A Fan Favorite

Yesterday I celebrated Brook Stetson, co-owner of my homoerotic wrestler of the month title. Today, at the risk of repeating myself, I turn to Brook’s partner in crime, the other co-owner of my homoerotic wrestler of the month title, Mitch Colby.

Mitch was a running feature obsession in this blog almost from the beginning. When he debuted for BG East in Alexi Adamov’s Wrestler Spotlight tape, I was instantly a fanatic. Drop dead gorgeous, strong as an ox, and glistening with sweat, there’s nothing that I don’t like about Mitch’s physique. But it was always something more, something unexpected that Mitch brought to the table that has made me never be able to take my eyes off of him when he wrestles.

It’s his maturity, by which I do not mean some asinine euphemism for his age. True, he showed up on the scene a decade or two later than some of the youngest bucks that vie for our attention in the homoerotic wrestling world, but frankly that’s neither here nor there for me. Mitch possesses a chilled calmness, an unflappability, a stone cold centeredness that reflects a mature soul. I mean, let’s face it, it’s hard to out-pretty Alexi Adamov. But Mitch is every ounce as gorgeous, as far as I’m concerned, and he’s a good bit sexier because he seems to understand exactly who he is at every moment, no matter what the trash talk and mind games his opponents toss his way. The way Mitch puts Alexi in his place and leaves him flat on his back in the gazebo is all sorts of pleasing.

I won’t try to give a comprehensive blow by blow of Mitch’s career because, let’s face it, that’s been an ongoing labor of love throughout the nearly two years of this blog. Rather, let me note the highlights that taught me something new about the big, beautiful Mitch. For example, after a hard, sweaty gazebo battle with pretty boy Alexi, things turned down right nasty for him when he climbed into the wrestling ring against one of BG East’s resident bad boys, ripped stud Cole Cassidy, in Ringwars 15. Sadly, this is Mitch’s only appearance to-date in the ring. Perhaps the seriously vicious beating he took at Cole’s expert hands (and particularly the torture Mitch’s pecs took in Cole’s claws) left Mitch with PTSD for ring action. Mitch works some nice offense in on the little powerhouse, but when it comes to decimating and displaying a big, hard hunk, there’s arguably no one better than Cole. Happily, Mitch proves that he can suffer and take a beating like that hard, ripped body of his would imply.

Mitch’s first motel match was notable for me, particularly, because he squared off with Joshua Goodman (that’s Mr. Joshua to you!) in Motel Madness 7. Yes, the reigning top contender for my favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy went toe-to-toe with the reigning top contender for my favorite homoerotic wrestler – nonpornboy division. Mitch’s physique is simply perfect in this match, and I don’t blame him a bit for allowing Mr. J to maneuver him into position to shove that massively packed crotch of his into Mitch’s face.

My next stop on Mitch’s memory lane is another motel match, in which Mitch showed what he would do if BG East dangled a little bit of fluff in his face, by which I mean twink delight, Jeremy Burk, in Motel Madness 8. This is classic big v little wrestling, and I’m on the record repeatedly as partial to that scenario. What makes this match hit my list of must mentions about Mitch are two things, really. 1) This is a fantastically erotic match that’s expertly paced. Some squashes are downright boring, but there’s nothing at all boring about Mitch’s systematic pummeling of Jeremy. It gets hotter, more painful, more humiliating, and sexier with every passing moment. And 2) this was my first peek at Mitch naked. After crushing Jeremy, Mitch takes his little piece of fluff to the bathroom where they peel out of their gear and explore one another’s bodies in and out of the shower. My fetishistic lust to scrub Mitch down from head to toe with a thick, slick coat of lathered soap probably belongs on a different fetish blog, but suffice it to say, I’m bitterly envious of Jeremy.

Back to the Florida sunroom, and my next notable highlight of Mitch in action is his sweat-fest with Skrapper in Catchweight 3. Seems that Mitch has a taste for the lightweights, and despite putting up some serious offense, Skrapper was always destined to be schoolboy pinned with Mitch’s sweaty crotch shoved in his face. What stands out from this match, however, is the post-match pool play. Mitch fireman-carries his twink out of the sunroom (with Skrapper slyly copping a feel of Mitch’s glutes along the way… I tell you, that Skrapper impresses me!), and then tosses the spent punk into the pool. One last bearhug in the middle of the pool turns from a device for inflicting pain into a passionate embrace, as they make out enthusiastically. Many, many more homoerotic wrestling matches should end this way.

