The Battle to Be the Best: Classics

It was another decisive victory and an anointing of a new champ in the Battle to Be the Best. Dominic “The Dominator” Zacarro’s designs on being legend-killer-in-residence didn’t stand a chance against the legendary brutality of badass Mikey Vee. The voting was brisk, but it was the wrestling equivalent of some solid back and forth in the opening moments, before Mikey kicked it into overdrive and plowed big Dom under hard. Read David’s blow by blow in the comments section of the poll (note, not the comments of the blog post, but rather the poll itself), featuring ball pounding, Dom tied in the ropes, and Mikey milking out sweet revenge for Dom’s brutal humiliation of Mikey’s tag team partner. Like David, I picture the final moments of this brutal muscle battle naked. Dom is fading fast, his gargantuan muscles twitching in exhaustion. Mikey has to work just a little to wrangle Dom’s massive physique, but finally manhandles the Dominator into an abdominal stretch. Dom whimpers in agony, until Mikey slides his hand down Dom’s sweaty, twisted abs and grabs Dom’s huge Italian sausage (David’s term), wringing it out and eliciting a yelp of panic from the big man. Dom is toasted, but refuses to pass the title on. Mikey throws him down to the mat, hooks Dom’s ankles under his armpits and squats his epically muscled ass into Dom’s lower back, applying a sick Boston crab. Big D screams like a bitch, sucking on the pain no more than 10 seconds before slapping the mat repeatedly and screaming his submission. Mikey smiles with satisfaction, but releases only Dom’s right leg. Still trussed up in a single leg crab, Mikey reaches down through his legs with his left hand, slowly wrapping his fingers around the base of Dom’s big, battered balls. “And this is for disrespecting my boo, Mike,” Mikey growls, twisting D’s balls as the former champ screams and weeps.

We’ve reached the penultimate match-up in this Battle to Be the Best, and Mikey Vee looks about as strong in the polls as he is in the ring. Thus far the BG East boys have completely dominated the competition, but I feel like it would be an injustice not to give one of Can-Am’s most dominant, legendary classic stars his shot at an extramural upset. Tom Flex had one of the sexiest bodies and, in particular, most sensational cock’s to make an appearance in a wrestling ring. I think of this as a battle of aesthetics and grace (Flex) squaring off against brute force and viciousness (Vee). What do you think?

On the left, defending champ and BGE’s babyfaced beast Mikey Vee (5’11”, 185 pounds) vs. on the right, Can-Am’s aesthetic athlete Tom Flex (6’1″, 205 pounds).

In the ring, no ref, with nothing but a submission or knockout standing in the way of one of these classic homoerotic wrestling stars advancing to the final match to determine who is the Best of the Best. Vote here, and comment below the sexy details playing out in your imagination.


