The Battle to Be the Best: Classics

Flex’s magnificent muscles, gorgeous proportions, and porn-ready cock were not enough to knock Mikey Vee’s legendary muscle ass off of the BBB throne. The poll turned into the wrestling equivalent of a heel beatdown against a stubborn opponent unaccustomed to getting steamrolled. David once again narrated a ton of the action in the comments, and it’s a dizzyingly sexy, “full-contact” (to say the least) muscle massacre. Personally, I picture the climactic moment with Mikey’s naked ass smothering Flex, flat on his back, in the middle of the ring. Mikey hooks one of his opponent’s legs and folds him up, pinning him solidly and really planting his face deep up Mikey’s massive glutes. Of course, pins mean nothing, so Mikey grabs Flex’s battered balls with his free hand and twists hard. Flex probably submits, but there’s nothing but muffled grunts and whimpers from deep up Mikey’s cavernous crack. The grunts and whimpers finally grow silent. Still perched on his face, Mikey lifts and drops Flex’s right hand three times, confirming that the Can-Am gladiator is out for good.

So today is the final match in this round of the Battle to Be the Best, classics edition. There are so many more classic homoerotic wrestling stars who probably deserve a crack at the title, but with only one last spot, I’ve sweated over the choice of just one classic hunk to get the chance to unseat Mikey. Honestly, Mikey mowed through most of the classic hunks at BGE in his career, so I’m casting the net wider for the last contender. I’ve settled on giving this last shot to Ace Hanson aka Eric Reins of Thunders Arena and Can-Am/JetSet fame. Devastatingly pretty and deadly dangerous, Ace never made it to the BGE roster, which made a full throttle muscle match against Mikey merely hypothetical. So here’s his likely one-and-only chance to tap Mikey’s legendary ass and swoop in at the last second to claim the title of the Best of the Best.

On the left, BGE’s babyface beast Mikey Vee (5’11”, 185 pounds) vs. on the right, Can-Am & Thunders Arena’s beautiful badass Ace Hanson (6′, 220 pounds).

In the ring, no rules, only a submission or knockout matters. One of these two magnificent musclemen can win the Battle to Be the Best. You decide by voting here, and comment below to describe the climactic end to this brutal elimination series.

