Soap, Please

I have a hair trigger for shower scenes. I’ve gone weeks at a time obsessed with sleuthing out hot, steamy, glistening muscle hunks in the shower, preferably immediately following a wet, sweaty, thumping wrestling match. Some of the best sex I’ve ever had was in the shower. I sometimes wonder if it’s my obsessive-compulsive tendencies coming up when I get seriously fixated on shower scenes. I won’t even try to deny that messes turn me off, and so incorporating personal hygiene and immediately washing away the aftermath probably appeals to my inner approaching-disordered mind. But even if you aren’t OCD, you have to appreciate glistening, wet naked bodies, which is pretty much guaranteed in a shower scene.

Sub Zero peels off the spandex preparing for his post battle shower. Where, oh where do I apply to be his very personal super-valet?!

Last week’s update over at Eye of the Cyclone got me all infatuated again with shower scenes. EOC’s superhero Sub Zero narrowly escaped his own destruction in the serial “Hard as Ice.” Having returned to his secret Ice Lair, the dashingly hot mystery muscle man breaths a heavy sigh of relief and peels off his skin tight super suit to wash away the bitter bruises of his battle with the Xtractor.  Last week’s comic panels of Sub Zero prepping and beginning his shower are the motherload of post-wrestling homoerotic shower scenes (though I’d prefer to see Xtractor join him).

Now that is a super sensational ass!!!

I’m in crazy lust with Sub Zero! I’d say that ass could pose a serious challenge to Kid Karisma’s Best Butt reign, if Sub Zero ever made my fantasies come true by appearing in live action homoerotic wrestling. Though I am crazy in lust with Kid K’s ass as well.  Hmmm. Clearly the only way to settle this would be a rip ‘n’ strip ring match, followed by a tandem body worship shower scene, of course.

I need a hero, bad!

Like the perfect homoerotic wrestling twist on Psycho, Sub Zero doesn’t see the vile-looking “Cybermite” climbing the shower glass, positioning its vicious-looking metallic legs threateningly inches away from Sub Zero’s glistening, naked ass. Our sizzling hot hero sees the threat too late, turning around just as the mortal threat pounces, diving deep down naked hunk’s throat (well, okay, that orifice works as well, sure). What will happen with his enemy’s remote appendage rooting around inside his sensationally built muscle body? Fuck. To be continued…

I’ve got my loofah in hand… well, in one hand…

So that’s what sent me spinning down the shower scene rabbit hole again. Here are a few more of my very favorite shower scenes from the homoerotic wrestling context.  Do you have a favorite, because I’m always looking to add to my go-to collection.  Now you’ll have to excuse me, I need to go get cleaned up…

In Motel Madness 8, my long-time favorite homoerotic wrestler (emeritus) spanked Jeremy Burke like a naughty boy before the two retired to the motel bathroom to strip each other and slip into the shower together. Honestly, I can’t see Jeremy at all in the shower scene… all I can see is me there soaping up Mitch’s naked muscles.
One of the hottest, unscripted shower scenes ever to grace the end of an outstanding homoerotic wrestling match took place in BG’s Fantasy Oil Wrestling 4.
In X-Fights 33, a twinks-gone-wild barnburner, Skip Vance and Billy Lodi got completely hot and bothered first on the mat then in the bathroom, proving that some old flames never entirely die, even when soaking wet in the shower.
An iconic homoerotic wrestling production, Lords of the Lockerroom may have not been the most competitive sell in wrestling, but the quality of the bodies featured was extremely elite. A pre-NK Van Darkholme was eaten up and spit out by hot stuff Mark Wolff, but looked very happy to relive the memories as he jerked off in the shower afterward.
And arguably the lordliest of the Lords of the Locker Room, Billy Herrington took his fantasy physique to the showers after squashing Nick Steel like a musclejobber bug.