Sign from the Wrestling Gods

Living through a pandemic has done a number on a lot of us. It’s been a long stretch and a heavy load on my outlook on life. I’m normally pretty chill, and things don’t get to me (or at least, stick around for long). But the refreeze on the cold war, global economic instability, and ideological hijacking of the U.S. Supreme Court, on top of coping locally with the implications of a global pandemic, have interrupted even my legendarily sound sleep. So, I took it as a sign from the homoerotic wrestling gods when, one late autumn morning, I was watching my local news, and Scott Williams’ face appeared on my screen.

I’d recognize Scott Williams anywhere!

Right? I mean, any time I lay my eyes on Scott, I thank the ether that this gorgeously handsome hunk stars in some of my favorite wrestling fantasies. But the sheer randomness of seeing him show up, completely out of the blue, on my local broadcast, sort of shook me just a little more than usual.

This should be the headline: Homoerotic Wrestling Star Spotted!

Of course, it had absolutely nothing to do with Scott’s incredibly sexy body of wrestling work, or even his incredibly sexy body. It was one of those “feel good” fluffy news pieces that local stations shop around to each other, to try to help us all avoid collapsing into paralyzing depression from watching the actual news. A Boston news outlet was set up near where a major motion picture was, reportedly, being filmed. Boston had closed down some city streets for the production, and locals were showing up along the sidelines to catch a glimpse of U.S. royalty (i.e., our entertainment stars). The poor local reporter who drew the short straw, and had to stand outside and make something that is, fundamentally, not news, appear to look like a news story, was interviewing the looky-loos.

Disclaimer: This is not an image from the newscast. Scott was, sadly, entirely clothed.

And like a thunderbolt from the homoerotic wrestling heavens, Scott Williams is standing there with a microphone in his face! No. Fucking. Way! But yes. Way! I don’t know that I actually heard what Scott said when being interviewed, because I was yelling at the television screen, “NO FUCKING WAY!”

There’s some major meta mind-fuck happening here, when I’m tripping on catching a glimpse of a homoerotic wrestling star that I have crushed on since first laying eyes on him, who is, himself, hanging out in the hopes of tripping on catching a glimpse of a Hollywood star that, presumably, he is passionate enough about to stand around outside in Boston’s brisk late-autumn weather. If I didn’t already believe in the homoerotic wrestling gods, this adrenaline shot to my mid-pandemic morning would have totally converted me into one of the devout.

Speaking of worship…

And because I KNOW that Scott reads the pages of this blog (because he occasionally comments, prompting me to immediately dig out one of his matches and rifle off some shuddering pleasure), I just want to thank him, personally, for brightening my day, yet again. Did you see any Hollywood stars that day, Scott? Did the reporter comment on your superhero-proportioned square jaw and devastating good looks? Have you kept the peaks on those mouthwatering biceps of yours sharpened while the gyms were closed during the pandemic? And, since the homoerotic wrestling pantheon is clearly set on putting you in my path, when am I likely to see you (preferably stripped down and in a wrestling ring) next?

Sweet homoerotic wrestling gods above, put this man back in the wrestling saddle again for us (me)!

Corporate Intrigue

I’ve transferred another story from my old archive to the new one, Sidelineland Stories. Re-reading this match makes me chuckle. It also turns me on, again, which is fun to rediscover. There was a period of time when I was, absolutely ignorantly, fueling the rumor mill regarding corporate competition between rival gay-oriented wrestling companies. At the time, I was just noticing that wrestlers were migrating from one company to another, and I was totally providing the back-story that the hot hunks were being nefariously poached. I had no actual insider info about the politics of it all, but that didn’t prevent me from speculating (talking out-my-ass). And we all know the lengths my imagination will take me.

Chasing Rio is a story about corporate espionage and cut-throat headhunting (hunk-hunting, really) among the wresting companies that cater to gay fans. When this was originally written, there were 3 or 4 serious producers on the scene, at least my take on the scene. Rio Garza had just recently begun wrestling for Rock Hard Wrestling under a different name, and it was all sorts of drama going off in my head. These days, it feels like the field has exploded with producers putting content out of their garage, and in the past few years, individual wrestlers marketing their own self-produced materials directly through OnlyFans pages. I’ve got so many opinions about the state of the scene, but I’m going to resist the temptation to go there. Today, at least.

