Fighting a Dick

(L) John “Suplex” Smith v ® Logan “Leg Lock” Vaughn

I’ve been a fan of Logan Vaughn since I saw him in way underutilized in Ultimate Top. He’s hot from head to toe, but those legs of his blow my mind!  It’s no wonder, when posed with choosing the obligatory nickname for his Naked Kombat debut, that he/they chose to call him Logan “Leg Lock” Vaughn.  His telephone pole thighs simply cannot be ignored when summing up what grabs you most about Logan, and if you want to intimidate an opponent, just call to mind the possibility of getting “grabbed” and crushed by those gargantuan quads.

John quickly grabs hold of the momentum

Logan hits the NK mats at 5’10” and 175 pounds.  When asked what he thinks of John “Suplex” Smith, Logan focuses on THE ONLY weakness evident at the outset, smirking “he’s pretty pasty. He needs a tan. So I’m going to kick him where the sun doesn’t shine.”  The problem is, a lack of tan (only arguably a “weakness,” at best) is pretty much the only thing to pick on.  A self-reported two time All-American wrestler with extensive MMA experience past and present, lean and in phenomenal condition with washboard abs carved out of (pale white) marble, John is ripped and resumed!  He’s 3 inches taller, but the same weight, so perhaps it’s a little stretch when he calls out Logan as “scrawny, but cute.”  On face value, though, I’m seeing instantly that conditioning and cardio, not to mention a mountain of technique and skill, are going to make this a really, really bad day for unlucky Logan.

Even when Logan is on top, you get the feeling John is in complete control

The first round looks like more of a back and forth scramble at first blush, but I don’t argue with the NK point tally at the end of the round that gives the advantage 18-9 to John.  “Suplex” is in control, whether he’s on top or bottom (love that in a man), and there are moments where it seems clear that he’s just letting Logan push some offense. For example, despite his masterful balance and control, he just allows Logan to put him on his back, slide up his torso to a schoolboy pin, and smash John’s face into Logan’s crotch.  Yeah, I can understand why John would be more than happy to give away those points.  It’s not like he’s going to have any problem winning them back.  It’s Logan’s trunks that get ripped off first, though understandably it takes some doing to stretch the red fabric around those gargantuan thighs (have I pointed out that enough!?).  John’s trunks come of his lean, streamlined body soon afterward.  By the time the first round score is announced, Logan is clearly winded, while the all-American stallion looks like he hasn’t even started.

Logan’s legs are phenomenal!!! (as is the rest of him, but seriously, look at those legs!)

Of course I watched this match entirely to feed my infatuation with Logan, but John is now firmly in my radar for wrestling kink.  Watching him play Logan’s body like a pipe organ is incredibly sexy, and there’s just nothing but incredibly defined, hot athletic muscle on him.  In round 2 he starts to get into the moment, muttering “yeah, yeah,” as he relishes the feel of Logan struggling impotently in yet another immobilizing hold.  Jock straps are ripped off. There’s no disguising that this is 100% John’s match pretty much every moment.  When Logan uses his superior muscle mass to power on top, you can watch his endurance meter dive each and every time.  At the end of round 2, they announce that the score is now 32-16 for John.  In 2 rounds, Logan hasn’t managed to catch up to John’s first round!

John places his full weight onto the lower back of bodybuilder beast of burden Logan.

Production gets weird when immediately after the end of round 2, they come out and announce “at the end of round 3” John has won the match 32-16.  Round 3?  What the fuck?  The gladiator pornboys don’t argue.  John gets down to force-feeding Logan his cock.  There’s a most excellently selected pony ride, as the star athlete makes the bodybuilder powerhouse his beast of burden.  He fucks him, steps on his face, forces Logan to lick his own cum off of John’s toes.  “Leg locks didn’t do anything for you this time, did they, fucking little bitch!” John finishes the erotic domination strong.

John Smith keeps taunting, smirking, belittling Logan post-match like a heel.

Unlike many NK post-match interviews, John keeps the trash talking going strong, belittling and taunting Logan who has to silently witness the conversation.  There are a couple moments where Logan flexes his stunning quads, making me think that he’s not taking it good-naturedly.  Little wonder, because when it’s Logan’s turn to interview, he quickly explains he had a pre-existing back injury coming into the match.  After attempting to lift his opponent a third time in round 2, Logan reports that he knew he was finished.  Couldn’t do it again. Couldn’t manage a round 3.  So considering Logan took the sex round like a sport, looking back on John’s choice of a pony ride mounted across Logan’s injured back, as well as his post-match taunts and smirks, it all certainly makes “Suplex” seem like a real dick!  Which, if we just get this thoroughbred into a pro wrestling ring, will serve him excellently.

We learn well after the fact that Logan had a back injury all along, which places the whole match in a different light!

I hope Logan’s back is better, and I hope this doesn’t put him off more homoerotic wrestling.  Despite his nickname, he had no opportunities to crush John like a pop can between his massive, sexy thighs, and until I see a lot more of that, I will continue to feel that we’ve yet to see all of what Logan has to offer.  He doesn’t look happy post-match, but he promises that he’s going to come back for a sophomore match for NK once he’s fully recovered from his back injury.  Score.


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