Making Jake

I had a moment of OCD wash over me when I noticed recently that I only made it about 2/3rds of the way through the alphabet in my homage to the remarkable range of one of my perennial favorite homoerotic wrestlers, Jake Jenkins.  So today I plug away at completing the course in the relatively easy section of the alphabet.  Making Jake…


P is for pose, which Jake saves for side-by-sides with golden boy buddy Austin Cooper.

… pose.  Lot’s of wrestlers are provoked to pose by a sneering, flexing opponent, but not so much Jake.  Jake tends to really pose only when his good buddy Austin Cooper teams up with him for a babyface tag team battle, like they did in Tag Team Torture 15.  Jake’s body is a work of art crafted out of just plain hard work, so its understandable that the devastatingly handsome hunk would prefer to save his strength for applying those muscles to the work of pummeling an opponent.  But thanks to camaraderie and showmanship, it’s a pleasure to see Austin make Jake pose.

Q is for “quit,” the very word cocky Austin Cooper leans in close to listen for as he nearly rips Jake’s head off.


…quit.  Then again, it always hasn’t been a blushing bromance between golden boy Austin Cooper and Jake.  When they first arrived at BG East, shit hit the fan when egos and mouthwatering muscles were bruised between these two ripped rookies.  Across his career, Jake has taken more than he’s given when it comes to submissions.  Most of the time, it requires sleeping the stud out cold to decisively score a victory over JJ.  But in Ripped Rookies, with sweat pouring off of both of their barely clad bodies, Austin makes Jake quit.

R is for recline, rest and relax, which Jake luxuriously indulges in just to demonstrate his complete mastery over cocky punks.


… relax.  It’s not uncommon for Jake to showboat, particularly when an opponent has tried to intimidate him, and particularly at Rock Hard Wrestling.  But there’s something extremely provocative about those moments when Jake is so totally in charge, seeming to make the art of torture look effortless.  It requires an opponent with a loud mouth writing checks his muscles cannot cash, such as when pumped Matt Engel pokes and pokes until Jake cannot resist almost snapping him off at the knee while leaning back on one elbow and looking like it ain’t nothing but a thing.  It’s a lesson in the eroticism of humiliation and domination when some cocky punk makes Jake relax.

S is for scream, which Jake does so rarely that it’s like panning for gold.

… scream.  Jake typically runs a body temperature around 92.4 degrees (F), because his veins are filled with ice water.  Incredibly cool, even keeled, and in control, it’s a rare moment to see him not only submit, not only be manhandled, but to actually break out in desperate screams.  The contrast between his seemingly unshakeable calm and self-control and these punctuation marks of panic are deeply moving.  Watching shocking rookie Carter Alexander take Jake to the edge in Gazebo Grapplers 16 is pure gold, as the overpowering rookie makes Jake scream.

T is for taut, which is what Jake’s body becomes under only the most masterful hands of someone completely disregarding the normal limits of human physiology.

…taut.  If there’s one thing Jake fanatics know, it’s that this stud is a true athlete.  That phenomenal physique has been hammered into perfection by a passion for sport, first and foremost among them, wrestling.  So in addition to stunning strength, speed and stamina, this gorgeous stud is one of the most flexible wrestlers in the business.  As a result, the tolerances that his body can withstand are breathtaking.  It requires an extremely firm hand and a lust for pushing the edge for an opponent to wrench Jake’s hot bod to the breaking point.  Happily, Kid Karisma is just such a stud, and in Hunkbash 12: No Fear, No Limits, No Mercy, he exquisitely makes Jake’s incredible body taut.

The rest of the alphabet is a little more challenging, so send me your suggestions on U through Z to round out the phenomenal range of Jake Jenkins!

“I’m ready, Daddy! I’m ready!”

Jake Jenkins appears to me to be working on cornering the market when it comes to wrecking rookies. His most recent appearance at Rock Hard Wrestling, returning to that arena after a notable absence, pits him against Ryan Gosling’s little brother, teenage bodybuilder Matt Engel, in a match aptly named, Jake’s Surprise.


Jake is leaner, less bulging and pumped than we’ve seen him in the past, but that does nothing to dent just how damn sexy this stud is! “So you’re the new guy,” he grins, facing the ripped rookie across the ring. “I’ve been waiting to get my chance to take a shot at you. I’ve heard a little bit about you,” Jake grins.


