The Battle to Be the Best: Classics

Has voting ever been this sexy? Holy hell, the match up between Mike Columbo and Dom Zacarro was close from start to finish. Watching the returns come in was the wrestling equivalent of a seriously competitive back and forth beatdown, which is my favorite type of match. Check out the comment from reader David for a dizzyingly hot description of some crotch abusing viciousness that he pictures characteristic of a near draw like this turned into. Now that I’m calling the match victory this morning, with Dom owning 55% of the vote, I’m endorsing most of David’s narrative, particularly both Mike and Dom forcibly stripping each other naked and  viciously brutalizing each other’s balls. Both musclemen drive each other to the brink of submitting, but just can’t quite wring it out, until Dom digs into deep, sweat soaked reserves to shockingly scoop Mike up across his shoulders in a torture rack. Dom claws Mike’s throbbing balls and bounces on the balls of his feet. Mike screams like a wounded animal, trying to choke down the panic and desperation, but he finally weeps out a disbelieving submission. Unceremoniously, Dom dumps him off his back, tugs his swollen cock excitedly, and then pumps out a glistening double bicep. Just to piss off all of you Columbo fans, Dom drags his victim bent over one knee and relentlessly spanks Mike’s legendary muscle ass beet red as the former champ weeps in humiliation.

Dom is the classic, sexy beast to beat now. Upending a legendary fan favorite like Mike is epic, so nothing short of another legend in homoerotic wrestling would make sense for Dom’s next opponent.  We’re turning back to the ranks of Can-Am’s stable of industry-defining classic hunks to tap Mark Wolff to step into the ring and see if he can cut short Dom’s claim to be the best of the best.

On the left, defending his bitterly fought title as the reigning champ, BGE’s Dominic “The Dominator” Zacarro (6′, 205 pounds) vs. on the right, gay porn pin-up muscleboy Mark “Don’t Call Me Blake” Wolff (5’10”, 200 pounds).

In the ring, no ref, no rules other than claiming victory by submission or knockout. Vote here who you think cums out on top, and comment below to describe what you see as the victor’s climactic finisher.

‘Tis the Season

Looking for that certain something to buy for a homoerotic wrestling fan (like you… or me?!). In honor of our full-contact, to-the-death annual holiday tradition, you can pick up some sweet deals at some of your favorite erotic wrestling suppliers. So unzip, pull out your wallet, and do your part to spread some holiday cheer.

Still hungry after Thanksgiving? Settle in on a 48-hour VOD of Damien Rush working to make LJL his muscle worshipper in Backyard Brawls 8 (for 25% off for Arena Members!).

BG East is giving you an extended 48 hours to enjoy it any of their VOD matches. Arena members also get 25% off VODs, and of course, there are more VOD’s for Arena members, but even non-members can pick up choice entertainment, such as watching Damien Rush force feed LJL his hot, hairy pec and put in his bid to make the little guy his muscle worshipper in Backyard Brawls 8. Sale ends December 2, so get on it!

Nothing says “holiday season” like naked muscle icon Billy Herrington bashing homoerotic wrestling god Mark Wolff’s face into the lockers in Lords of the Lockerroom, available while the overstock sale lasts.

Can-Am is currently running a $15 overstock sale on dozens of DVDs as they clear out some storage (hopefully meaning they’ve got a lot of new releases they need to stock up on!). There are some classics in the overstock selection, including watching massive Billy Herrington smash muscleman Mark Wolff’s face into the lockers in Lords of the Lockerroom.

20% of downloads from Rock Hard Wrestling seasons 1-14 include hot fitness star, Will Stanley, taking everything that Ethan Andrews can dish out, and then bearing down on the smart ass with a vengeance. Sale lasts until December 2!

Rock Hard Wrestling has 30% off any download from catalog’s 1-14 for you to snag through December 2. There are dozens of matches you have access to for the discounted price, including such favorites of mine as stunningly hot Brit Will Stanley taking a boatload of punishment from always dangerous Ethan Andrews, before turning the tables and shutting up the smart ass scrapper but good!

Squeeze some savings out of Thunder’s Arena with a seasonal Bearhug Challenge between Archer and Big Shawn, and 20% off downloads and 40% off DVDs.

Thunder’s Arena has a “Black Friday” sale still up as of today, including a Bearhug Challenge with one of my infatuations, Archer, trying to out-bearhug massively Big Shawn (with bonus footage of Specimen showering and posing poolside!). Also, with coupon code BFRY2, you can get 20% of downloads and 40% of DVDs purchased.  I don’t know how long the sale runs, but it looks like you can still get in on the Black Friday deals at Thunders as of now.

Happy shopping!