The same Florida sunroom is the setting for a true epiphany in Mitch’s resume. He takes matters firmly in hand against Derek da Silva in Crotch Crushers 1, tapping into his sadist side to beat, pound, claw and, indeed, crush Derek’s testicles. In addition to being the first time I saw Mitch really grab hold of his opponent’s manhood, it’s also memorable because it was right around this release that Derek stole the title as my favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy from Mitch for a brief time. The contrast of short, pale and hairy muscleboy v tall, tanned, and smooth muscleboy is aesthetically stunning.

It was the release of Mitch’s Wrestler Spotlight tape that helped Mitch rip his inaugural title belt away from Derek and slap the hairy Italian into second place. Most specifically, it was Mitch’s matroom sweat fest with Patrick Donovan that turned my affections decisively back to Mitch. This match is profoundly arousing from start to finish, but it’s the bearhug competition right in the middle that makes my heart pump hardest. Patrick and Mitch are in the same league when it comes to almost everything… height, weight, good looks, fit physiques, wrestling skill, and maturity. So it’s that much more climactic when Mitch once and for all puts the veteran down, climbs on top, and locks lips with the loser.

A few months after Mitch regained his title as my favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy, he lost it in stunningly fast fashion against the wickedly nasty stylings of Rusty Stevens. From the realm of Naked Kombat and Can-Am, Rusty managed to grab my attention and hold on with both hands. Mitch slid into the top contender spot behind Rusty’s razor sharp trash talking and primal determination to dominate his opponents. So when BG East, just a few months later, released the Breaking Point: Sexiest, in which Rusty and Mitch have it out in the Florida sunroom, I was in awe. This was my fantasy come to life. I mean, most homoerotic wrestling is in one way or another my fantasies played out for me, but this was quite specifically and particularly my fantasy of pornboy v pornboy wrestling. While Mitch came out on top (at the same moment Rusty was cumming from the underneath), I had to say decisively that it was Rusty who aroused me most in this match, primarily on what is undeniably his #1 strength: his witty trash talk and delight in dishing out humiliation. It was a battle for the ages, but Mitch was relegated to stick it out in second place in my rankings.

And then last month, BG East released Mitch’s most recent match for Sunshine Shooters 4, which earned him the homoerotic wrestler of the month co-title. Mitch is also currently in possession of the top contender spot for my favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy yet again, chomping at Trent Diesel’s gorgeous ass to take the title for the third time. Regardless, however, Mitch will always be a favorite, and wherever he is at any particular moment in the rankings of my favorites, I will always be a Mitch fanatic.

4 thoughts on “A Fan Favorite

  1. OK, well, as a counterpoint… Colby's performance against Alexi was one of the least generous I've ever seen. A generous performer is one who accepts that his opponent/partner also brings something to the mat and goes out of his way to make sure he enhances those qualities for the viewers. Aspiring wrestlers always describe themselves as such because, having little history or reputation, they can't expect to be booked according to their own drawing power. But savvy wrestlers realize it's not about false humility. A generous performance makes BOTH wrestlers look good and fans more likely to follow both.From the generic two physically "equal" guys standing and stretching opening to Colby's flamboyant and skimpy "look at me!" bikini against Alexi's washed-out blue granny panties to Colby's "Who the fuck are you supposed to be?" tone and endless mugging for the camera, Colby's performance was anything but generous. Had Colby been a well established name, I would have been perplexed. Considering Alexi was one of the biggest draws BGE had, it was stunning. I think you're completely, if ironically, on point in your assessment that in the beginning one may have thought Alexi was "pretty," but by the end one could only think that Colby was "sexy." The portrayal of Alexi was so cavalier and the gushing fixation on Colby–all the way down to the camera slavishly poring over every inch of Colby's body with Alexi being in the background of nearly every second as if he was nothing more than a second, distracting banana, and not even a very appealing one–so overwhelming, it left no other option.

