Second Day of Christmas

The Christmas cards keep rolling in, demonstrating over and over that homoerotic wrestlers are both the hottest and most generous hunks on the planet. Today the mailman dropped this intensely provocative work of performance art in my inbox, postmarked from the Cheshire Cat of homoerotic wrestling, Drake Marcos. Drake’s year-end wishes include a little something for you, a little something for me, and an unabashed bid for votes in BG East’s Best of 2013 poll.

The cover of Drake’s card is straightforward enough:

Read Neverland.
Read DrakeEffingMarcos
Vote Drake Marcos
Happy 2014 BITCHES!

Open up the card, and Drake’s got more gifts to share:

To those of you following my exploits, thank you. I told you I was just getting started. Hold your loved ones close (and your kinks closer!) as the new year approaches, and get ready for the new breed of BG as we turn the heat up in the coming year. Nobody does it better. And Bard? I have an ass kicking for you sitting under my tree, come and get it. -Drake Fucking Marcos

Right back at you, stud! I’m dying to know who you have wrapped up under your tree, because I simply can’t believe an epic jobber like you is prepared to cash in on a promise like that yourself. Perhaps if you win a BG award this year (Jobber of the Year, Best Ring Match, Best Squash, Best Match) we’ll have to see if that swelling ego and ripping abs can back up can deliver on that promise.  Keep smiling, stud!

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