One thought on “The Battle to Be the Best: Classics

  1. Before anything started, while each man impressed the other with his build, they both, as if on cue, stripped off their briefs…they wanted to show off ALL their muscles. Mikey was impressed that Tom didn’t have a tan line, his whole body was one even, bronze color. Tom’s eyes were drawn to Mikey’s slightly swollen balls and his imposing cock. He watched it grow and stroked his own man meat thinking how much he’d like to fuck Mikey. He didn’t know Mikey was thinking pretty much the same about Tom…how would that bronze ass respond to hard-driving hate fuck?
    They started circling, naked except for their boots. At first, there was a lot of aerial holds and throws. Mikey threw Tom to the mat incredibly hard…Tom bounced, hand on his back, and the first serious boot to the balls was delivered by Mikey, pointed toe directly between the two low hangers. Tom started to stand and Mikey was all over him. Tom bought some time with a hard right to Mikey’s balls. It worked. Tom was kind of stunned, nothing serious, and kind of happy for another day of ballbusting. Tom got Mikey out of his dream by scooping him up as high as he could and plunging Mikey on the top rope, squashing his balls with his own weight. Tom pulled up on the rope, then down, up again, and repeated it a couple times as Mikey howled and finally fell off…but fell the wrong way, onto the outside apron. Tom grabbed both of Mikey’s legs and pulled him almost into the ring, but the lower rope got in the way. Tom tugged and tugged relentlessly punishing Mikey’s already swollen ballsack. He put a foot on the rope which made the rope even more solid. Mikey’s cock was raging hard as he yelled, “Fuck you! Fuck you!” with every pull. Tom let Mikey go. “You wanna try?” He laughed as he drove the heel of his boot into Mikey’s nuts.
    Tom dragged Mikey back into the ring, grabbed him by the knees and hoisted Mikey up. Tom was just about back to full strength and fell to the mat with a perfect pile driver, but he kept a grip on Mikey and stood up again. He got Mikey in position again, but this time as he fell he drove his forehead into Mikey’s balls when Mikey’s head hit the mat. Mikey fell with a thud. Tom stood and stroked his long, wide cock as he watched Mikey groan on the mat. He scooped Mikey up by the balls and ran his back into the corner. Tom threw Mikey’s legs over the top rope and let his arms dangle and fully exposed Mikey’s cock and balls. Tom climbed up to the middle rope, hopped off, and drove his fist square into Mikey’s balls. He loved the feel of those growing black and blue balls. He grabbed them. started to squeeze them as Mikey writhed in the tree of woe. Tom stood back a bit looked at the prizes and possibilities in front of him, and pounded his fist into Mikey’s abs, making sure that Mikey’s still gigantic cock was in the way. He stood slightly to Mikey’s side, which let him slug the cock and abs with more power. He grabbed to top rope, climbed up to the top and stomped Mikey’s balls with his boot. He pedaled them, smashed them, jumped off the rope and drove his fist into them, with Mikey yelling, “Get off! Get off, you fucker! Get off my balls!.”
    When Tom landed his fist while jumping from the top rope, Mikey grabbed Tom’s balls and squeezed them hard. Tom liked it at first, then Mikey changed his grip, put his hands behind Tom’s balls, and drove his thumbs into the low hanging trophies. Tom stood there, not moving a bit. He started jerking off, which infuriated Mikey, and he squeezed even harder. Tom had enough and gave Mikey’s balls a chop. Mikey let go and cradled his balls. Tom tossed Mikey’s knees over the ropes and smiled at the results of his work as Mikey dropped to the mat, curled almost like he could blow himself. Tom couldn’t resist. He wet his finger in his mouth and shoved it up Mikey’s fully exposed ass. Mikey went ballistic. Tom withdrew his finger fast, because he knew that would hurt, too.
    Who knew that’s where Mikey’s “on” button was? Tom started jerking off, loving the site of the battered body in front of him. Mikey used the ropes to pull himself up and edged away from the corner. Tom knew Mikey had nothing left in him except maybe some cum, so he didn’t move away. He stood with his balls flapping between his legs. Mikey lunged from the ropes and grabbed Tom’s balls, held onto them, and the gravity from his fall and the strength of his grip nearly pulled Tom’s balls from his body. His mouth was open and nothing came out. Mikey held on; Tom wouldn’t get away. He let go of Tom’s aching balls and quickly landed his boot into Tom’s balls. Kick after kick. Tom started to stagger away. Mikey grabbed his balls. Tom went nowhere. Mikey pulled on Tom’s aching nuts as he got on his knees. He smashed Tom’s balls with his concrete fist. The bronzed body started trembling, almost falling. Another fist. Tom staggered toward the ropes. Another fist as Mikey followed. Those swelling danglers looked a different color than the rest of Tom’s body. Good, Mikey thought.
