The Battle to Be the Best: Classics

Has voting ever been this sexy? Holy hell, the match up between Mike Columbo and Dom Zacarro was close from start to finish. Watching the returns come in was the wrestling equivalent of a seriously competitive back and forth beatdown, which is my favorite type of match. Check out the comment from reader David for a dizzyingly hot description of some crotch abusing viciousness that he pictures characteristic of a near draw like this turned into. Now that I’m calling the match victory this morning, with Dom owning 55% of the vote, I’m endorsing most of David’s narrative, particularly both Mike and Dom forcibly stripping each other naked and  viciously brutalizing each other’s balls. Both musclemen drive each other to the brink of submitting, but just can’t quite wring it out, until Dom digs into deep, sweat soaked reserves to shockingly scoop Mike up across his shoulders in a torture rack. Dom claws Mike’s throbbing balls and bounces on the balls of his feet. Mike screams like a wounded animal, trying to choke down the panic and desperation, but he finally weeps out a disbelieving submission. Unceremoniously, Dom dumps him off his back, tugs his swollen cock excitedly, and then pumps out a glistening double bicep. Just to piss off all of you Columbo fans, Dom drags his victim bent over one knee and relentlessly spanks Mike’s legendary muscle ass beet red as the former champ weeps in humiliation.

Dom is the classic, sexy beast to beat now. Upending a legendary fan favorite like Mike is epic, so nothing short of another legend in homoerotic wrestling would make sense for Dom’s next opponent.  We’re turning back to the ranks of Can-Am’s stable of industry-defining classic hunks to tap Mark Wolff to step into the ring and see if he can cut short Dom’s claim to be the best of the best.

On the left, defending his bitterly fought title as the reigning champ, BGE’s Dominic “The Dominator” Zacarro (6′, 205 pounds) vs. on the right, gay porn pin-up muscleboy Mark “Don’t Call Me Blake” Wolff (5’10”, 200 pounds).

In the ring, no ref, no rules other than claiming victory by submission or knockout. Vote here who you think cums out on top, and comment below to describe what you see as the victor’s climactic finisher.

One thought on “The Battle to Be the Best: Classics

  1. The Dominator is hurting. There’s no way he can hide his swollen nads and he’s not about to wear a jock strap. Wolff saw the tape from yesterday and has his eyes on the prize…the prizes, that is. Not just an easy win but the delicious pain he’ll inflict on Dom.
    Wolff worked Dom’s balls from the beginning. Dom met Wolff in the center of the ring. Dom’s legs were just far enough apart that Wolff’s knee landed hard and Dom staggered back. As the pro wrestler ring announcers used to say, this was not “a scientific match.” No rules means no rules.
    Wolff continued to work Dom’s swollen sack, even more swollen as his cock boned up. But it wasn’t Dom’s first trip to the rodeo and he knew how to fight through his pain and use it to inflict it on Wolff. After each man had his way with the other, Dom was flat his back and about to get his balls kicked. He drove the heel of his boot into Wolff’s already hurting balls. Dom got up, found his strength, and lifted Wolff over his head, one hand on his throat and one on his balls, and threw Wolff back-first to the mat. Wolff’s reflex arched his back and Dom landed his boot on Wolff’s abs. Dom blocked Wolff’s arms with his knees, but instead of just holding Wolff’s face against his massive nuts, Dom grabbed Wolff’s hair and drove his face into Dom’s balls and then drove Wolff’s head into the mat. Dom liked Wolff’s nose on his balls. He grabbed his cock and pulled it up over the top of his briefs, and drove Wolff’s face into his balls and slammed his head to the mat again.
    He got off Wolff, cock head still getting some air. He grabbed Wolff’s head and pulled the suffering opponent up by his hair. He lifted his thigh into Wolff’s balls. It was OK, but he knew he could do better. He backed up just a bit and drove his knee into Wolff’s expanding package. Wolff doubled over and Dom pulled Wolff’s briefs down and let them fall. He walked behind Wolff, got him into a bear hug, lifted him, and landed Wolff on his knee. Wolff howled and couldn’t even stand up. Dom grabbed him again, bear hug, lifted higher, and drove his knee into Wolff’s nads even before he hit the mat. He pushed Wolff off. He grabbed Wolff by the neck and balls and lifted him again, this time landing Wolff across Dom’s killer thigh. Dom grabbed Wolff’s chin and pushed his head toward the mat and started pounding Wolff’s abs with his fist. Whether Wolff realized his cock and balls were fully exposed didn’t much matter as Dom alternated pounding Wolff’s abs and his balls. He grabbed Wolff’s cock smacked it, pulled it toward Wolff’s balls and then farther down. Then he let go and as Wolff’s cock hit his abs, Dom drove his fist into Wolff’s cock and loved the feel of it. He pounded it again, then grabbed it and started jerking Wolff off. He knew he couldn’t take his other hand off Wolff’s chin and keep the stretch tight, but he really wanted to manhandle Wolff’s cock. It was big enough to have fun with. With one more fist to Wolff’s swollen nuts, Dom threw Wolff to the mat.
    He looked at the hard cock on Wolff’s limp body but decided against doing anything. Instead, he leaned over and put Wolff’s arms to his side…no resistance…stood and looked down on this guy who thought he could make Dom pass out from pain…and Dom lowered his briefs and let his large, thick cock bob around as he stroked his balls. He continued that as he started jerking that huge Italian sausage. Wolff wasn’t moving. Dom drove his knee into Wolff’s gut. No reaction. He sat back on his ankles and pleasured himself a little more. He got up, grabbed Wolff’s legs, spread them wide, and drove his boot heel into Wolff’s battered balls. He even gas pedaled a little. No reaction. Wolff was done. Dom walked to Wolff’s side and jerked off, drove a knee into what used to be a pretty hard six pack, and it didn’t take long for cum to gush and land on Wolff’s chest. He pulled on his cock some more and more juice spurted. Good, thought Dom. That’ll let him know who won. He walked off to the showers.

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