Thursday Thighs

While a massive slice of beef hanging like drapes on the thick, tree trunk thighs of hot homoerotic wrestlers is guaranteed to drive me insane, it’s not just massive telephone poles for legs that stroke me hard. This edition of Thursday thighs highlights that often it’s not how big they are, but what you do with them that makes wrestling legs so damn sexy!

Attila Dynasty’s thighs are lean, but packed with breathtaking power!
Eli Black is another slice of 0% bodyfat fight stud, but what his legs may lack in girth, the make up for in nearly popping the heads off of opponents.
Classic kisser Sean Patrick was long, lanky even, but always knew exactly what to do with those sexy thighs (and mouth).
Christian Taylor is a tall drink of water on a hot day, but nobody gets out without a whimper of agony once he snaps those scissors shut.
Ethan Andrews has been packing on some luscious muscle lately, but even without bodybuilder thighs, he milks such sublime suffering out of a trapped opponent.
Flash in the pan but seared in my lustful memory, Kaya Rydell had the look of someone who could and should own a homoerotic wrestling wring as relentlessly and he owned muscle boys with those crushing, downright skinny (and not a shade less than insanely sexy) thighs.
Kid Leopard demonstrates what years of dance training do when translated to the homoerotic wrestling mat (i.e., drive me insane with desire!).

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