Friday Fashions

Muscle jobber Brad Barnes wore it best.

It was a battle of brawn and bulges, but one of the brawniest and bulgiest, Brad Barnes, pounded his way to the top of the poll in last week’s Friday Fashion fight. With 44% of the vote (66 votes), neverland readers gave Brad the nod for having worn those baby blue trunks with yellow piping demonstrably better than runner up Tyrell Tomsen (33%, 49 votes), and decisively leaving pro heel Dick Rick and human mountain Joe Robbins far behind in the dust.

Brad and his opponents make that tiny strip of fabric look so good from absolutely every angle!

Today’s Fashion Friday poll asks you to decide who best wore a certain pair of pink trunks with a 2 inch black strip around the waist. Pink is a tough color to pull off in homoerotic wrestling. It can veer one of at least two directions. A babyface rookie in pink is destined to get his pretty pink ass pounded into oblivion. A cocky heel, however, can turn pink (and his opponent) on its head, signaling such cocky confidence that more classic color tropes (e.g., bad guys wear black) mean nothing to a fashion iconoclast and vicious villain. I’ve noted three homoerotic wrestlers who’ve worn this signature style: Lon Dumont and Kid Karisma wearing the square-cut, boxer-brief variation in BG East’s Pec Bash 1 and Sexy Showdown 5, respectively, and Justin LeBeau sporting the low-rise brief version in Can-Am’s Aryx Quinn Triple Play. This look is, arguably, Lon’s signature heel gear at BG East, so you can also see a direct comparison in the same brief-cut that Justin is wearing by (lovingly) studying Lon’s many appearances in the exact same gear.  Personally, I love this look.  But which of these hot, homoerotic wrestling studs wore it best?  Vote below and leave your comments above as to why.

Lon Dumont is pretty (fucking imposing!) in pink.
What’s pink and black and a chiseled sculpture of sexy muscle all over? Kid Karisma.
Justin LeBeau has the muscles, the baby oil, and the cocky smirk to make pink the new black for a wrestling heel.

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