in Ringwars 18.

Perry Pearson

Perry Pearson later fished these small, simple classic cuts out of the BG East closet for Matmen 20. He stands out in this field as the only wrestler to make them mat gear.

Stone Whitman

Much more recently, it’s been Stone Whitman’s ripped body working to make these curve accentuating trunks all his own, originally a while back in Knock Outs 1, and then again earlier this year in Submissions 10 getting worked over by Jonny.

All three hunks wore them. I think they each make them work in remarkably different ways. But in your opinion, who wore it best? Vote below.