Far from Rookie

Self-described “Speedo Wrestling King” Cameron Mathews

At the very end of my interview with Cameron Mathews in August he mentioned that he was planning on opening a new website for fans to get more of him.  He dropped me a note last night to let me know that he’s now officially up and posting.  All Cam fans and even those who aren’t yet will want to check this out, because not only does CameronWrestler.com offer behind the scenes insights into the life of the hardest working hunk in wrestling (check out that travel schedule!!!), he’s offering one-stop shopping for some of the sexiest homoerotic wrestling holiday gifts I’ve ever heard of.  Cam is ready to deliver a “Pro vs. Joe” private match, and he’s got such sweet testimonials to share from very satisfied customers!  He’ll do “custom” matches for you, and I’m just saying here and now, get it line, bitches, because I’ve got something in mind that involves another former homoerotic wrestler of the month and regular chart-topping favorite of mine!  And you can even get him on the line for a fee, for which I’m sure he’s worth every last penny.

Our first introduction to Cameron at BG East (NICE to meet you!)

However, I’m particularly fascinated by his offer to sell his “VARSITY” trunks that he wore in his BG East debut against the living legend and object of endless speculation, Brad Rochelle.

Cameron was oh-so-YOUNG and innocent-looking back then.  This was precisely one of the greatest assets he brought to Contract 5: Rooked.  He looked so painfully babyfaced, so poignantly angelic and adolescent, that poor, poor Brad didn’t seriously have a clue just how dangerous Cam already was in the ring.

Those trunks were squeezed between such a gorgeous rock and a sexy hard place!

Cam’s offering to sell the trunks for $175.  I seriously think there should be a bidding war, because I bet he could get, and deserve, more.  Just take a look at that legendary ass of his packed so pleasingly into them!

Squeezed against Brad’s hot bod, Cameron soaked his trunks with sweat!

Of course, it was his ass that was the surprise star of the show.  I remember scarfing up everything I could get of Contract 5 for another whiff of the alluring scent of fantasyman par none Brad Rochelle, only to be gasping out loud at the mega-star power packed into the trunk end of Cam’s trunks.  It takes a lot to make me tear my eyes off of Brad Rochelle, mind you.  Cameron, and those trunks of his, were up to that task!

Brad got a close-up view of Cameron’s bulging trunks.

Again, between what was packed inside of them and the opponent whose face was shoved up against them, perhaps the Smithsonian should consider putting in a bid on this storied little piece of fabric!

All these years later, and Cameron just gets sexier and sexier!

Between you and me, I’m infatuated with Cameron’s more “mature” body these days in a way his rookie-rising bod from those many years ago didn’t capture me as much.  He’s looking like such the muscleboy these days, and that, paired with the same babyface as always (with occasional scruff to remind you he definitely needs to shave) is a fantastic combination.

Brad made Cameron and those trunks work!

So Christmas is just 82 days away.  I know of at least one homoerotic wrestling fanatic and blogger who would squeal like an 11-year old girl to find Cam’s Varsity trunks underneath the tree.  Get the bidding started, boys, and tune into CameronWrestler.com regularly to stay fully abreast of the babyface battler that we’ve watched grow up before our very eyes!

Brad used those trunks the way homoerotic wrestling gear was meant to be used!
(And because I’m just too subtle, let me clarify: I’m the one who’d scream like an 11-year old girl to find Cameron Mathews trunks under the tree 82 days from now!)
The merchandise is sweet from every angle!
Even the Boss gives that ass a big thumbs up!

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