Breaking News…

There’s wildly exciting breaking news happening in the world of homoerotic wrestling.  First of all, BG East’s catalog 95 dropped yesterday.  It always feels a little like Christmas morning when the BG East catalog comes out.   This time around is no exception.  Let’s just run down the front runners for homoerotic wrestler of the month, which is, of course, the list of former homoerotic wrestlers of the month appearing in 95:
Dick Rick looks thrilled to get his hands on gorgeous Z-Man!
The Z-Man has a date with destiny against legit pro heel Dick Rick.  Dick’s expert hands on Z’s perfect physique!? Holy hell…
Cameron Mathews is feeling it as he stretches out lean rookie Ray Naylor
Cameron 2.0 is ripped to shreds and down to his underwear against a ripped, long, lean rookie in Undagear 19.  Damn, Cam’s body rocks, rocks, ROCKS!
The Enforcer muscles golden Maskador into position
Former homoerotic wrestler of the month Enforcer faces off (and clearly is turned on) by a definitely familiar physique in golden muscle stud, Maskador.
Gold Mantis about to be consumed by Cage Thunder
AND former homoerotic wrestler of the month Cage Thunder is on the same collection completely terrorizing a horrified, hardbodied rookie!
Beautiful Denny Cartier digs deep against rival HWOTM alum, Aryx Quinn
Denny Cartier is a former HWOTM appearing twice on Leopard’s Lair 4  (3 times, really, if you count the mat match and ring match against Aryx separately), against fellow former HWOTM, Aryx Quinn and how-has-this-kid-not-been-homoerotic-wrestler-of-the-month Russian muscle god sexy Alexi Adamov!
Former HWOTM Jonny Firestorm does things to fellow former HWOTM Jake Jenkins that must be seen to be believed!
And finally, two former homoerotic wrestlers of the month go toe-to-toe when Jonny Firestorm appears to OWN Jake Jenkins’ luscious body in Jobberpaloozer 12: the Works!
So many stellar studs who’ve already proven that they’ve got the goods to command my lustful loyalty! And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the depth of wrestling fantasy men in these new releases.  All signs suggest that BG East has put together another barnburner collection of scorching hot wrestling hunks to appeal to the varied and distinguishing tastes of wrestling kink fans!
And in another late breaking news flash, as Joe broke last night, a personal favorite fighter of both his and mine is generating buzz for his brand new fight sponsorship by asking, nay, demanding that everyone buy a shirt (or twenty) that supports his MMA career development.  Like Joe, I’m eager to support this hot young commodity, and like Joe I’ve already ordered my shirt.  You should, too, because there’s a fiercely dangerous young hot-head who you do NOT want to disappoint, waiting and watching for you to purchase one of his merchandise!

5 thoughts on “Breaking News…

  1. A lot of the matches in this catalog look particularly exciting (even as I continue to steam over the delay in releasing Brad Rochelle's year ago mentioned comeback/destruction? in The Contract), but the Z-Man/Dick Rick match stands out for me. I think a lot of the "controversy" about Zack as a wrestler stems from the dual bind of his obvious good looks and ridiculously conditioned body and the role he plays most often. I mean, 9 out of 10 times, the hunk is going to be KO'ed and crushed in the end.The thing is, it's often easy money for the companies who produce the matches, at least relative to their other offerings. So, sometimes they seem to take the easy way out: Just throw the hottie in the ring or the mat with the beast o' the moment and let it just happen. The result is sometimes those matches are just sloppy. Like Thunder's Arena: many of their Zack matches are very, very good (the one vs. Maximus is one of my favorite matches anywhere); others, less so (uh… Troy Stevens).The thing is, BGE has almost always avoided those pitfalls. Even when their matches are squash jobs, there's still pacing and logical progression of the mayhem and a set up that makes sense and all that stuff. I think that's why Zack fans were particularly excited about him working there. Knowing how good Dick Rick is at working a hunk and how good Zack is at being worked, well… That's a marquee match in my eyes if ever there was any.Although I must say that pic of Jake upside down on Jonny's thigh with his leg behind his head really, really puts that match into contention for my must see of the latest releases. Cuz, damn!

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