Friday Fashions

Kid Karisma wore it best.

Last Friday’s “Who Wore It Best” poll posed a quandary that I wrestle with daily: Lon Dumont or Kid Karisma?  Lon has owned my favorite homoerotic wrestler title for quite some time now, and granting me the opportunity to sit down with him over a massive chunk of chocolate cake and try not to creep him out too much with my fanaticism makes me think his grip on #1 is secure for a while yet.  Then again, Kid Karisma’s ass….!?!  Well, the decision point for neverland viewers evaluating who wore those unmistakable pink and black trunks best was much more decisive than I am in choosing between which of these two studs turns me on hardest.  The vote broke over 63% (60 votes) for Kid K, leaving lucious Lon with 24%. Oh, yeah, that big, hard muscle stud Justin LeBeau accounted for the other 12% or so, but he never came close to being competitive in this vote.  So I’ll continue to agonize over the Lon versus Kid Karisma battle for my lustful adorations, but here and now, neverland readers unquestionably tap Kid K as having worn the pink and black best.

How do those trunks look from there, Len Harder?


Today’s focus on Friday Fashions takes us over to Can-Am.  In recent years, a certain collection of N2N bodywear had repeatedly show up in several productions. The appeal is pretty straightforward. The color and cut accentuate the pouch, centering attention on a hunk’s cock as he barrels into homoerotic wrestling action. They come in a variety of color combinations, but today’s fashion poll focus specifically on the orange and black trunks that have graced at least three homoerotic wrestlers than I can find, 2 of whom have the audacity to show up to the same set wearing them!  If ever there was a need for a “Who Wore It Best,” clearly these pendulous pumpdaddies are it.  So check out the boys below, and decide who you think wore it best by voting in the poll at the bottom of this post.

Poncharelli bulges, his sexy tan lines visible as he barely squeezes into these trunks competing in Can-Am’s Hollywood Fight Club.
Patrick Bateman looks pouty as he checks out the jailhouse toilets where he sports the same N2N trunks in fuck-stakes wrestling (at gunpoint, no less) in Can-Am’s Wrestle Bait.
Imagine muscle stud Kash Satal’s shock to find someone else already on set of Wrestle Bait wearing the same eye-catching, bulge-sucking, seam-stretching gear! But, who wore it best!?

2 thoughts on “Friday Fashions

    1. Nice catch, gregorian! I haven’t seen The Verdict, but those are definitely the same trunks. We my have to have a run-off between Kash and Drake to see which one wore it best!

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