What has Jake heard?  We never hear that part of the backstory. My hunch, though, is that everyone who’s ever laid eyes on Matt Engel is talking about that baby, baby face, incredibly hot, meaty ass, and AMAZING legs. His calves are phenomenal.  “Phenom” could easily be this kid’s moniker, if he manages to do more than just look pretty.


Early going, however, that looks unlikely.  Jake fucking owns this kid outright. A side headlock makes the blond boy’s pretty face flush dark red. The follow up bulldog leaves the teen bodybuilder already wobbly, and not a minute and half have gone by yet. A suplex, shoulder blocks into his gut while trapped in the corner, stomped to high heaven… Matt Engel looks an awful lot like a Ken Doll training dummy for a while there.


There’s an intensely hot moment when Matt is obviously seeing stars. He’s flat on his back, with Jake pacing around, landing an occasional stomp, but mostly just enjoying the view in the mirror of himself, flexing over top of the battered muscleboy. I swear to God, there are at least 10 seconds of Matt just staring up, a little awed, hardly minding the gun show exploding above him.  Jake drags the kid up by a handful of hair (over and over and over), and then slowly positions all of those beautiful, golden, muscled limbs, cinching him right up in preparation for a suplex. “Say, ‘I’m ready, daddy!'” Jake demands the slack jawed hunk. “Say, ‘I’m ready!'”


You get the impression that Jake could take this muscle kid any day of the week, twice on Sunday. He lands nothing short of a graceful swan dive head butt to the kid’s battered abs that make me gasp. He locks the kid’s knee up nice and tight, wrenching it the wrong way, and then leans back on one elbow, striking a classic Playboy centerfold pose and soaking in the sight of his showboating domination in the mirror on the wall.  Letting the bodybuilder go, Jake slaps that damn fine hot ass of Matt’s, adding insult to injury.


“There’s this song I really like,” Jake mutters as he goes to work prying the kid up and slowly wrapping his sweaty muscles around the blond bombshell like a python. “You know what it’s called?” Jake asks. “It’s called,” Jake starts singing… singing, I fucking swear to you… “This is the end.”  True enough, the bashed muscleboy is at the end of his rope, and he gives away the first fall submission in a luscious, indulgent abdominal stretch feast for the eyes. Nice work, Jake.


Jake’s got a taste for rookie wrecking, and it’s incredibly hot to watch him take a bite.  “Let me hear you scream in pain!” he barks at the muscleboy in the very moment of spinning the stud into a spine snapping Boston crab. The dangerous veteran locks Ryan Gosling’s little brother up in a sweaty, tight head scissors and then does push-ups, humiliating Matt by smashing that pretty face into the mat with each pump of Jake’s shiny pecs.


Okay, Matt has some offense that makes Jake suffer. His wrestling repertoire looks to me to be significantly limited, but what he lacks in ring skill, he makes up for abundantly in delightfully provocative charisma and trash talk.  When lovely Matt smiles real big and wide, thrilled by his dominating control of his smaller opponent, he’s got the raw material for a serious star there! Threatening to snap Jake apart at the knee, he slowly nudges the storied star closer and closer to the edge of despair. “I’d let you stand up,” the rookie smirks, landing vicious rabbit punches into the side of Jake’s captured knee, “but you probably can’t right now.”


But there’s one story here, and the promise of a bulging, teenage bodybuilder with limited experience is not it.  The real story here is Jake Jenkins fucking loving every minute of torture he inflicts, every decibel of screaming agony he milks out of Matt, every inch of joint wrenching control he works all over those mouthwatering, bulging, beautiful bronzed muscles of Matt Engel.  He relishes this match. He cannot get enough of watching the sight of his mastery of this rookie in the mirror. “Watch yourself,” he commands the kid, choking that ripped bod all twisted up in the ropes. “Watch yourself choke!” he barks, forcing Matt to stare at himself being dominated in the mirror.


“I got a special treat for you,” Jake promises, straddling the prone, devastated teen bodybuilder and flexing his sweaty, hunky bod over top of him. “No, it’s not my body,” Jake quips [yes, yes it is, Jake].  No, it’s shockingly decisive, sweetly suffering over-the-knee backbreaker, in which Jake lays muscled Matt out like the Thanksgiving turkey, ready for carving.


I’m a vegetarian, but damn it all if that’s not making my mouth water! But despite Jake crooning like a champ, this is so not the end of Jake’s new release rookie wrecking rampage…