I enjoy a complex recipe of favorite veterans and promising newbies in what I look for in tasty homoerotic wrestling fare. Fresh blood piques my imagination, leaving me pondering who may become a familiar favorite over time and who could be a one hit wonder. Newbies are all promise and possibility, and there’s something exciting about remembering that tomorrow’s stars always start as untested unknowns vying for victory and, even more importantly, the affections of fans. The new mid-summer half-catalog release from BG East out yesterday is a beautiful example of mouthwatering staples sprinkled with spicy new faces to ignite the taste buds.  To keep things unexpected and unpredictable, here are the beautiful hunks making their BG East debuts.

Jakeno Enzi flexes his muscles and smirks as he debuts in Undagear 22 against a fellow BG East freshman.  Have we seen this spicy hunk elsewhere, or is this a true homoerotic wrestling virginal appearance?
Archer is Jakeno’s opponent in Undagear 22, far from unknown to homoerotic wrestling fans from his prior work with Thunder’s Arena. Dipping his toe into BG East waters is likely to pose smoking hot Archer new challenges and almost certainly open him up to a whole new cadre of adoring fans.
Galen Welsh makes a big splash debuting opposite Braden Charron in Strip Stakes 4. Galen strikes me as super villain Bizarro to Brad Rochelle’s Superman. A keen eye will note we’ve seen Galen wrestling as Sandeus in Season 9 of Muscle Domination Wrestling, but he saves his biggest reveal thus far by going full monty for BG East fans.
Aw, hell, get a load of sugary sweet babyface Richie Douglas who runs into Dr. Cooper’s scalpel in his Gut Bash 11 BG East debut. Talk about virginal! I’ve got two spoons ready to shovel in as much of hot young Richie as I can in one sitting, in case the evil side of Coop cuts short this beauty’s wrestling career.

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    1. Fantastic news! Dr. Cooper looks like he really put the hurt on the babyface newbie. I’m glad he survived to wrestle another day. I hope he gives interviews (hint)!

  1. BG East sure does know how to find talent. The Gutbash series is one of my favorites and i can’t wait to get my hands on this installment. What better way to introduce a rookie into the BG ring than a good old fashioned gut bashing? Welcome Richie. 😉

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