Of Gods and Men

Adam Charlton, aka Adam400m
Neuro-cognitive psychologists argue human beings are wired to detect patterns in their environment, even when such patterns do not actually exist. Like when we ignore the 100 times that our horoscope is completely irrelevant to our lives, but take that 1 time it seems to fit as powerful confirmation that the stars dictate our fates. Our brains tend to select from among available evidence to construct patterned explanations for the world around us even when alternate explanations or the reality of random phenomena are actually in play.
Dan, aka Steel Muscle God
Take, for example, my simultaneous infatuation with YouTube muscle worship entrepreneurs, Steel Muscle God and Adam400m. A while back, I swore that I detected some one-upmanship between these two. A day after SMG would post a new video showing off close ups of his mouthwatering biceps, Adam400m would upload his own video oiling down his gargantuan upper arms and crowing about how massive he is. Adam would post a focus on his telephone pole thighs, and then a couple days later SMG would upload an flex session with his quads, inviting worshippers to imagine what it would be like to have their heads trapped between them. Were these two actually in virtual muscle worship combat with one another? Highly unlikely. But my imagination ran with the idea, inspiring me to write a homoerotic wrestling scenario where these two drop-dead gorgeous muscle hunks meet face to face and pec to pec to determine which one of them is the ultimate muscle god, and which one is destined to fall on his knees and concede.
My interview last month with SMG did nothing but fuel my fantasies when he mentioned that he’d contacted Adam400m and challenged him to a pose-off and wrestling match. While this serves as evidence confirming my belief in a virtual muscle war between them, I strongly suspect that there is a mix-up of cause-and-effect in the phenomena in question. Regardless, hearing from SMG that he laid down a muscle challenge on Adam fired up my erotic imagination plenty.  You can tell from my interview with him that SMG is a classy guy, but it’s not hard to read the sub-text to his story about contacting Adam and getting no response to his challenge. The implication is impossible to mistake: Adam’s a pussy, and what’s more, SMG claims that while his own gorgeous muscles are all natural, Adam is juiced.

I don’t have any independent evidence to verify SMG’s statements. I did reach out to Adam to see if he’d grant me an interview or at least answer a couple of questions. No reply. I bought a membership in Adam’s muscle worship website the same day I signed up for SMG’s website. The documentation of Adam’s muscle growth is pretty astonishing. If he isn’t juiced, he’s a freak of nature. Then again, those fluorescent baby blue eyes of his are hard to believe as well, but they seem knee-bucklingly real. What I learned, digging around in the the respective websites of these two internet hunks, leads me to some pretty firm conclusions, even if I didn’t find confirmatory evidence of SMG’s claims that Adam is comprised of artificial ingredients and that he was too much of a pussy to accept SMG’s challenge.
First of all, there’s just no doubt about it: Adam is bigger. His muscles are thicker. He’s more vascular. Muscle worshippers very well may want to pony up cash to count themselves among Adam400m devotees before they pay homage to the SteelMuscleGod. And between you and me, I don’t begrudge Adam the artificial pump. If he’s on it, it’s clearly producing the sort of fantasy muscleman body that I’m sure he’s aiming for. Over the course of the pics and videos on his website, you can watch some of Adam’s muscle growth, and it’s hard not to come to the same conclusion as SMG. The bodybuilder boy with the baby blues definitely could be artificially enhanced, and I’m guessing as a non-natural pro bodybuilder, he’s fitting right in on the scene. However, size is not, in and of itself, my kink.  There are many a homoerotic wrestling match that I’m most entranced by the relatively smaller guy who defies the math and dominates, humiliates, and lays waste to his bigger opponent. Objectively speaking, however, yes, undeniably, Adam’s got the advantage when it comes to being bigger and thicker. If that posedown SMG proposed ever happened, I have to guess that, juiced or not, Adam would dwarf the SteelMuscleGod commandingly, and he’d give that cocky, you-fucking-love-me grin of his and nod to the camera to drive home the point that his physique is simply more massive.

But if it comes as any surprise to you when I say that my kink is far from satisfied by sheer muscle size, then welcome. You must be new around here. Because what turns me on is the eroticism of wrestling. And although my imagination is mightily pleased to make all of Adam’s muscles as well as his piercing blue eyes and blond beauty into a picture-perfect babyface pro wrestler, Adam himself is, as far as I can tell, entirely silent on the subject. He performs, clearly in response to the requests of his fans. He dresses in gear that they send him.  He oils up, strips down to a jock strap, gives close ups to specifically requested muscles… but he never mentions a word about what all that mass and power would be good for in body-on-body combat. SMG, on the other hand, is even more enthusiastic to fulfill the fantasies of his fans, and he explicitly connects the dots between worshipping his steel muscles and enjoying what his hard-earned strength can do against a wrestling opponent. He’s posted several wrestling matches in his “store” and available to members, many specifically requested by fans. But even more erotically provocative for me, wrestling seems never far from SMG’s thoughts. I think just about every webcam show I’ve watched in SMG’s archives, regardless of the “theme” (gear, jerking off, posing in oil, crushing objects, worshipping his feet… the list goes on and on), whatever the ostensible topic of the session, he almost always muses in growling, sexy tones, about capturing a lucky worshipper’s head between his gorgeous thighs and squeezing, or crushing an opponent’s face between his rock hard pecs, or racking a screaming mortal across his square shoulders. What’s more, SMG’s bona fides among us include the fact that he competed in amateur wrestling when he was younger. Adam’s athletic background? He was a sprinter. Not bad mind you, but in a side-by-side comparison, SMG more than makes up the ground when it comes to satisfying the wrestling kinks among us.

