Right This Moment!!!!

Over the past three and a half years, I’m proud to say that neverland has been fortunate to be able to bestow the title of “friend of the blog” upon several worthy men.  Many of them include some of my very favorite homoerotic wrestlers who’ve given us a wink and a nod by sharing a comment, a candid pic, and even more than a handful of interviews.  So when word started coming my way from friends of the blog that there were about to be some exciting happenings in Pembroke this weekend, I got that warm feeling that comes from appreciating good friends (and, oh yeah, anticipating hot, blood-pumping homoerotic wrestling!).
Sexy rookie and friend-of-the-blog Ben Monaco
Ben Monaco was first to give me a heads up that he had a plane ticket in hand, bound for Boston and some muscle pumping BG East wrestling shoots. Quoted here, with permission:

“I’ll be heading down to the Pembroke location for the first time in about 2 weeks! I’m really excited! It’s like a visiting a holy-land 😛  I’ll be down there with what promises to be about a dozen guys, a mix of old and new faces. Some names swirling around for that weekend include Christian Taylor, Skip Vance, Lon Dumont and Gabriel Ross among others. Rest assured that upon my return, I’ll have plenty of tales to tell and stories to share. Expect to see great matches from myself and all the other guys down there!”

Skip and Christian practice for tag-team competition!

And sure enough, within a day or two Skip Vance confirmed on his Facebook page that both he and his real-life lover (and former homoerotic wrestler of the month), Christian Taylor, were booked for a trip to BG East to film some matches.  Even more titillating and grist for many a wet dream, Skip had advertised a few weeks earlier looking for a tag team willing to face Christian and him together! I’ve been pleading for this very scenario for months now! Knowing that Skip and Christian are partners would add that much more fantastically sexy drama to a tag team match. Seriously, I almost offered a financial reward to any real-life lovers who would accept the challenge to face them! I might still be willing to! Skip promised me that he’d share some details after the weekend is over, and I’m desperately hoping to hear that he and Christian climbed into the ring together to face off against another pair of hot and horny-for-each-other hunks for a sweaty, bulging, preferably rip and strip match to a load blowing finish!

Then late last night I got this pic and this message from Kid Karisma:

Pumped and primed to do some damage: friend-of-the-blog Kid Karisma

“Heading to Boston to do some damage for the weekend!!!”

Yes, indeed, in addition to the line-up rumored by Ben Monaco, add to that list my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler and dizzyingly sexy party boy/muscle dominator: Kid Karisma!!!  I offered some completely unsolicited armchair advice to the karismatic-one about choices of gear and my suggestion that his monster quads and legendary glutes never look better than when he’s applying a standing leg scissors.  In response, Kid K pointed out that his legs are bigger than ever as a result of being in the middle of his rugby season and simultaneously training for a half Iron Man! Let’s just recap: Kid Karisma’s pride-and-joy legs are bigger than ever as he, at this very moment, his hammering down on some insanely lucky son of a bitch at the BG East compound!!? Like Skip and Ben, Kid K swore to give me what details the back office boys at BG East would allow once he’s back from Boston. I’m also lobbying to see those larger-than-ever quads of his. Stay tuned.

Stone-cold tease and friend-of-the-blog Lon Dumont

Finally, I reached out to long-time friend of the blog and perennial top-tier elite favorite homoerotic wrestler of mine, Lon Dumont, to verify whether there was any chance that he was, as rumored, on the ticket for action in Pembroke.  Cagey as always and a stone-cold sexy tease, Lon replied:

“Why yes, there is that chance!”

So once again, let me just recap, because I can hardly believe how hot this news is: at the very moment I write this, assembled at the BG East compound are, among many others, Ben Monaco, dripping in pools of sweat and hopefully laying a lucky opponent out in an aroused stupor with his devastingly hot lip-lock; Skip Vance and Christian Taylor who may (or may not) be about to appear in their first lovers tag team match (and if there is a homoerotic wrestling god, they’ll be facing another pair of sexed up lovers!); Kid Karisma flexing his larger-than-ever quads around the skull of some ridiculously lucky son of a bitch; and Lon Dumont who, I happen to know, is essentially moments away from entering the bodybuilding contest season and looking bigger and more ripped than ever in his life, and now showing up to blow apart some new opponents.  I couldn’t make up a hotter scenario.  I’d give my let nut to be a fly on the wall in Pembroke at this very moment! I’d at least give my undying loyalty and affection to see some behind-the-scenes shots of this incredibly intoxicating collection of fantasy men who have inspired countless hours of erotic entertainment and a parade of gasping orgasms punctuating a life of total devotion to homoerotic wrestling! There’s a reason Ben and I both consider the BG East compound the holy land.  That many homoerotic wrestling gods assembled in one place is nothing short of heaven!

Gabriel Ross: Let’s be friends!

And finally, don’t think I didn’t note the inclusion of reader’s choice winner for sexiest Brit on the BG East roster, Gabriel Ross, in the rumored roster pounding flesh in Pembroke this weekend!  The Boss promised (check out the comments section here) that the angelic little devil, Gabriel, was slated to cross the pond and face some of the domestic brewed hotness that BG East serves so well, including one of our (and specifically MY!) favorites!  I’m incredibly excited to find out if the pint-sized (but monster-dicked) babyface sado-masochist will be appearing in a new release soon, and who gets the lucky assignment to show him some hands-on Yankee hospitality!

4 thoughts on “Right This Moment!!!!

  1. You and me both are looking forward to the potential Skip and Christian tag team match. I can't wait to hear all the details about it as well.

  2. me too, anxious for more details!From the time cycle between catalogs I was expecting previews for next catalog to come up soon on the Arena, maybe this week or the next one. Now I don't know what to expect! Will they include some of this matches on the next catalog?Also, I do remember a Ben Monaco post on his profile on the defunct GruntsNGroans website were he described the first time he visited the BGE compound, mentioning a couple of pairings that seemed hot including match between him and Austin Cooper. So for me everything is expectation!Pretty cool to know about this. I have always thought BGE should do something to keep us entertained between catalogs, because sometimes it seems the wait is eternal. Maybe some kind of sneak peaks, updates thru the yahoo group or a twitter account with backstage bits would be nice. In that way some of us fans can get a bit of the taste of what really goes on backstage.

  3. Well, you can add to that mix Braden Charron, Morgan Cruise, Cameron Matthews, Damien Rush, Lorenzo Lowe, Len Harder, Blaine Janus, Jonny Firestorm, Kid Vicious, Ethan Andrews and a couple of new stunners. Oh, and we'll need to update that Gabriel Ross photo to include longer hair and 15 pounds of solid thick muscle!Kid Leopard

  4. Damn that's a lot of sexy all in one place! Ethan Andrews officially now at BG East?! Gabriel Ross with 15 pounds more muscle!?! My head is spinning with all of the possible, insanely hot match-ups with that line up. I hope someone took some behind-the-scenes photos!

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