Asses Named

No one posted a perfect score for this week’s installment of Name That Ass. I’m still looking for teacher’s pet. Keep studying, gentlemen. Adoring homoerotic wrestling asses requires intense, exhaustive study. Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t do well. I grade on a curve, and preparing for the next quiz should be it’s own reward. In the meantime, here are the answers to the quiz:
Ass #1 belongs to:

 BG East’s Tyrell Tomsen.
Stunning size and gorgeous proportions, when Tyrell is naked and soaked in sweat in the wrestling ring, he can strike one of the most lustworthy still life’s on record. As pictured, Tyrell was playing dominating bully to opponent Braden Charron for Strip Stakes 1. It was Tyrell’s Summer Sizzler against Bobby Horton that convinced me that Bobby deserved the title of homoerotic wrestler of the month last summer.  Tyrell has definitely been out-wrestled in his brief tenure with BG East, but he’s never been out-muscled or out-classed when it comes to his picturesque physique.
Ass #2 belongs to:
BG East’s Kid Karisma.
Kid K has captured me in his gravitational pull lately, and I’ve found myself circling back to marvel at his performances over and over again. His ass, in particular, is simply astonishingly beautiful. This particular shot is from his face off with Rocco in Gear Wars 1. I’ll gush soon about his Wet ‘n Wild appearance with Christian Taylor, but in the mean time, marvel a little longer at those glutes…

Did ass #3 pose a challenge? It belongs to none other than…
Can-Am’s pornboy extraordinaire, Mark Wolff.
Blake Onassis would have also earned you full marks for this one, since he’s cross listed under both names. This particularly fun shot is of Mark getting his face smashed into the lockers by Billy Herrington (also AKA’s Billy Marcus) for Lords of the Lockerroom. He was always a pornboy musclegod, with an ass for days and nipples the size of half dollars. Frankly, it wasn’t really Mark’s wrestling that ever sold me, but I’d buy some full contact moving pictures of that body anyday.
I imagined ass #4 might have given some students trouble. It belongs to…
Naked Kombat’s John Magnum.

I’m positive that I’ve seen Magnum wrestling somewhere else, but for the life of me, I can’t remember where. He blew my socks off (pants, too!), when I saw him in his one and only (to date) appearance at Naked Kombat in a nail-biter against Phillip Aubrey. Phillip nearly took the big muscle brute in this match. If there was ever a tie, in the gestalt sense, these two boys were perfectly, evenly matched, despite having distinctly different styles and builds. John’s personality, though, is absolutely kink-stastic. He’s 110% present. He delights in every second of domination, and he struggles to free himself from absolutely ever nano-second under Phillip’s control. He’s a beautiful man, and although I haven’t had an opportunity to enjoy much more wrestling from him, I get a little contact high off of his tweets now and then.

I didn’t hear from any advanced players who correctly identified the monster muscle glutes of ass #5 as belonging to…
Thunder’s Arena’s Coupe.

I’ve marveled before that Coupe is a muscle freak. That does not always equate to homoerotic gold, but just like his trunks in his poolside back-and-forth with Cameron Mathews, Coupe is indeed homoerotic wrestling kink gold in my book. If ever there was a body that absolutely required comment, even awe from his opponents, it’s Coupe’s. But that’s not really what Thunder’s does, sadly. It’s much more frat house romp than full on homoerotic body worship. I haven’t seen him at Thunder’s in a while, but I’ll just put it out there here and now, if ever Coupe is looking for some homo muscle worship to make up for all the neglect the boys at Thunder’s have made him suffer, I’m first in line with the baby oil.

So how did you do? I put more weight in progress over time than any individual quiz grade, so I hope that you’re finding that you’re performance is improving as you take more Name That Ass quizzes. Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t do as well as you’d hoped. We both know that you love the subject matter, so devoting yourself with renewed enthusiasm to your studies should be no burden at all.

Where It Hurts

When I was a kid, I’d typically scheme all the time to start
a wrestling match with a friend. Inevitably in the fumbling scramble, sooner or later, someone would get “racked,” by which we meant that they took a blow to the groin. It was always unintentional… or, at least, it was always unintentional on my part. Looking back on it, I sort of suspect that some of my wrestling buddies probably threw in a precisely placed knee every so often. I was always such a naive babyface.