  2. Interesting take, Josh. I recently re-watched this match, and I don't really see the same thing. I don't think that the choice of gear is particularly a reflection of Mitch's lack of generosity. The "who the fuck are you supposed to be" tone goes both ways in this match, and frankly in most homoerotic wrestling matches (though I agree with you that I'd like to see some appropriate respect and character development when the boys know each other and come with a little respect). I read the story as Alexi "asking for it" with his instant digs on Mitch as "over the hill." I don't see the camera or Mitch as upstaging Alexi, and in fact I think Mitch is steely and understated. Alexi suffers sweetly, as does Mitch in turn. I would understand die-hard Alexi fans resenting the young Russian getting schooled by a rookie, but as with a tango, it takes two to tell a hot wrestling story, and I think this is indeed a hot wrestling story.Different strokes…

  3. See, this is the good thing about different opinions: two perspectives potentially leading to a little eye-opening exchange (why does that sound dirty?). To clarify my ain't nobody can't tell me nuttin'! side of things, it's not that I don't appreciate Mitch Colby. In fact, if I were to do the proverbial pick a roster for my own hypothetical fantasy gay wrestling fed, I'd absolutely have Colby as one of my picks. I mean, I play a smarty smart smart in my real life, what with the law talkin' job 'n such, but when it comes to pro wrestling, I'm pretty damn simple. I mean, in my fantasy fed there'd be plenty 20-something hunks 'o the moment ranging from pretty blonds with ripped bodies to disturbingly muscular black bodybuilders with even more distractingly pronounced posing pouches getting their hot bodies twisted and tormented and torqued every update, natch. Tis just how I roll. But I'd also have guys who aren't 20 somethings. The best thing about Colby isn't his hot "in spite" if his age. He's hot because of his age. Then again, I'd also have, like, a beer swilling redneck and a big fat bastard or two along with all the 7 percent body fat guys, since, after all, I am a product of my age and saw far too many dumpy pasty Dick Murdoch squashing Bob Emory and fully clothed Bunkhouse Buck beating up and hog tying Kenny Kendall matches when I was an impressionable kid. Warped, warped, I sez!Anyway, my initial assessment of Alexi/Mitch remains a bit unchanged. One of the best things about BGE is that there's obvious diversity in body types and age. I admit I'm still a sucker for a guy who looks like he stepped out of the latest Exercise: For Men Only (what an entertainingly cheesy title that is) standing in a ring all pretty and ripped and nearly naked and all clueless about what's about to go down, so I don't knock companies that fixate on that alone (well, I kinda do, but not really b/c, what's the point?). But having that physical range opens up a whole host of possibilities that deepen the psycho-sexual "drama" that makes a good match really engrossing.But my thing is, I think sometimes people overcompensate for the looks/age divide in matches. It's like Zack Vasquez vs. Pat Donovan. Do I think Donovan needs to hide his body lest he wound the vulnerable eyes of the world? Far from it. But at the same time, when he's standing on the mats in front of a proverbial stepped off a magazine cover guy, when we all know Zack's going down in the end and probably pretty convincingly… sorry. In that case Donovan SHOULD be relatively "modest," in gear, in persona, and certainly in preening and flaunting it, while Zman's all OTT nearly naked and showing off. And it's not looksism or ageism or all that claptrap. It's just balance. If the eye candy is going to get knocked the fuck out, then let him be eye candy in the beginning. It's like one of my favorite all time matches is Troy Baker and Shane McCall. Much of the fun of it is in Troy being blond and tanned and skimpy-dressed, and Shane being not that. By not "competing" with Troy on that level it not only intensified Troy's look but also made Shane sexier himself. It wouldn't have been the same if Shane was all speedoed and oiled up.I think it's the under-explored and exploited "reality" of the so-called hunk as jobber thing. As a devotee of such, I have no problem with the Troys and Brads and Alexis being "schooled" in the ring or elsewhere by vets or from out of nowhere rookies. But I balk whenever I see those guys in "the other guy's just as pretty" matches, cuz where's the heat in that?

  4. I understand what you're saying, Josh. I'm with you in enjoying a good hunk bashing on nothing more than principle. I do, however, find heat in a pretty-on-pretty match from time to time. And, I'm being completely honest and perhaps too self-disclosive for my own good, but I swear to you that I find Mitch every bit as physically attractive and arousing as I do Alexi, and I find Patrick perhaps 97% as attractive as Zack, physically (that's not counting for the sexiness of personality, which I say would make it an absolute dead heat in their match). I think we simply see different things at times, and in the cases in point, I see two stunningly gorgeous men (in each match), that I thank my lucky stars are both in physique-displaying gear (though, like you, I'd always love to see Alexi in less). A different constellation of wrestlers might speak to me differently, and I'm certainly a fan of a pretty-beatdown at the hands of a big-n-bad "ugly," but I don't count either the Mitch/Alexi match or the Patrick/Zack match as anywhere near that territory… for my tastes, of course.

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