Shock and Awe

In the past few days, I’ve posted a couple of new stories in the Sidelineland homoerotic wrestling fiction group.  First, there’s an incredibly sweet and sexy story by Jobberinnyc entitled “Build a Better Jobber Trap.”  The writing is excellent, the scenario is so, so hot, and I’ve got a major crush one one of these boys in particular (you can take a guess which one).  Jobberinnyc didn’t post any visual aids, but here’s how I picture this threesome of collegiate wrestling-kinked roomies…

The titular “Jobber”
The narrator is a 5’10”, 150 pound skinny college senior whose life-changing stroke of luck was to get assigned to room with…
The muscle monster roomie: Andy
… 6’4″, 265 pound muscle monster, Andy, during their sophomore year.  It apparently didn’t take the roomies long to realize that Andy’s lust to be muscle worshipped was perfectly matched to his twink-roomie’s raging kink to worship muscle!  The boys scratch each other’s itches and go into together to rent an off-campus apartment.  To help make ends meet, they take on a third roomate, Stephen, whose wrestling team buddies refer to as “Colt.”
Wrestling stud/technician: Colt

Colt is about 5’9″, 180 pounds.  Jobberinnyc describes him “as sleek, fast, and strong as a small horse.” He wasn’t aware of his roommates’ extracurricular activities until he skipped physics class and came home to find them in a full-body muscle worship session.  “He was shocked for about 2 seconds… and then he joined in.”  So that’s just the background to Build a Better Jobber Trap.  Needless to say, three distinct bodies, three distinct skill sets, and one dizzyingly sexy wrestling story go straight to the heart of homoerotic wresting kink!

Threesome’s Adam

The second story I posted was a sequel to the drama “Threesome” that Bearhugs and I co-wrote almost two years ago.  Readers may remember that the protagonist in Threesome, Adam, was a staffer for one of the most prominent social conservative politicians in Washington, DC.  He led a double life, by day a foot soldier for “family values,” and by night a hardbodied horn-dog prowling the gay clubs in the outskirts of DC.  It all caught up with him when he met “the threesome,” who thought they were just teaching him a lesson in humility, but stumbled across his double-life along the way.  In the sequel I just posted, we meet another DC conservative champion of personal responsibility and all things heteronormative.

Fictional Congressman Darren Babcock (model Kamil Nicalek)

He’s a handsome studpuppy freshman congressman who immediately made all of the “most eligible” lists the moment he arrived in DC.

The congressman covers fitness rags

When he began showing up on the covers of fitness magazines, it became abundantly clear that the freshman congressman was not only a handsome devil, he was also a hardbodied muscle stud that made all the sexually frustrated housewives back in his home district crazy with lust.

The congressman is up for a high-stakes wrestling rendezvous

The congressman, like Adam, has a little secret, though. Actually, it’s the same secret.  And out and about prowling the gay clubs for the choicest ass in the nation’s capital, who should he stumble upon and get a hankering for but Adam.  Adam doesn’t exactly play hard to get, but as soon as he gets the congressman home, there’s a whole lot that gets hard fast.  The congressman isn’t a wrestling kinkster to start with, but with a little challenge and all-in stakes on the table, he takes to a sex-stakes best of three falls with his nightly conquest like a veteran.  In fact, he gives Adam everything he can handle and more!  All those countless hours honing that fitness coverboy bod (and some high school wrestling in his background) make the congressman a shockingly competitive opponent for Adam.

The congressman never guessed how hard wrestling would turn him on!

Covers are blown. Loads are blown.  There are some intensely painful moments of truth between the two incognito values warriors.  Some might think that they see some resemblance to real-life, equally hard-to-believe characters populating Washington, DC these days.  I assure you, any similarities are entirely coincidental.  No high-profile fitness mag cover boys who vote anti-gay yet are rumored to be afterhours mo’s while on the federal payroll as elected officials from the heartland were the basis for this story.  Any suggestion that I borrowed from any real life characters for this piece of total fiction would leave me in complete Shock.

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