2 thoughts on “The Battle to Be the Best: Classics

  1. Despite his tag team partner Mike putting about a ton of ice on Mikey’s ball and abs all night, despite Mike fucking Mikey’s ass just to make sure he could stand some pain, it was pretty obvious Mikey’s balls were still tender. He climbed into the ring gingerly. Ace looked at him, gave him a smile, and rubbed his hand over his cock and balls, still inside his briefs.
    Aside from Mikey’s swollen balls, both guys were similar. Big muscles and lots of them. A huge desire to get the belt for The Best. It was pretty obvious that Ace was a lot more relaxed and ready, but Mikey suffered long and hard to get this far; he wasn’t about to let some unknown take the prize belt of The Best without paying any dues. Besides, Ace was smiling too much and enjoying making his boner harder. Mikey rubbed his nuts, too, but for a different reason.
    Ace was convinced this would be pretty easy and quick. He’d seen these muscle hunks try to make him go down…OK, some of them got lucky, but Ace knew he was in charge of this last match. He could already feel the leather around his massive, solid waist. He smiled and rubbed some more.
    “You just gonna jerk off?” Mikey shouted across the ring.
    The smile disappeared as Ace walked to center ring. Mikey let go of the ropes just as Ace crouched and charged him hoping to crush Mikey into the corner. Mikey got out of the way as Ace rammed his shoulder into the pole. Mikey backed away, keeping his eyes on Ace. Fuck it, he thought, and ran toward the corner and landed his knee square into Ace’s back. He pounded Ace’s shoulders and neck and backed off before Ace tried to retaliate. He got up from his knees and sneered at Mikey.
    The match continued at a rapid pace. Mikey managed to get some good chops across Ace’s chest. Ace actually missed a couple of chances at Mikey’s balls. Mikey grabbed Ace, threw him across the ring, and got the challenger with another brutally accurate chop, staggering Ace. Mikey threw Ace into the ropes again and got him with a clothesline that almost took Ace’s head off. Ace finally managed to get Mikey’s balls when Mikey was down. Ace grabbed his legs, held them wide apart, and started kicking them. The pain pounded into Mikey’s ballsack. Ace dropped a leg and fell, ramming his fist in Mikey’s nuts. Ace hoped he popped Mikey’s balls like pimples.
    It was an even match. Ace knew where to land his punches and Mikey knew where to hit hard. On the mat, having Ace in a neck scissors, Mikey reached down and squeezed Ace’s balls, twisted them, punched them, gave them a chop, then reached inside Ace’s briefs. He felt Ace’s cock. Later, he thought, and pulled the waist band up into a good front wedgie. The assault on Ace’s balls was taking a toll and Mikey’s neck scissors was unrelenting. He drove fists into Ace’s abs…one, two, three…then went back to Ace’s balls, After he bashed his fist into them, he rubbed his hand over Ace’s cock. It was still inside his briefs, but that didn’t mean Mikey couldn’t punch it, chop it, go back and work the balls some more, pound Ace’s abs. Ace struggled to pry Mikey’s legs apart, which Mikey delayed with more ball busters. Ace freed his arm on Mikey’s body’s side and felt for Mikey’s nuts. Mikey figured Ace would break the hold soon, so he pounded his abs a couple more times and then released him. He knew he’d applied a lot of pressure, but he didn’t know he’d cut off a lot Ace’s breath. Ace’s face looked crimson as he grabbed around his neck. Good, thought Mikey.
    Mikey managed to lift Ace and slam him on his knee. It obviously landed just right. Ace tried to bounce off Mikey’s knee, but Mikey lifted him again and drove his knee into Ace’s balls. Ace collapsed to the mat. Mikey grabbed his legs and lifted Ace into the air with his and Mike’s favorite pile-driver: get the guy as high as you can, and just as his head is bashed against the mat, drop your chin on his balls.
    Mikey took too long to rest. Ace was up…shaky, but up. He rammed Mikey into the ropes and managed to knee Mikey’s nuts pretty hard. He did it again, then threw Mikey across to the other ropes. As Mikey bounced off, Ace connected with a clothesline, sending Mikey sprawling to the mat. Ace stood over him. kicking Mikey’s side, stomping Mikey’s adbs, and fell with both knees on Mikey’s midsection and timed that perfectly with a wallop into Mikey’s increasingly hurting balls. He grabbed Mikey’s ass and started tugging at his briefs. Ace wanted to see the result of his fists brutalizing Mikey’s nuts. Mikey stayed against the mat. Ace drove fists into Mikey’s once hard-as-granite abs. He went after Mikey’s pecs, punch after punch and then tried to twist Mikey’s nips off. Mikey writhed as his nips got harder with Ace’s pinching them, then knuckle punching, then fists to Mikey’s midsection. Mikey threw a hard punch into Ace’s massive thigh. Ace barely noticed, but it was what Mikey could get to and he pounded away. Ace stopped and stood. He was about to stomp Mikey again, but Mikey rolled away. As Ace’s foot hit the mat, Mike grabbed his leg and pulled like fuck to get Ace to fall. And he did.
    Mikey had a firm grip on Ace’s leg, pulled it, then fell elbow first on Ace’s thigh. Ace yelled in pain. Mikey had time to drop an elbow and the same place and Ace yelled more. Mikey got up, planted one foot on Ace’s leg, and kicked Ace’s thigh with the heel of his boot, then the pointy toe, then the heel again. Ace tried to kick Mikey off with his other leg, but Mikey grabbed it and, falling, dropped his shin across Ace’s now growing ballsack. Ace covered his balls and howled in pain. Mike stood and started to kick Ace’s leg, relentless on the thigh, then swung back and rammed his boot hard into Ace’s knee. Then back to the thigh. Ace was trying to crawl away from him. Mikey dropped, landing one knee on Ace’s thigh, the other on Ace’s knee. Ace’s body went into a grotesque spasm which didn’t impress Mikey. He let go of Ace’s leg and kicked Ace’s other knee. Mikey was feeling more and more like his old self again. He continued working Ace’s legs, then stood up, grabbed them, and fell, driving his head onto Ace’s unprotected balls.
