A Very Karismatic Birthday

Kid Karisma is begging for a spanking!
Not so long ago on this day of the year, a bouncing, baby Kid Karisma was born into the world. My, oh my, didn’t he grow up well!!!?
Kid K knows what you’re looking at!
The birthday boy has owned the top spot in my favorite homoerotic wrestler rankings for quite a while now, in no small part due to his birthday greeting to me a few months back.  The karismatic one extremely considerately assured me that, were I within reach, he’d spank my ass raw in honor of the special occasion.  Now that’s what I call a birthday wish!

Go ahead. I dare you.  Spank it.

An incredibly generous friend of this blog, Kid K has fueled the fantasies of neverland readers not only with his astonishingly hot homoerotic wrestling resume, but also with his generous sharing of candid behind-the-scenes pics of the partying that he and the other BG East wrestlers get up to after they’ve sorted out who’s on top in the ring and on the mat.

You know you wanna… go ahead and try it…

Kid K is a favorite around these parts not only for his excellent PR skills, of course.  His wrestling thrills me to core.  The same irreverent, justifiably cocky attitude that comes through in my interview with him is evident in every single match. He’s out to have fun… always… and the fact that he gets a kick out of stalking, taking down, dominating and humiliating his opponents is just a happy coincidence for you and me.

Kid K’s idea of a good time (my idea of a heavenly time!)

I wish there was more, and more varied, personality in homoerotic wrestling in general.  It’s a relatively rare wrestler who gives more than a snarl and an oddly fragile ego desperately in need of defense.  The wrestlers who break that mold tend to be the ones who grab my attention and rise in the ranks of my favorites, and Kid Karisma obliterates “the mold” every time he appears on camera.  I think every Kid K match I’ve seen includes him laughing… not a villainous, self-congratulatory stage laugh, but a genuinely amused laugh as some moment in the match actually tickles him.  Sure, the humorous moment is almost always at the expense of his opponent’s dignity, but my point stands.  Kid K is having a good time, whether he’s planting his world class ass on some lucky bastard’s face or making some gorgeous stud whimper like a baby with his head trapped between Kid K’s rugby-built quads.

A bubble-muscle-butt in a class of it’s own!

Oh, yeah, and then there’s that ass!  I swear I have to restrain myself from waxing poetic about Kid Karisma’s superhuman glutes in order to talk about anything else.  In my interview with him, Kid K admitted that his ass is, by far, his most appreciated feature.  He also clarified, should some severely myopic critic fail to recognize his incredible level of fitness from head to toe, that those glutes are 100% muscle!

My birthday wish for Kid Karisma is that someone is slapping that world class ass mercilessly, precisely 26  times, plus one to grow on before today is done.  To any of his personal friends out there, I’ll pay money for a pic of a bright red handprint pounded 27 times on one of those fantastic cheeks!
Rugby, wrestling, triathlon training… it does a body good!

I also hope today brings the birthday boy a lot of love, happiness, and a healthy dose of full contact erotic combat to top him off.  And yet again let me just put it out there: if ANYONE has a rumored pic of our favorite freckle-faced, red-headed muscle stud passed out oh-so-vulnerably after a night of partying with wild abandon, contact me immediately.  We need to talk.

All the evidence of a life well lived!

I know for a fact that Kid Karisma occasionally reads this blog.  He doesn’t strike me as the sort of hunk that needs a lot of ego stroking or fawning adoration (which, I’m the first to admit, is exactly what my comments about him generally qualify as).  But rather, he seems to genuinely appreciate his fans, and he holds a genuine appreciation for just how hot homoerotic wrestling can be for those of us so inclined.

The birthday boy knows that you like!
So if you’ve got a birthday wish you’d like to pass along, you might consider leaving it in a comment below.  I’ll make sure Kid Karisma gets the word that there are a whole lot of us who would like it to be known that we’re awfully, awfully happy that he’s in the world and doing exactly what he does best!
God bless America!

Happy Birthday, Kid Karisma!

2 thoughts on “A Very Karismatic Birthday

  1. My dreams? Heaven? Actually, I'm not sure that we know where Kid K actually lives, but he clearly is within flying distance to Massachusetts and Florida (where he's taped BG East matches). That's an AMAZING ass, isn't it?!

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