Friday Fashion

Donnie Drake (right) wore it best.


It was another victory by a nose (or perhaps, a bulge), as Donnie Drake barely held off the legendary Lon Dumont to claim the title as he who wore those chartreuse and lime green trunks best. The vote as of my counting this morning was 63 votes for Donnie, 61 for Lon, and 9 votes for underdog Shannon “Ralph Nader” Embry. Donnie is a high profile hunk with a ton of raw pro wrestling appeal and a smoking hot body, so it should come as no surprise that he pulled off the win this time. However, I think in a 3-way ring tussle with Donnie, Shannon and Lon fighting (naked) for the right to don the gear, smarter-than-your-average-bear Lon would manage to split the tag team partners and pull off the humiliating 2-on-1 upset victory… but that may just be me.

That gear seems to have given Donnie’s opponents the green light to absolutely brutalize his hot, sweaty body in Tag Team Torture 8.


I don’t have any fashion smack downs on my mind this week, so there’s no new poll for you. However, feel free to recommend some showdowns for future weeks. Who had the audacity to wear identical gear, begging the question, who wore it best? Let me know what you think about Donnie’s victory this week, and give me a heads up about other fashion showdowns by commenting here.

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