Instead, feel free to tuck in with Chasing Rio, a tag team competition featuring long-standing favorite wrestling crushes Rio Garza, Mitch Colby, Derek da Silva, and Zack Jonathan (Vazquez Z-Man). If you know my opinions well, you probably just chuckled when I listed Z-Man as a favorite. At the time that I wrote Chasing Rio, Z-Man had not ventured onto the BG East roster, and the companies for which he worked did not push him hard enough to really learn the craft of wrestling, in my opinion. A few outings with BG East, which I have on very good authority (you know I’ve got a man inside the operation who feeds me intel) included direct tutelage from The Boss himself, and Z-Man won me over. I still mostly just want to see him get crushed like a pop can, but I readily admit that he can reliably turn me on when he does it these days. I had my gripes about Rio, at times, as well, so consider my tastes carefully.

Z-Man has never been tastier!

A couple of years after I first published this story and stoked the rumor mill about corporate competition and talent poaching, I actually enjoyed (a lot) the opportunity to meet the back office boys at BG East, in real life. The conversation about wrestlers working for competing companies came up, and the powers that be at BG East were adamant that they never imply a non-compete clause when they work with their wrestlers, and that they wish them only the best. Which, frankly, was really cool to hear, from the perspective of a fan. Of course, the BG East boys quickly followed up with the (persuasive) argument that they recruit, train, feature, and promote their wrestlers in ways far superior than anyone else.

Rio Garza the first time most of us ever saw him, which as debuting at BG East.

All my best to the fierce hunks who strip down, oil up, and pound their bodies into each other for the carnal pleasure of gay wrestling fans like you and me. I’m just thrilled for the way that they fuel my wrestling fantasies, and I hope that they enjoy long careers and happy lives. Interestingly, I believe that Z-Man may be the only star of Chasing Rio still on the scene, and I’m not entirely sure even he is. I’d love to hear what life is like for fantasymen like these hunks, after the cameras are off, and they’re looking back (hopefully proudly) at their wrestling careers.

Masked Rookies

Just in the interest of bookkeeping, I wanted to point out that the second chapter of Brothers in Arms (the original text version of the homoerotic wrestling story) is now up and live at the new Sidelineland Stories archive. Check it out there if you’re interested, and let me know what you think by commenting here. I’m working on a graphic adaptation of a different story, also live in the new archives, but my plan is to do a graphic adaptation of BiA chapter 2 in the future.

For a new take on an old theme here on the blog, I thought I’d provide some comments on a relatively recent homoerotic wrestling match that turned my crank. I wrote the BG East marketing description for this match. I’ve managed to remain part of the BGE production family by getting early access to upcoming matches that they send me, and, in return, writing the copy that they use on their website. As part of the release of Catalog 158, I had the honor and immense pleasure of getting first eyes on Masked Mayhem 20, and the super tasty treats of Andy Body and Vampiro Blanco, the white vampire.

My text for the BGE website is not hyperbole. Fuck, this match, and these two wrestlers, turned me on soooooo much! I’ve been snapping up all of Andy Body’s matches to write the marketing for over the past year or so, because I’m so, so into this hunk. He has yet to be unmasked, and that element of mystery, especially for a rookie, vigorously spanks my lucha libre infatuation. His opponents, thus far, have had a hard time prying their eyes away from his thick, juicy pecs, which I totally get. But fuck, his lush, thick thighs and grabbable ass are what send me. He’s no jobber, but is he a heel? A masked babyface? He’s mean, but in that way that makes me think he dishes out cruelty in exact proportion to what he knows his opponents can take (and want).

Vampiro Blanco shows up to take on Andy, and damn, I’m hard pressed (and, let’s face it, just hard) to decide whose hot bod to soak up. The vampire gets unmasked, but I know how that there are BGE fans who live for the anticipation, so I won’t spoil it and tell you who he is (if you haven’t already guessed). And happily, the unmasked hunk has kept coming back for more in the past couple of months. Vampiro Blanco is sly and sadistic, sneakily crawling up the gazebo railing to surprise Andy from behind (me, next, please). The vibe off this match is that Vampiro is the heel here. He’s cruel, and he telegraphs his intentions to brutalize and humiliate the pectacular rookie, and to unmask him for all to see. He’s lightly hairy, with gorgeous, functional muscle and naturally thick and powerful thighs.

As the match unfolds, my tendency to play the mark takes over and I start rooting hard (again, seriously hard) for Andy. It’s not that I don’t like Vampiro Blanco, but there’s that babyface vibe from Andy that, 9 times out of 10, sucks me right in. When the vampire is stomping on Andy’s balls, and then sucking him into masked-face-to-crotch head scissors, I’m one of those fans crying “injustice” and urging the trapped hunk to battle back and take revenge.

