An English Thing

Brit go-go boy and wrestling fanatic Chris Geary has posted pics and brief preview clips of two new beautiful boys posing and wrestling. Personally, I miss seeing more of Chris in front of the camera, particularly when he gets his muscled ass kicked and humiliated. Don’t get me wrong, I love his work. I just particularly love his work when he’s in front of the camera and getting his muscled ass kicked and humiliated.
I was tracking Chris and enjoying his website before he opened up his pay-site on the side, I completely understand the notion of the gay wrestling kink connoisseur and dabbler going entrepreneurial, but I’m a little sad that there’s so much fun wrestling out there and my personal finances are relatively so limited. I dinked around in for a while. Had fun with it. But I redirected my pennies elsewhere to pursue more frequent updates.
Chris has posted a new wrestling update featuring purported straightboys Rowan and Paul. I say “purported” just because I’m feeling a little catty. I don’t really care what they call themselves. Beautiful, hardbodied boys wrestling naked in oil is homoerotic, regardless of whether the boys identify as homo or not. Still, why is it I never meet these knock-down gorgeous muscle stud straightboys who are happy to have me film them wrestling naked, jerking off, showing their asses, and letting me handle their goods? Perhaps I need to move to the England. This is an English thing, right? You UK readers can tell me, this happens to you all the time, right?

Anyhow… Chris has a good eye for beauty, as evidenced by Rowan and Paul. Paul is a tad beefier and inked, but I have to say Rowan is sending me into fits. Those abs need caution tape up around them, because their cut so sharply someone could get hurt!

I’m just tasting the appetizer, so someone with a HornyModelBoys subscription needs to tell me how the main course tastes. Typically, Chris’ wrestling boys are a little weak on the wrestling and the action is a bit choppy and slow paced. But I’m a sucker for most any hard, naked hunk grappling in oil and showing off.
I’m serious now. Where do I find these incredibly gorgeous, exhibitionist straight boys willing to strip naked, get oiled up, and wrestle for me on camera?

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