    All Tom could do was lean on the ropes. Mikey grabbed an arm and tossed Tom across the ring. Tom didn’t exactly spring off the ropes, so Mikey charged his with a clothesline that crashed the naked warrior to the mat. Mikey picked him and threw him against the ropes again. Tom hardly moved off the ropes, but he was off it enough for Mikey to land a knee into that swelling sack of balls. Tom doubled over, but Mikey grabbed an arm and threw Tom into the corner. He staggered to the corner and threw a series of amazingly hard chops into Tom’s chst…amazing considering how beaten he had been. Tom yelled and grimaced with each chop, which encouraged Mikey. He lobbed fists into Tom’s gut. Unrelenting fists. Tom tried to protect himself. Mikey threw Tom’s over the top rope and started blasting Tom’s abs again. Tom could hear Mikey mutter “fuck you” with each punch.
    Satisfied he’d softened up the guy who tried to finger fuck him, Mikey grabbed Tom’s head. pulled him away from the corner, and strapped him into a punishing headlock. Mikey squeezed and laughed as Tom tried to pry Mikey’s hands away. He gave Mikey’s balls a stiff uppercut from behind, but Mikey maintained the pressure. Tom landed another fist, grabbed Mikey’s nutsack, which was now swollen, and yanked down hard. Mikey had to let go, but gave Tom a hard smash to his head. Mikey walked away a bit. Tom tried to stalk him. He stood up as best he could and kicked Mikey in the face. Mikey staggered back. Tom managed to land another one, which spun Mikey and he staggered into the ropes. Tom saw Mikey’s beautifully round ass and started jerking off. Oh, fuck…why not, he thought and tied Mikey’s arms and head pulling the middle rope up. Mikey was trapped. He figured he’d get slugged in the balls a couple of times, and his balls were pretty much numb. Instead he felt Tom’s hands grab his waist and pull back as Tom’s granite-hard meat plunged into his ass. He’d never had such pain. Yes, Columbo would fuck him as a punishment, but never with his balls racked. Tom plunged deeper and deeper with each stroke. Mikey felt one of Tom’s hands let go and then his balls felt crazy insane as Tom tightened his grip.
    Mikey managed to get a leg between Mikey’s and tried to slam Mikey’s balls. It wasn’t much and Tom kept total control. Mikey tried again and landed a little harder, but Tom was not about to give up this prize. Mikey’s third kick landed hard on Tom’s tender fucking balls and he stopped for a second, enough time for Mikey to land another heel, which made Tom double, which made Tom’s incredibly cock pull out of Mikey’s ass.
    Mikey managed to get untied before Tom could come back. Mike turned and landed a solid toe in Tom’s bruised balls. Tom had fucked Mikey pretty good, and with the next kick, Tom launched an enormous rope of jizz. He started to stroke it and Mikey got closer and gave him a series of uppercuts on the now tender balls. Tom could barely stand. He felt so high from cumming and from the pain Mikey inflicted on his balls. Mikey grabbed Tom’s head in another killer headlock, but this time he fell, driving Tom’s face into the mat. He turned Tom’s body over. He landed several elbow drops on Tom’s abs, grabbed Tom’s nips and twisted and pinched and pounded them. Tom wasn’t losing his wood and he wasn’t trying to stop Mikey from tearing his nipples off. Mikey got up, grabbed Tom by the ankles, and turned Tom’s body so he was face down again.
    Tom howled as Mikey executed a crab, tugging back, bouncing, and then let go and drove his fist in Tom’s balls. He got off Tom’s legs and turned him over again. He locked his legs around Tom’s throat and pounded Tom’s gut. Tom writhed with each punch. He tried to land punches on Mikey’s thighs, but it didn’t amount to much. Mikey stood up, grabbed an arm, and dragged Tom to a corner. He lifted Tom between his legs so Tom’s face slid over Mikey’s cock. He could feel Tom’s tongue glide over his cock. He stood Tom against the corner and laid gut punches into him and alternated with chops and then licked and bit the fuck out of Tom’s nipples. Tom couldn’t move. He hardly responded anymore.
    Mikey drove his fist into the bronzed sex warrior balls, got to his knees, and stuck Tom’s still-hard cock into his mouth and bit hard as he threw another fist into Tom’s balls. He changed his position a little so he could his molars chewing on that meat. He took his mouth off Tom’s cock, banged him in the balls again, and stood. Tom’s eyes were open. Mikey decided on just a little more punishment. Some more fists, a few chops, a fist to the balls, and Tom dropped.
    “See, you don’t fuck with Mikey,” Mikey said as he made sure Tom was face up with his legs on either side of the metal poll. Mikey got out of the ring and pulled Tom’s nuts fast and hard into the corner post. He heard Tom groan, so he did it again. No groan. Mikey tossed a leg to the other side of the pole. He started to pull Tom out of the ring. There was no resistance. Mikey grabbed Tom’s cock and pulled it toward him and let it snap back. Mikey turned Tom over and pulled a little more until his waist was on the ring apron. Tom was bent over it now, his chest on the apron, his feet on the floor, his bronze ass inviting celebration.
    “Too bad you’re lights are out,” Mikey said as he spit on his dagger-like cock. “I’m gonna show you how a real man fucks.”

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