Begging the Question

I’ve fielded several emails in the past three days about BG East’s brand new releases in Catalog 91. Damnation! So far, everyone seems to agree that this is an astonishingly hot batch of mouthwatering wrestling potential! To be blunt, there are typically at least a couple products in any given BG East catalog that leave me lukewarm. It’s not an indictment of BGE, but just a nod to the fact that BGE caters to a relatively broad swath of tastes and kinks. However, this catalog is not at all typical. In trying to decide what I can live without, I’m hard pressed to vote any of these DVDs off the island. And it’s not just that there’s maybe one match on a DVD that seems like it’s a must-see while the others are negligible. It’s pretty much every single match!  All but one DVD has at least one former or current homoerotic wrestler of the month or overall favorite wrestler title holder. Pros in Private 9 is the only product without a former or current favorite, however the shots of a Charlie Panther are blowing my mind (did that drill sergeant personal trainer Gino Liotta get a hold of Charlie’s workout routine!?). And the image of Mac Matthias’ butt keeps intruding into my thoughts over the course of my days (in a really, really great way).  So DVD after DVD, this catalog is one long, gorgeous, titillating parade of hot, hunky, hung homoerotic wrestlers!

Kid Karisma continues to perfect the art of using the ropes
to punish his opponents.

Joe has waxed nothing short of eloquent and, dare I say, almost giddy about Austin Cooper’s Wrestler Spotlight DVD and, in particular, the ring bout between Austin and Kid Karisma. I tend to think of Joe as more measured in his praise than I often am. I tend to fall into passionate love (okay, lust) with matches relatively easily, whereas I credit Joe with a more intentional approach to doling out praise in precise proportion to a match’s merits. So reading his unrestrained infatuation with Austin and Kid K’s confrontation makes me think: hot damn, I’ve got to see that!

Two epic asses should make for one extremely hot match!

Joe and I are clearly not the only ones drawn to the whole BG East catalog this go round, nor are we alone in zeroing in on the match between Austin and Kid Karisma. Three separate readers have mentioned to me that they already have orders placed for Austin’s Wrestler Spotlight with his Kid K match at front and center of their attention and anticipation. And 2 of those readers have asked me whether it’s possible that Austin could be the bitter loser who defied Kid Karisma’s charm and walked away seriously put out and resentful of getting owned by the karismatic one.

A heaping dose of the full Kid K treatment

In my interview with him last month, Kid Karisma described one particular, as yet unreleased match where his opponent walked away nursing a persistent grudge against BG East’s irrepressible partyboy.  “Well, there is one guy,” Kid K explained, “but the match hasn’t been released. It was easily the most intense match I have ever done. He hated my guts, and he hated the fact that I was much stronger and boisterous.” Rather than shaking hands and jumping onto the Kid K party train once all the dust was settled (as apparently happens with most of the lucky, lucky boys who face Kid K), a certain unnamed wrestler just walked away pissed. So the same thought occurred to me even before 2 readers separately asked me the question: is Austin Cooper said sore loser?

Austin is humiliatingly ass-upward as Kid K leans back and takes a breather

I know nothing more about it than you do, if you read the interview, so I decided to go straight to the source. Putting the question to Kid Karisma directly, I asked him this morning if Austin Cooper was the bitter nelly whose pride couldn’t cope with getting the full Kid K treatment.  He replied unambiguously, “No Austin is def not it! He’s pretty amazing, and I had a great time with him in the ring as well as out partying!!!”

Austin makes his presence felt from behind Kid Karisma
Happily, I’m just letting the image of these two asstastic body-beautifuls hitting the dance floor linger for a while. Just for aesthetics, I’m throwing into the picture Jake Jenkins, so that there’d be a devastatingly beautiful brunette to round out the hunky blond and ripped red-head trifecta. Before my imagination runs away with me entirely, let me just note that I strongly suspect that every Kid Karisma new release will be accompanied by speculation as to whether each new opponent might be the sore loser in question. Until Kid K spills the beans, we’ll just be left with the awesome delights of seeing him work his magic against the likes of sweaty muscle hunks like Austin Cooper. That will certainly tide me over in the mean time!

Kid K looks leathered up and ready to party down

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