Muscle Domination Wrestling has launched their most recent season, including some surprising new faces.  Some of the faces are surprisingly familiar, if new to MDW. Braden Charron and Darius have returned to follow up there recent debuts with MDW. Joining them are the stunning, superhero body and jawline of Brad Barnes, as well as a masked mystery man who goes by Brad Mascaras. Those luxuriously hot muscle and distinctive tats on Mascaras unmistakably belong to a certain devastatingly pretty go go boy turned bodybuilder at BG East, though as a masked heel, that bod tells a whole different story. And in case it didn’t reach out and grab your balls like it did mine, did you notice that there’s an oil wrestling and forced muscle worship scenario starring Brad Barnes!?

Hot new hunk, Drill Sergeant Carter Alexander

A brand new face, belonging to a gorgeous, hot body, is Carter Alexander. The marine “drill sergeant” ostensibly makes his debut (you can pick him out of another match by way of the distinctive tattooing and those fantastically sexy square boulder shoulders) in Hazed and Humiliated 5, giving aspiring marine recruit Tony Law just a taste of what it would be like to earn his way into the corps.

Yes, SIR!

This match works for me on a number of levels, not the least of which is the level where seeing Carter and Tony’s bods locked together in battle grabs me by the groin.  It’s not just the hot bodies, though. I have this thing about clothed guys crushing and owning guys in briefs or less. There’s just something that fires me up about that imbalance, clothes v skin. It takes me to a place where physical domination turns deeply erotic, with a hot hunk (in this case, Tony) not just conquered, but owned, garnished, and served raw. The “look what I can do to you” aspect of it deeply moves me. If it were topped off with a stripped naked over-the-knee spanking, forced cock sucking, and tied in the ropes power fuck, the whole perfect journey would be complete. But that’s not MDW, and ripped rookie Carter does not take it that direction. But I’m buying what that stud is selling, nonetheless.  And then, of course, there’s the level of military kink.  I hardly consider myself a full-on soldier boy fetishist, but the pages of this blog are littered with my kink-adjacent musings about the hotness of a wrestling hunk in uniform. With DADT repealed, I’d be happy to give the marines a tryout if it includes testing the muscle of gritty pretty boy drill sergeant Carter… in the ring… with a bottle of baby oil nearby… and possibly some lube…

Military recruits should all look like this… and work in a wrestling ring.

I’m putting Carter Alexander on notice that his fine, fine ass absolutely must continue to appear in the ring. He’s come on like a house on fire in his debut, and already, I can see so much over the top potential. He’s still raw, no doubt. A (very) pretty face and a lickably sexy body are necessary, but not sufficient criteria for holding our attention for long in the homoerotic wrestling scene. But there’s something behind Carter’s eyes that makes me think he could become a major draw with a more stable character, more time in front of the camera, a lot more knocks learned inside the ring, and a dose of domination-cum-eroticism injected deep in one of those lovely, hard, bulging muscles.

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