News Break

Just a few (relatively) quick, mostly unrelated items of interest (to me).

The reigning King of the Ring, beautiful beefcake Austin (the Doctor is In) Cooper. 

First of all, have you been following Jose’s exclusive advance coverage of Rock Hard Wrestling’s imminent King of the Ring 5? RHW has not been on my speed dial recently, so I’m grateful that Jose is broadcasting the news I can use from the Rock Hard world. Defending his title as reigning King of the Ring, Austin Cooper is back and beautiful facing off against babyface muscle star Bruce Ballard. My opinions and perspectives on the upcoming title defense are woefully uninformed, so consult Jose’s breakdown of the past, present, and possible future for Coop and Bruce. Results of Jose’s fan poll sincerely surprised me, but as for me, as with King of the Ring 4, Coop is my sentimental favorite to slap beefy Bruce down and put him in his place. I will say that regardless of who wins, there is something super sexy about a classic muscleman in trunks with a championship belt hanging across his big, bulging shoulder. Yum!

Ty Alexander: the gift that keeps on giving!

Speaking of yum, did you celebrate Ty Alexander’s birthday last week?  Judging by the hundreds of birthday wishes stuffed into his Facebook feed, probably the chances are you did. In case not, I have it on good authority that Ty is accepting adoring attention every day of the year.

… and giving, and giving…

I often wonder about a day in the life of my favorite homoerotic wrestling infatuations.  I have to guess that, for Ty, an average birthday includes unwrapping tons of wrestling gear from fawning fans, based on the perpetual wrestling fashion show Ty gives us displaying an unending supply of bubble butt beautiful trunks, singlets, thongs and jock straps. I sent my birthday wishes (no gear, sorry Ty) last week, but honestly, every day is a special day whenever Ty strips down and shows off his tight, sexy wrestling bod.

Tommy DiDario and Gio Benitez take Hawaii (and me, anyday).

And speaking of news, ongoing newsboy crush Gio Benitez and his fiancé Tommy DiDario recently returned from a sun soaked Hawaiian vacation. I, for one, would like to insist that these two gorgeous muscle hunks always vacation in hot, sunny locations, because there was so much lush, beautiful shirtless muscle on display! I keep waiting for my invitation to their wedding, but I console myself in the mean time returning to one of my favorite pastimes, handicapping celebrity lover tag teams in my homoerotic wrestling imagination. The quality of beef on display and the increasing generosity of sharing make me think that Gio and Tommy are odds on favorites to double team and flex their way to a number one ranking. As of this particular moment, I think the championship would climax with side-by-side tandem tombstone piledrivers as prelude to Gio’s face sitting 3 count pin on Sam Champion while tasty Tommy flexes in victory with his sweet ass planted atop Sam’s husband’s handsome mug. Pumped and fired up to claim the titles, Gio lustfully tackles his beautiful bon bon to the mat, right in the middle of their unconscious opponents, for a crotch grinding make out session.

Pecs. Those fucking sensational pecs…

So yeah, thanks Hawaii.

9 thoughts on “News Break

  1. It’s funny you say you were surprised by the results of Jose’s poll. I would’ve been surprised the other way. I think there is a fatigue in sections of the blogosphere (including me) with Austin Cooper that clearly does not exist in the broader fan base. He’s in so many videos, but they obviously sell because he’s still being hired. It reminds me of the comic book forums I frequent. Super-fans rebelled against Wolverine’s overexposure (he was so many titles as an X-man, an Avenger and solo star) and he could not win a poll as most popular X-Man, but he is the only one who can sell and support an ongoing title for long stretches.

    And yay for Ty Alexander. I love all his social media stuff. He’s awesome.

  2. On Jose’s poll, I voted for Bruce, but as in, it would be hot to see Austin kick his ass. I think as a jobber lover, I skew things.

    I was gonna say something about how cute Ty Alexander is, but then he replied to Alex’ comment, so I’m scared there’s a chance he’d actually read it and think I was being condescending. So…cute, but like, MANLY cute.

    That’s gonna be a hot fucking news wedding! You know, if Gio would report shirtless, I’d probably start watching the news again. (Well…maybe on mute. ‘Cause ew, it’s still the NEWS.)

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