The Right Hand

Available to the highest bidder!?!?

As the self-anointed president of the Kid Karisma fan club, how am I the last to know that a muscle worship session with Kid Karisma was up for bids at a charity auction!? The 2nd match in BG East’s Fan Fantasy 4 is what happens with Billy Lodi wins said auction and the two BG East veterans get down to business.

“Excited?” Kid Karisma asks.

I’ve got so many questions. What charity benefitted from this incredibly inspired auction? The Ginger Anti-Defamation League? Kid K’s local gay rugby team? The World Muscle Ass Hall of Fame? And seriously, again I ask, how did I not know about this!? I don’t actually know for a fact that I could have outbid Billy, but I’m confident that I’m older, have likely accumulated more assets, and possess a 401(k) that I’d have sucked the life out of to slap Billy into 2nd place.

“Very!” Billy confirms just how excited he is.

There are a thousand and one things to love about this Fan Fantasy match, and I’m not even counting Billy’s hot, horny, skinny twink body or Kid Karisma’ magnificently muscled, fantastically fit, downright divine physique. For starters, this is muscle worship done right. Fan Fantasy does not skip on open, awed, slack jawed muscle worship. It’s hands on and intimate and enduring. Billy is counting his lucky stars even before Kid Karisma confirms that he can touch his body, tactilely adore his godlike muscles, and ask any questions along the way if he wants any curated details of the work of art out on loan to him.

“Feel those powerful glutes!”

This narrative is fundamentally superior to the first match on in this collection, for my tastes. In Rafael Valmor’s bought and paid for muscle appreciation session with the object of his long-time infatuation, Kieran Dunne, Kieran insists on a no-touch rule. Rafael is permitted to eye fuck him all he wants, but he’s instructed to keep his hands off. Sure, Rafael ups the ante for a full contact wrestling session with his favorite muscleboy, but the muscle worship is constrained. The homoerotic text is ever so much repressed. Not so with Billy’s redemption of his winning ticket for a crack at Kid K. Hell, when Billy seems a little tentative about really giving Kid K’s multi-award winning glutes the adoration they so abundantly deserve, the physique star prods him on. “Feel those powerful glutes,” Kid Karisma demands when Billy’s hands awkwardly, almost shyly only graze those fantasy cheeks. With full permission and encouragement, Billy really digs in, turning me insanely jealous.

“But, it’s a muscle, isn’t it?”

There is one constraint on the full-contact muscle worship auction award, it turns out. Although Billy has won the opportunity to worship Kid K’s muscles, the ginger hunk firmly, but not bitterly, shuts down the twink’s efforts to get his hands on Kid K’s crotch. “But, it’s a muscle, isn’t it!?” Billy asks perhaps the most provocative rhetorical question in homoerotic wrestling history. Despite his impeccable argument, Kid Karisma insists that while every other inch is on the table, Billy must steer clear of the seductive bulge that, thus far, has remained hidden from the camera in Kid K’s wrestling career.

Naughty, naughty, Billy…

It’s a dangerous line to walk, as far as I’m concerned, in any story that explains violence in response to amorous advances. Fortunately, Fan Fantasy 4 steers well clear of a “gay panic defense.”  When Kid Karisma finally lowers the corporal punishment boom on the auction winner, it’s not at all about Kid Karisma having some sexual insecurity about getting his junk fondled. Fuck, Kid K is quite clearly as turned on by getting worship as Billy is to worship him. When the mat scrap breaks out, it isn’t even really centered on the mystery of the anaconda Kid K is smuggling in his pouch, or his chastity belt struggling to prevent him from, for the first time, going truly full monty on camera. No, much more seductively, the twink discipline that breaks out is really about respect. Kid K asks for respect. Billy disrespects him. Kid K insists on respect.  Again, Billy defies him. Obstinately disobedient, Billy keeps pushing the envelope until Kid K enthusiastically opens a can of whoop ass on the lithe punk.

Billy gets a handle on the situation

The wrestling is sensationally sexy, with considerable focus on both battlers punishing the fuck out of each other’s balls. Kid Karisma is transcendent, that teasing package swelling with the pleasure of completely manhandling the tenacious, oppositional-defiant young hottie. But hands down (pun intended), the highlight of this match, the scene-stealer to end almost all scene-stealers is when Billy latches onto Kid K’s balls like a beartrap, dropping the hunk to his knees, and then slides the vulnerable, bulging, sensational muscle star backward into a dragon sleeper and shoves his hand down the front of Kid K’s trunks.

Where no opponent has gone before

Judging by the look on Billy’s face, the prize that, to date, only he has sampled on camera was worth every penny he begged, borrowed, and stole to win that charity auction. And Kid K may have never looked so outrageously gorgeous as splayed out and totally at the mercy of his overtly amorous worshipper turned tormentor simply determined to get every penny’s worth from this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Kid Karisma continues to bulge and swell sensationally

I wasn’t physically present to actually measure the evidence, but I swear that Kid Karisma’s bulge is demonstrably bigger after he’s escaped from Billy’s hands-on cock and ball attention. And, perhaps, the avalanche of muscle torture Billy endures for the duration of the match was worth it, to be the first to say he’s handled Kid K’s goods. It would be for me. And you, admit it. Hell, for you and me, the subsequent getting totally owned and pounded into a withered pulp would just be value added.

My 401(k) for this prize!

There’s a reason that Kid Karisma continues to be my favorite homoerotic wrestler running, and a reason that, I believe, he has held that title longer than anyone else to date. He is as fearless and unapologetically erotically oriented as he is unbelievably beautifully built. Honestly, I sort of hate Billy right now for his luck, but I grudgingly acknowledge that his insistence on sledgehammering right through the boundaries turned this Fan Fantasy into the closest we’ve come yet to getting to truly appreciate ALL of Kid Karisma’s fabulous muscles. If only vicariously, I have to admit that Billy deserves the respect of all of the Kid K fanatics out there who are ragingly jealous of his right hand right now.

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