The new Arena update at BG East has tickled my fancy once again with some preview pics of an upcoming release featuring the mouth-watering ass of Kid Karisma in action against Len Harder. This looks like it leans more the to homoerotic side than most of what I’ve seen Kid in, including some suck-face and ball claws. Good, good times…
The fact that this catches my eye and tweaks my kink so instantly is a relatively new thing. When I was a kid and would wrestle with my buddies, getting “racked” was an instant time out. The action stopped whenever someone took a blow to the groin. Every boy learns about the bundle of nerve endings in the groin, don’t we? At some point or another, we all experience that near-paralyzing pain of taking a shot to the balls. All the air rushes out of your lungs. Your head feels like it’s about to explode. You instinctively roll up into the fetal position with your hands cupped over your crotch to protect it from further abuse. It’s no fun, and as a kid it was typically a mood-killer for me.
Ball abuse as a mood-maker has been only a pretty recent development for me. I’ve always liked the concept of hands on genitals in my homoerotic wrestling. I just always cringe when I see some convincing bashing, twinges of some of my own greatest hits echoing through my body. I swear, it’s tissue memory more than anything cognitive. I see a blow to the balls, and I have a pre-cognitive cringe reflex. But lately, I find some hot, hard ball claws intensely erotic. I’m writing ball abuse into every fictional wrestling match I write.
I think I attribute my expanding my wrestling kink repertoire to Derek da Silva. He shows up frequently in homoerotic wrestling on the other end of the ball bashing stick. And he clearly LOVES it. I mean, seriously, he gets harder the more he gets bashed. Now, if Derek were naked and just hanging the laundry on the line, I’d be unable to stop myself from masturbating. But Derek grappling, getting ball bashed, and getting off on getting bashed has just turned a key in the back of my mind somewhere.
I still cringe. But the cringe and the pain and the primal domination of ball abuse are somehow doing it for me these days like never before. And it’s not like you can shake a stick and not smack up some ball torture everywhere you turn. Hell, in Naked Kombat you get points for it. It’s absolutely mandatory.
Can-Am has long sprinkled ball torture throughout their products. I remember one particular match that blew my mind when I saw Jimmy Dean shove his hand down the back of Mark Wolff’s trunks, reach between his legs, and claw at his testicles from behind. The boys, the gear, the ring, the bodies… everything about that makes me gasp a little.
BG East has ball claws featured prominently everywhere, in explicitly ball-torture themed products and otherwise. There’s just something stunning about the sight of a bodybeautiful, musclegod/ken doll like Jace Bradley pressed against the ropes and completely at Mr. Joshua’s mercy with his balls firmly in Mr. Joshu’s hand.
So I guess what this post is really about is the evolution of sexual appetite, the refinement of erotic tastes, and the observation that even when it comes to my wrestling kink, I’m not the same person I was even a couple of years ago. What strikes me as erotic, arousing, and captivating is growing and maturing as I march through life, scarfing down homoerotic wrestling every chance I get.

Ode to Legs

Legs are fantastic tools of control and humiliation in wrestling. The alignment of gorgeous legs and homoerotic domination is hot, hot, hot. While my current obsession with sexy legs is at the forefront of my own thinking about the subject, clearly I’m not the only one appreciating the many excellent uses to which legs can be put in hot wrestling action.

Wrestling Arsenal has page after page of fantastic head scissors from every angle. He has one entire page marveling at the joys of Mr. Joshua’s crushing legs. As Wrestling Arsenal points out, Joshua Goodman likes to deploy his massively muscled legs not only to wear down his man, but to torture and humiliate him. In this shot, Joshua is looking down the length of his beautiful body to watch his opponent’s pained face squeezed beet red, just inches from Joshua’s notorious package.
Wrestling pornboy extraordainare Mark Wolff always had the thickness to make men squirm when trapped between his bodybuilder thighs. In Muscle Match 3, muscleboy Ken Daniels enjoyed turning those tables and eliciting a grunt of pain with Mark’s muscle-armored waist trapped between his knees.
It’s not just the homoerotic boys squeezing the breath out of their opponents in humiliating fashion. Paul Roma (well, okay, he’s got to be considered homoerotic!) frequently used those shiny, steel-trap legs to squeeze his opponent’s bodyparts tight and up close. This remarkable shot of Roma with Animal’s head trapped between his legs while hanging horizontally, propped up on the turnbuckle, is pure artistry.
Speaking of art, Kevin Von Erich was always the master of torturing his opponents with his legs… and what beautiful, beautiful devices of torture he had!
Still, I think the explicitly homoerotic boys get the most mileage from their legs-as-means-of-torture, better than the pros. Troy Baker could squeeze out a whimpering submission from sheer brute force, making it that much sweeter when the tables were turned on the doe-eyed muscleboy.
Standing scissors seem to me to be the most humiliating and dominating use of a wrestler’s legs. The complete, abject vulnerability of the victim in contrast with the upright, almost unconcerned affect of the squeezer tells the story I love to hear: bodies dominating bodies, possessing and taming them, controlling and claiming them.