Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

Holy fuck.  I think the last time I crowned someone homoerotic wrestler of the month, it was January!  That should tell you just a little about the winter and spring I’ve had this year.  I’ve enjoyed a ton of new release wrestling in the mean time, however, so I feel like I’ve neglected some outstanding new contenders for the title. It may be cold comfort to the hard working hunks in question, but I’m retroactively awarding some HWOTM titles to give at least a little credit where abundant credit is due.

To start with, for today, let’s look back at February.  That was the month BG East dropped catalog 107, and there were a ton of standouts in that field.  One particular standout haunted my dreams and kept me toasty and warm and a little sweaty in the coldest months, though.  So for a February (or thereabouts) new release, I’m placing the laurel wreath atop the head off…


Jonny Firestorm.

Jonny’s trunks tent the more his adolescent wrestling hero, Christopher Bruce, gives the “rookie” pointers.

Jonny returns to the throne of HTOWM after last earning the title in May 2011. Perhaps I should be placing the laurel wreath around that massive, mountainous package that young Jonny sports throughout his Fan Fantasy 2 match with Christopher Bruce. Damn, that overstuffed pouch has got to give pretty Pete Sharp (2014 Best Bulge Winner) and Joshua Goodman (that’s Mr. Joshua, aka 2012 & 2013 Best Bulge Winner, to you) a run for their money for 2015’s awards. The only thing that seems to make that bulge swell more than getting manhandled by hunky Chris Bruce is turning the tables and absolutely obliterating his former hero.

Christopher Bruce just can’t overlook how excited young Jonny is to take on his fantasyman crush. It’s staring him right in the face!

Honestly, it’s much more than just that mouthwatering mountain in his trunks, though, that makes me crush hard on Jonny in that match. It’s supremely sweet drama, a well told story, full on character development packaged sensationally with nasty small-brutalizes-big man shocks and awes. Christopher is a full on player in the drama, but really, Jonny is the total package of hot hard body, wrestling skill, full-in sell, and, oh yeah, did I mention his gargantuan package that convincingly telegraphs just how motivated he is to get this chance to wrestle his long-time wrestling hunk hero?

Jonny is even more excited to have his adolescent fantasyman humiliated at his feet!

Jonny owned it in February!

Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month – February 2015

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