Bodies Over Time – British Invasion Edition

Henry Cavill has been intruding into my erotic imagination for quite a while. When the fashion model landed his starring role in The Tudors, the battle of pretty versus pretty between Henry and Irish badboy, Jonathan Rhys Meyers was hot and heavy… in my imagination. The boys had to sort their shit out by climbing into the wrestling ring and beating each other senseless until big, beautiful Henry was  conquered, claimed and tamed by troubled wild child Jonathan. As 16th century aristocratic playboys, my homoerotic wrestling imagination couldn’t help but picture the both of them as babyface twinks with gym bunny chasers.

And there’s nothing at all wrong with that! Slender, smooth bodies with a few aesthetic curves and firm muscles are entirely lustworthy for my tastes.  Sure, I like a hard wrestling hunk with thick muscles, bulging pecs and biceps, and thick and crushing thighs, too. I can also go for seriously big, powerful muscle daddies with hairy pecs and meaty muscle bellies. But I can take a lean, long, smoothly sculpted babyface twink with long eyelashes and a naturally round ass – no doubt about it.

But there’s been a torrent of shirtless pics of hunky Henry flooding broadband recently, and holy fuck! Twinky little Henry has been working out and growing up! That long smooth torso has tightened up quite nicely. For almost released Immortals, Henry’s sweet, sexy chest is now bulging with hot, sharply defined pecs. The boy’s abs not only sport a six pack, but he’s got obliques, and that’s damn hot!  His arms now have not only shapely bulges, but he’s got the vascularity that seriously works me hard.

Now I’m not so naive (I am naive, but just not so naive) as to miss the strategic make-up and post-production manips that make chisel-chinned Henry look a bit harder and more defined than perhaps he really is. But this is simply not the twinky fashion model body of yesteryear. The shoulders alone make it impossible for me to picture Henry in quite the same way that I used to (as satisfying as that was).

And that BACK! There are not nearly enough pin-up shots of hunks from behind… and by that I don’t just mean a chance to size up the ass (though that’s hugely important), but a broad, muscled, powerful back capped by ripped, rock hard deltoids and mountainous trapezius muscles are astonishingly erotic. I love the view from the front, but I find the view from behind every ounce as arousing, calling to mind what I’d see moments before locking him up tight in a full nelson or cutting off his air supply in a ferocious rear choke… or, for that matter, squeezing those hot hips in my fingertips as I drive home my victory fuck, occasionally stroking the rippled muscles laid out before me.

My homoerotic wrestling imagination cast Henry as the prize in a team match between the pairings of Henry and Jonathan versus my picture of Sean Maguire and his bear cub Gerard Butler.  The Tudor twinks put up an admirable fight, but there’s no way that ring battle wasn’t going to end with Jonathan tied helplessly into the corner, watching Henry conquered and tagged as the newest member of the Maguire/Butler cub pack. 

And because a hot, erotic wrestling threesome haunts my fantasies, I also pictured Henry and Gerard teaming up against the muscle gods Joe Manganiello and Mehcad Brooks. In my imagination, Henry is eager to please his senior pack mates, and in turn, Gerard and Sean keep a couple of firm, but doting hands on their boy. Under their tutelage, Henry starts packing on his aforementioned muscle mass and develops a taste for bringing down big muscle studs. So, sure, Sean’s “coaching” ringside makes the cub pack victory a little less than above board, but Henry’s insistence on climbing on top of conquered behemoth Joe and pounding one (well, several) out all over the giant’s epic pecs ends up turning the spotlight squarely on the lustful potential of the up and coming fashion model turned subscription channel pretty boy turned gym bunny powerhouse. Sure, perhaps Joe’s striking, superhuman physique might jump to mind first at the mention of the words, “Man of Steel.” But it was Henry that caught the right eyes and got the nod to play the all-American muscle hero (in both the real world and in my imagination).

And now we see what Henry’s been up to since getting the Man of Steel nod. Sweet JesusMaryandJoseph! This is a man (and no longer can I bring myself to call him a boy) on a mission! This is serious, serious beef, my friends! Those hot, hairy pecs take my breath away, followed closely by still more oxygen deprivation thanks to the boulders he now calls shoulders and the veiny, softball size biceps.

Tell me a rip-n-strip fantasy doesn’t possess you at the sight of this shot from the set! Soaking wet and with a full beard doesn’t hurt one bit, either.  I’ve got a strong suspicion that sooner or later, we’ll see an astonishing fourth appearance of this worship-worthy muscle man appearing in my homoerotic wrestling imagination, and it could very well be that sweet little Henry may have outgrown his daddies. Strutting around with all that beef, it’s a mystery to me whether Gerard and Sean could possibly still keep the collar on such bear daddy potential.

That’s not to say, of course, that there aren’t plenty of big burly muscle men that want to be dominated.  And in muscle-hugging spandex with a big broad back and an amazingly luscious ass, the Henry of my homoerotic imagination could very well be more than happy to remain part of the cub pack, with that ass firmly in the possession of his pack masters. He’s handed over his loyalties in the past, though. In the wrestling drama in my personal fantasies, it has yet to be seen whether the new incarnation of Henry as a major league muscle man would want to keep his place in the pack, trade up to be a bear daddy himself, or become a lone wolf answerable to know one.

Wherever his career and physique take him next, Henry Cavill remains an amazingly hot commodity. I had an itch for him bad when he was lean and lithe. I had a major crush on him as a smooth, gym bunny with a snarl. And I’m profoundly inspired by the sight of him with massive, hairy, poundable pecs, mile-wide shoulders, and biceps ready to crush some skulls.

Whatever lies ahead in his career in this reality, his career in my homoerotic wrestling universe is red hot!

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