Worn Wragged

For those of you who don’t follow the intrigues of hunky newsboys as much as I do (i.e., all of you), let me introduce you to hot stuff Chris Wragge.  I mused on the blond beauty back in his ill-fated year on the national stage as an anchor in the reboot of The Early Show on CBS. It took just a year for Wragge’s reboot to get the boot, sending the tall, tanned stud back to the minor leagues (albeit, the much coveted NYC market).  Although he’s not been nearly so prominent on the national news scene since, Chris has remained in my Twitterfeed.  And based on the increasing frequency of beefcake shots and extensive gym workout coverage in skin-tight leotards showing off his gargantuan, thick thighs and gasp-worthy ass), I’m thinking Wragge still has his eyes on the fad (I like to think of it as an enduring fashion) in national news outlets to feature Hollywood leading men-looking hunks with hot bodies.  Not to be upstaged by Chris Cuomo’s videoed workouts for Men’s Fitness or Gio Benitez popping the seems of his suit coats with his gargantuan biceps, Chris is keeping his hot bod toned and ready for the next call up.  Staying entirely competitive in that race for a spot back in the major leagues, Chris is pounding out his sweet, juicy muscles with an impressive focus and steady stream of teases online. He’s not as lean as Chris Cuomo.  He’s not as stacked as Gio Benitez. He’s not anything like the hot, hairy, smolderingly sexy Matt Gutman. But he’s sporting entirely clawable pecs.  I’m still not sure that the nation is ready to trust a tanned, bleached-teeth muscle boy who is (and this is the key question) blond.  We seem to like our news chicks blond, but our lustworthy newsboys?  He’s either just out of synch or avant grade. I think a snap suplex on muscleboy extraordinaire Gio Benitez could convince me he’s got what it takes, though.  What do you think?

A former college football stud, 6’3″, 40 y/o Wragge still sports the pecs of a legitimate athlete.
Chris indulges frequently in posting pics of himself soaked in sweat and working out, so we know he’s a fan pleaser.
There’s no other possible explanation for why a straight man would wear this muscle-sucking workout leotards. His thighs are huge, his ass is stunning, and he wants you to know it!
Did I mention the pretty boy wants you to see him sweat?
Muscles flexing, the big studly blond wants his crack on the muscle stage of national newsboys.

2 thoughts on “Worn Wragged

  1. I worked with Chris’ mom at a private school in New York, and I have dinnered with him. No, Chris is not gay. : ( I know, right?

    1. His workout gear is, though. Great brush with fame, Adam! I don’t care what he gets up to in real life, as long as I’ve got my imagination (and as long as I can distinguish between the two).

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