I’ll Buy That

Combat is erotic. You and I know this, of course. You read this blog because you know it. Something in my ongoing ramblings speaks to you because I hardly need to convince you that hot men engaged in body-to-body physical competition to dominate one another is inherently erotic and, specifically, homoerotic. Hello, Choir. I’m preaching to you.

However, I’m convinced that this is not simply a quiet little fetish that you and I and a few thousand of our closest, anonymous internet friends embrace. My primary evidence for this theory of the mainstream homoeroticism of combat? The mainstream male model.

Sure, whatever. Roll your eyes if you must. But the male model squeezed into underwear to sell the name on a label is big business because the market is much, much broader that you and me. So when we see these aforementioned male models posed in explicitly fight and wrestling scenarios, I argue that this is evidence that combat between sweaty, muscled, gorgeous men is explicitly homoerotic. This is about sex. They don’t pick these guys because they appeal to anyone’s intellect, my friends (of course, they might be intellectually stimulating, but most of us would never know).

This latest batch of pics of models-as-wrestlers/fighters comes from my grazing in the fields of Homotrophy. The only model identified by name there is this jaw dropping specimen barely fitting into that white wrestling singlet, whose name is Harijs Broza.

Wrestling… sex… a little bondage thrown in with that singlet strap provocatively wrapped around Harijs’ wrist. This isn’t my imagination. This is evidence of Timoteo spending a whole lot of cash to sell some gear, and while I suspect that the gays may comprise a large portion of the Timoteo clientele, this is hardly marketed just for the wrestling fetishists among us.

I’ve mentioned it before, and I’m sure I’ll continue to report that a whole lot of the backchannel communications I receive from this blog are from fine gay men who say to me, “I never knew there were others who felt like I do!” There are, my friends, and not just those of us who go on the record as unabashed fans of homoerotic wrestling.
Keep it coming, boys.

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