More generally, the comparison between SMG’s website and Adam’s when it comes to explicit eroticism is… well, no comparison. Adam flexes for you. If you watch most any of Adam’s for-free YouTube clips, that’s pretty much what you get in the pay-site, just more of. There’s exactly one video that I can find of Adam posing in a jock strap. For more skin that that, there’s nothing in sight. There’s a hot teaser shot of Adam naked, coving his junk with his left hand, head carefully cropped out. But whenever this shot happened, I don’t see it represented elsewhere on his site (you can also pay for a private session, which may be when he’ll get more daring). SMG, on the other hand, successfully pulls off both the tease and the full monty. Some of his sessions are more coy than others, but you can find gorgeous detail of just about every inch of of SMG’s bulges and crevices in one format or another (usually in video!). He sports a lovely, thick, uncut cock and beautifully proportioned balls, and with only a little digging, you’ll find a video of him working up slowly and intimately to a naked erection, totally turning himself on as he growls and coos for the camshow audience, until he sits back in his chair and rubs out a hot shot across his washboard abs. You will NOT see this from Adam. I’ve been studying every shred of evidence I can find, but I have no idea if Adam is cut or uncut, long, stubby, thick or pencil-dicked. Guys into being locker room voyeurs will be taken only so far by Adam. SMG puts sizable distance between him and Adam for what he’s offering an erotically inclined audience.

The final details of this site-by-site comparison put the nail in the coffin of a certain blue-eyed Britboy, as far as I’m concerned. It’s a little hard to navigate the site in the first place, but it appears to me that Adam hasn’t actually updated his membership website with new content in about a year (almost 2 years when it comes to photos). SMG’s last update of new material was posted yesterday, comprised of a 5-minute focus on his gorgeous legs just after returning home from a leg workout (“more squeezing power,” SMG explains). He also posted an archived copy of his cam-show from a week ago, including the last 22 minutes of his gear-fetish send up, changing into one set of trunks/underwear after another to satisfy as many fan fetishes as he can.  And finally, SMG always seems to be having fun, which makes it that much more sexy to watch. He laughs, a lot. Not a self-conscious dumb ass laugh, but a hot, sexy, supremely confident laugh. He can give a running narrative in titillating detail about every inch of his body and what he could do to dominate you, as he flexes for 50 minutes at a time. Adam… well, Adam sounds a little bored. He typically starts his 4 or 5 minute videos with some chat (love the Brit accent), but then he’s generally silent as he flexes. He favors his front side a lot, always leaving me craving to see him drop trou and deliver that fuzzy muscled ass of his a lot more. A reader of this blog recently confided in me that he finds Adam “boring,” and I have to agree, though I think it’s more that I find him bored, which translates into a sense of boredom on my end.  You’ll pay $18 (American) for a recurring one-month membership (which is slightly a pain in the ass to cancel), or $46 for 3 months. SMG will cost you just a little more: $23 for a non-recurring 1 month, or $20 for a recurring month-to-month (he’s offering a 3-month discount that you can email him and ask about). But mind you, the price comparison appears to include no new content from Adam in about a year versus a steady stream of cam-shows, videos, pics and promos from SMG.
I’ll admit that SMG’s openness to respond to my request for an interview also adds to my favor, but it’s not just the ego-stroke. I think SMG is genuinely more responsive, much more engaging, and frankly more interested in his audience than Adam appears to be. I get the impression that Adam is collecting some relatively passive income (particularly since he hasn’t posted in a year), as he pursues his professional bodybuilding career. Good on him, I say. But if you’re a wrestling kinkster or a muscle worshipper who likes a healthy serving of domination with your main course, you’re pretty much going to get what you can from Adam via his FB page and YouTube channel (more, actually). If SMG is tickling your kink, his site is a going concern.  You can also get regular updates and teasers on his FB page, and he’s almost guaranteed to give you a shout out on camera if you sign-in to enjoy one of his highly interactive live cam-shows.

I was thinking about writing a sequel to the fictional homoerotic wrestling serial I wrote starring SMG and Adam a while back, but I don’t think I need to. When it comes to firing up my homoerotic wrestling imagination and delivering a full-frontal assault on my wrestling kink, SMG continues to live large and in charge.

2 thoughts on “Of Gods and Men

  1. SteelMuscleGod looks great. Been talking to his and we are going to wrestle this summer when he visits the USA. You can bet there will be video of this big match between us. Lets see if he can take down this Muscle man from the USA with those legs of his. I think not. Darius (Mr. Blkmuscles

  2. Sure would love to see the match between SMG & Adam400M. SMG would definitely have to dominate Adam forcing Adam to worship SMG’s muscles. The match would have to end with both studs stripped fully displaying their awesome magnificent bodies

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