    Ace tried to get up. Mikey’s boot tip landed on Ace’s stomach. He walked around and kicked the back of Ace’s head. And again. Then grabbed Ace’s head and threw it to the mat so hard it bounced. Mikey stood and stripped off his briefs.
    “Hey. You wanted these, right?” Mikey shouted. His dagger-like, hard as steel cock sprang out of the briefs. He felt like his balls fell to the floor as he dropped his briefs. He stepped out of one leg and kicked the other off. Ace’s face was in the way. “Well, here you go. Your souvenir.” He sat on Ace’s body and tried to force his briefs into Ace’s mouth. Mikey smacked Ace’s face. “Open up, shithead.” He smacked Ace’s head harder, but his mouth didn’t open. “Oh, right, you fuckwad. This is what you like.” He put his hand behind him and found a nipple. He squeezed it. Ace looked panicked. Mikey twisted it. Ace looked like he was about to burst. Mikey squeezed, it twisted, drove his thumb into it…the moment was delicious. Ace couldn’t take it anymore and opened his mouth, screaming. Mikey held Ace’s head still and stuffed his sweat-drenched briefs into Ace’s mouth. “OK?” Mikey asked. He threw Ace’s had into the mat.
    Mikey stood, knee dropped Ace’s chest, jumped on Ace’s abs with both feet and jumped off. Ace didn’t know what to protect or how. He figured Mikey would go for his balls next, but he didn’t. He drew his leg far back and then kicked Ace’s thigh hard with his boot heel. Mikey fell to the mat, punching, hitting, kneeing the already-damaged leg and started in on the other. Mikey knew he was hurting Ace, maybe even destroying him. He was lovin’ it and wanted more.
    Mikey had another plan. “Stand up, fucker,” Mikey commanded.
    Mikey stood, grabbed an arm, and tried pulling Ace up. He twisted Ace’s arm and pulled harder. Ace couldn’t get up, not on those legs. Mikey fell with Ace’s arm stretched and twisted as far as he could. He pounded a fist into the bicep while pulling back with his other hand. He let go of the hold but hot the arm. Mikey stood again and yelled at Ace to stand.
    “You gonna submit, fuck face?” Ace shook his head. Mikey pulled Ace’s damaged arm. “You wanna give up?” Mikey kicked Ace in his armpit. “Get up now!” Ace tried to raise his body with his other arm. “Yeah, that’s it. Up!” Ace tried to get onto his hand and knees and Mikey pulled his arm back and kicked Ace in his ribs. Ace fell. “That’s not what I told you to do.” He pulled Ace’s arm up and he tried again. Mikey pulled up harder, knelt, and banged Ace’s arm over his knee. He let go.
    “Doesn’t seem right I should be the only one with his cock getting some fresh air.” Mikey walked back to Ace’s ass and started tugging at Ace’s briefs. “Come on, fucker. Lift your ass. You’ve done it before.” Mikey pulled. Ace thought he could get a strike of some kind on Mikey. He tried to lift a leg, kicking Mikey’s ass, which pushed him on Ace’s body. “Not smart, fuck face. Not smart at all.” Mikey forced his briefs all the way into Ace’s mouth, stood up, put Ace’s legs together, bent, and pulled Ace’s briefs all the way down. He could feel he had roped Ace’s cock with the pull, so it was under Ace’s hips and under Ace’s balls. Mikey liked that. Mikey tossed Ace’s useless briefs to the side.
    “Now get the fuck up!” Mikey commanded. He returned to Ace’s damaged arm. “Get up! You givin’ up? Huh? Give me a submission?” Ace grunted something. Mikey threw Ace’s arm to the mat and grabbed a leg. He dragged Ace’s body across the ring to the ropes, Ace’s cock and aching balls dragged to the ropes. “Last chance, asshole. Stand up!” Nothing.
    Mikey kicked Ace’s legs to the ropes, then jumped off the ring apron and grabbed the legs. He had one leg over the lower rope and the other on the mat. He pulled and Ace’s balls were squashed on the rope. He barely made a sound. Mikey pulled again. He saw Ace’s cock head over the rope and he wished Mike was there to take care of that. Mikey pulled again, then put one foot on the apron, then the other, and fell back with Ace’s legs stopping him from falling on the floor..
    “OK, fucker?” Mikey climbed up on the apron. “You wanna give now?” He crawled through the ropes and grabbed Ace’s leg from the upper rope. Adrenaline coursed through his body. God, he loved destroying some fuckhead dude He threw Ace’s legs to either side and slugged Ace’s cock again and again. He put it in his mouth and bit hard. He took it out of his mouth and put it so it was sideways and he bit hard. “You’re missin’ the fun part, dick head.” Which reminded him; he sank his teeth into Ace’s cock’s head. Mikey wished Ace was a little more awake. A little pre-cum would be the crowning touch. He sat on his knees and raised Ace’s arm in the air. It dropped. He did it twice more. Nothing.
    Mike and the other guys who were watching on the TV in the lounge ran into room and up onto the ring and gently raised Mikey to his feet. Mikey would get The Championship Belt soon, but this was the honor from the other guys…other guys who Mikey destroyed, whose balls he busted and crushed and pounded until they came. They knew what it was like to face Mikey and knew how tough he was and were incredibly proud he won. Mikey looked around for Mike. He was with some others on the floor. He smiled. Mikey smiled back and kind of motioned for Mike to come up. Mike grabbed a rope and hopped up. Face to face. They grinned like idiots and nailed each other in the balls.

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