Vampiro is seriously skilled and assertive, upping the alluring scent of Andy’s vulnerability. The vampire rolls Andy into a Mexican Ceiling hold (appropriately enough), monologuing like a villain. “How does that feel, Mr. Nobody? Now, let’s see the face behind that mask!” Like melted butter, Vampiro slides seamlessly from the ceiling hold into a surfboard, and then uses his free boot to massage Andy’s balls. “Seems like you’re enjoying that,” Vampiro laughs evilly, and it’s not like Andy’s deep-chested groans of pained pleasure are any contradiction.

Andy in jeopardy activates my deep, pre-adolescent babyface wrestler rescue fantasies. But I should have known Andy wouldn’t need me to step in and defend him. Just when Vampiro is leaping from the gazebo railing, Andy catches him in mid-air, cradled across his epic chest, like it’s fucking nothing at all. Mr. Body then proceeds to pound Vampiro’s back into every gazebo post, before lifting him up and pounding his abs down across Andy’s knee. You can feel the rush of breath compressed out of Vampiro’s lungs on your face on this side of the screen. And then, just to ride that heel/babyface line, Andy spanks Vampiro’s lush ass. Fuck yes, Andy! Turn those tables and claim that ass!

Again, I loved this match. I’m lapping up every match I can get my eyes on that involve either of these sensationally sexy, hot young hunks. I’m still waiting for someone to worship Andy’s Body with the passionate devotion it deserves. In the meantime, let me know if you need any back up, buddy. I’m so very much here for you!


I hope that you enjoyed my first efforts at a comic book format for my homoerotic wresting imagination. Brothers in Arms was a graphic translation of the first chapter in a story I began writing nearly 12 years ago(!). Looking back at my blog post about the original text version reminds me that the whole idea was in response to a reader request that was way, way out of my area of expertise. However, as is my wont, I took the idea in the only direction that my erotic imagination ever travels. And, pretty quickly, I got totally into the project and fell in love with the main characters.

The original (“classic”) images for Brothers in Arms characters Hank and Brett.

I’ve heard from folks who’ve stumbled across my mention of my homoerotic wrestling fiction archives in past blog posts, requesting that I make those archives available to new folks. It’s been so long since I was actively administering my two archive sites, it took me a bit to even track them down. I originally had the sites behind a couple of for-your-eyes-only walls, with folks needing to sign up for a group membership, and then be permitted access. Hell, originally, it was a Yahoo group, that I migrated to a Google Group and Google Sites when Yahoo was phasing their shit out. Well, Google has also been phasing shit out, and are about to phase out what they now refer to as “Google Sites Classic,” which my old archives are now listed as. I feel like something considered “classic” should come with more perks than this does.

To cut to the chase, I’ve finally had some time to dig around, retrieve the old archives, and feel my way around the new Google Sites platform. It was another learning curve, but I think I’ve sorted out a pretty close facsimile of the now-“Classic” version of the archive that I entitled “Sidelineland Stories.” For fans seriously into their WrestleBard trivia (and I love you all dearly), you’ll notice that I started with the second archive (the first having been entitled the “Producer’s Ring”). I did that strategically, because the Brothers in Arms chapters abide at Sidelineland Stories, and since I’ve just resurrected BiA in graphic format, I wanted to share the original text version.

I think that these two are sexier than the versions of the characters I originally wrote.

I’ve gone back and forth about permissions and accessibility, and finally just decided to say “fuck it,” and I’ve made it public. There are administrative downsides to doing this that I won’t get into, but I’d rather tackle those downsides than try to administer individual permissions like I did first time around. You can now take a look at the no-longer-classic Sidelineland Stories published here.

The graphic that accompanied the “classic” and reborn versions of Sidelineland Stories.

At the moment, you’re only going to find two of the original stories posted currently (there are dozens in the archive). The first chapter of Brothers in Arms is there, so you can see how the story played out similarly and differently from the graphic adaptation I just posted. I made some strategic choices to fit the comic book format, and, frankly, my imagination tweaked the story in new ways. The other story posted on the rebooted archive site is the next story I’m working on to adapt into graphic format. It is, I’m pretty sure, my favorite piece of homoerotic wrestling fiction I ever wrote, and working on the graphic adaptation is similarly driving me to distraction.

I’ll be working on migrating the rest of the archives over. My thanks to those of you who commented and liked the Brothers in Arms graphic adaptation, and to those of you who have patiently been waiting for me to provide you access to the old archives. I’m not sure where this energy for rebooting the online expression of my homoerotic wrestling kink came from, or where it’s going, but I’m having fun, which was always the point for me.