Monday Muscle Domination

super men season 1 episode 1 _Snapshot (5)
Damien Rush’s cameo as Super Stud (v. 2.0)


There’s a new superhero in town, and he’s Damien Rush!  The new “Super Stud,” who accepted the mantle from retiring Super Stud, Kevin, has only about a 7-second cameo in the opening chapter of Muscle Domination Wrestling’s new serial production, Super Men, but it’s a potent 7-seconds.  Damien’s awakened by the sound of the alarm calling him to get out  of bed and suit up.  We see his hot, hairy pecs, and then just a glimpse of his sweet ass before it’s encased in spandex.  But Super Stud v. 2.0 must wait for another day, because this introductory chapter to MDW’s Super Men has other fish to fry.

super men season 1 episode 1 _Snapshot (4)
Kevin indulges a drooling fanatic who wants to know more about extraterrestrial, skin tight, muscle hugging leather outfits.

The original Super Stud, now retired, is Kevin. An awestruck and somewhat lustfully admiring ambush journalist catches Kev as he arrives at work one day for some backstory.  Kevin explains that he literally passed the mantle to the new Super Stud in order to devote his full attention to his business interests around the world. “I have all your action figures!” the journalist behind the camera gushes like a true fan, “and your outfits!”  Kev indulges the drooling fan with a brief, unscheduled interview, remarking on the extraterrestrial origins of his high tech super suit that he’s passed along to the new Super Stud.  “Ooooo,” the journalist swoons a little at the description of the skin tight outfit, “that must be special leather!  Mmmmmmm….”

super men season 1 episode 1 _Snapshot (2)
Captain Twink momentarily dominates the mind controlling super villain.

Unbeknownst to Kevin, the devilish machinations of super villainy are at that very moment plotting to not only suck him back into the arena of supes, but to pervert his upstanding, straight as an arrow, moral high ground convictions and transform him into a new breed of unstoppable super villain.  The masked villain with the plan is cruel and manipulative.  He can stop time and bend a mortal’s will with nothing but his super mind.  He’s taken another superhero’s girlfriend hostage, and uses her to force muscle bulging Captain Twink to lure Kevin into his trap.  Sure, it’s a little complicated, but establishing backstory for an audience craving homoerotic wrestling action is always a thankless task.  Trust me.

super men season 1 episode 1 _Snapshot (8)
Super Heel is born.

Unfortunately for the masked villain, his plan goes awry the moment he slips Kevin some alpha-catalyst.  Kevin does, indeed, lose control of his power and emerge in a black and silver negative image of his superhero suit.  He is, indeed, filled with a lust to destroy all forces of good.  However, he isn’t in any mood to share the conquest, and his first crushing blow is delivered to the villain who brought this monster to life in the first place.

super men season 1 episode 1 _Snapshot (10)
Captain Twink did not see this coming!

But the homoerotic wrestling scenario is really all about this new Super Heel practicing the art of destruction on hapless, helpless, lusciously vulnerable muscleman, Captain Twink.  Regular fans of MDW will recognize the actor immediately.  He’s been bashed and battered over and over by MDW’s stable of heels for seasons on end now.  But holy shit in the bathwater, that luscious bubble butt and massive crotch package he’s smuggling have never looked as mouthwatering as when they’re suction-packed inside metallic blue spandex!

super men season 1 episode 1 _Snapshot (12)
Alpha-suped Super Heel flings a hapless Captain Twink from corner to corner with the barest of efforts.

The wrestling is nothing but an unmitigated squash from start to finish.  Captain Twink never lays a hand on the Super Heel.  Kev instantly makes it his mission to rip the Cap’n’s spandex supersuit from his hot body (thus instantly owning me as a Super Heel fan).  The boys sell high impact crushing, stomping, and especially the throwing with considerably more skill than they deliver their lines.  Not hating here, just observing that no one, with the possible exception of Damien, is going to be nominated for an Oscar for their performances thus far in Super Men.  But this will not be news to the MDW boys, so I’m not too worried about hurting their feelings.

super men season 1 episode 1 _Snapshot (17)
Captain Twink can do nothing but display his gorgeous, spandex encased bulges as Super Heel slowly rips him, and his outfit, to pieces.

What MDW continues to perfect is the wholesale, all-in, ruthlessly earnest sell, and they bring that spirit to Super Men with a vengeance.  They have a reason (other than to titillate) for Super Heel to slowly, but surely, rip the spandex off of Captain Twink’s suffering body.  And suffering, the Cap’n does!  Screams, wails, dips into and out of consciousness, Captain Twink is the epitome of gorgeous, muscled power crushed and made completely impotent.  He’s broken, bloodied, and left for dead before Super Heel is quite done, but the final stroke is the Cap’n’s unmasking, with a flexing, crowing, infinitely monologuing Super Heel promising to both kill Captain Twink’s sister and systematically destroy and unmask all of the remaining superheroes left in the world.

super men season 1 episode 1 _Snapshot (18)
Captain Twink conquered and unmasked by the super-maniacal Super Heel.

Kevin and the MDW boys are having some fun, and it shows, and it’s delightful to watch.  There’s a promise of a through-story.  There’s a full on commitment to a narrative.  And there’s rip-n-strip muscle squash wrestling.  I’ve long argued for more through-stories in homoerotic wrestling, and I’m pleased as punch to see MDW take up the challenge and bring their sickly creative imaginations to the drawing board.  Don’t be too hard on them for production quality or acting chops, because, as far as I know, these aren’t Julliard trained thespians. They’re hunky, handsome, ripped homoerotic wrestlers who like to tickle fans’ sensitive spots, tweak both our kinks and our craving for novelty, and deliver enthusiastically packaged homoerotic wrestling drama.

Super Stud v. 2.0 may be about to wake up to a terrifying nightmare!

Now, when Super Heel starts to peel his vanquished foes’ spandex right off all their bulges, then those awards are going to start pouring in, I promise you!


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