Throwback Thursday

What is “vintage?” Of the available definitions I can find, the only one that fits as an adjective for homoerotic wrestling is “representing the high quality of a past time.” I don’t think that really captures what gets collected as vintage erotic wrestling pics and video, but I don’t have a better definition. A lot in that genre is black and white, but not all. A lot feature the legendary “pouch” gear, but not all. Whatever it is, I seem to know it when I see it, and it has a hard wired hotline to my crotch. Here are a few examples that turn my crank with both hands, all found filed under “vintage,” in honor of the randomness of “Throwback Thursday.”




2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Thanks! I love vintage male physique shots, especially when they’re wrestling. The photographers and models were incredible, but obviously unable to be truly appreciated until so much later.

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