Producer’s Ring: Cuomo vs. Evans

—continued from The News Division: Match 6

The News Division: Match 7 (Championship)

Cuomo vs. Evans

Following Carter’s victory, all six men made their way back up the cliff to the house.  Both boys from the Southern syndicate, Thomas and Rob, required help up the stairs after getting plowed under hard in the semi-finals.  Rob leaned heavily on Chris, and Thomas accepted the offer of help from Richard.  Both semi-final victories were stunningly decisive, and all four fighters were exhausted and naked as they reached the beach house.  Thomas and Rob immediately went to their rooms and slept the rest of the day.  Chris and Carter cleaned up and dressed, then joined Richard and Sam in the kitchen.

“Nice match,” Carter said with a smile, extending his hand to Chris.  Chris paused suspiciously, then shook Carter’s hand, nodding.   “I especially enjoyed the way you kept torturing that bitch long after he submitted,” Carter’s eyes flashed, and he smirked.  “That was pure art.”  Chris scowled and tried to draw his hand away, but Carter held it firmly for a moment.  Chris shoved Carter away with his free hand, and Carter released his hold, laughing.


The next morning, all six men were in the living room after breakfast.  Low, anxious conversations populated the air with tension.  With a start, Eli Brody’s face appeared on the plasma screen over the fireplace.   “Gentlemen!  It’s truly my pleasure to congratulate our finalists, Chris and Carter.  And thanks to our generous sponsors, I’m pleased to confirm 1/2 year salary bonuses to Carter and Rob for baring it all in their match.  And a special full year bonus goes to Thomas for not only his own decision to go the full monty, but also for stripping his opponent out of his trunks.  That performance made me suspect you’ve had experience doing this, Thomas.”

Thomas blushed, but smiled to hear that he was being so richly rewarded.  Eli continued, “Our very eager audience registered over eight million votes for the winner of our victory-pose challenge.  I’m sure you’ll remember that the winner of our polling for the best victory pose will be awarded a producing contract.  I’m also sure that you’ll remember that after his prolonged submission victory over Thomas, Chris flashed a very impressive most-muscular.  Frankly, we had a million votes tallied for Chris before Carter was even done with his match.  Carter, of course, went with the classic double bicep pose, kneeling across his fallen opponent.  Carter impressed the voters with style, and Chris awed them with spontaneity and aggression.  When all votes were tallied, the winner was clear.  The winner is… Chris Cuomo.”  Rob and Sam slapped Chris across the back in congratulations.  Carter’s eyes narrowed as he smiled and nodded, conceding the battle to Chris.

“I want you both fresh for the final match,” Eli continued.  “So you have today to rest.  Tomorrow evening, the final match will start at 5.  No bonuses this time.  No gimmicks.  Just the two of you facing off, and one of you walking away the winner.”


At 5pm the next day, all 6 men returned to the beach.  Carter and Chris walked out onto the sand, watching each other warily.  Chris had seen Carter’s surprise attack on Rob, and he wasn’t about to give him any opening.  Chris wore only his navy blue speedo, and Carter once again sported his yellow trunks.  Both men were darkly tanned as a result of their week at the beach.  Chris was a couple of inches taller and had a more thickly muscled upper body.  Carter was leaner, with a narrow waist, but he had bigger legs than his opponent.  Both men had seen each other battle twice before, and both men had a sense of what they were up against.

The horn sounded from the top of the cliff at precisely 5:00.  Both men crouched and circled one another, their palms raised toward one another defensively.  Carter snarled, “You never told me what you thought of the way I beat Rob.  Were you impressed?”  Chris showed no sign he even heard Carter, his eyes darting from Carter’s eyes to his hands, watching for Carter’s first move.

Both men lunged at one another at the same moment, locking up by the collar and elbow.  Chris enjoyed a height and weight advantage and pressed Carter backward, but Carter locked his powerful legs behind him and stopped Chris’ advance, his heels digging into the sand.  They strained against one another, neither man able to muscle the other out of position.  Suddenly, Carter shifted his weight,  yanking backward and falling onto his back, pulling Chris down on top of him taking advantage of Chris’ own momentum.  Chris fell to the sand on his hands and knees, and Carter quickly snapped his legs around Chris’ torso in a tight scissors.  Chris winced in pain, but maintained his steady breathing, flexing his core defensively and protecting his midsection.  Chris shifted his weight to his left hand, swinging his right fist into Carter’s face.  Carter’s head whipped to the side, a drop of blood trickling out of one nostril.

Carter twisted his body to the side, pulling Chris, trapped between his legs, over with him.  Chris placed his hands on Carter’s chest and locked his arms straight, prying their bodies apart.  Carter laced his fingers behind Chris’ head and pulled forward, wrenching Chris’ neck downward, forcing his cleft chin to press into his upper chest.  Carter rolled again, pulling himself up and on top of Chris’ body, his ankles still laced behind Chris’ lower back and his thick thighs still squeezing Chris’ midsection powerfully.  Carter punched his fists into the inside of Chris’ elbows, breaking Chris’ locked position.  As Chris’ arms collapsed under Carter’s body weight, Carter drove his forehead downward and butted it viciously into Chris’ nose.  Chris’ nose cracked audibly, and blood squirted from his nostrils.

Chris’ hands went reflexively to his throbbing nose.  Carter leaned his face close to Chris and said, “You know what I really enjoyed was making Rob scream.  Seeing a big man cry for mercy like that is hot, don’t you think?”

Chris snarled and shoved at Carter’s face with his bloodied hands.  Pressing Carter’s head and neck backward, Chris lock out his elbows again, prying their bodies apart.  Carter reached downward, unable to see exactly where he placed his hands due to Chris pushing upward against his head.  Feeling across Chris’ broad chest, Carter found both of Chris’ nipples and pinched them between his index fingers and thumbs.  Chris gasped in surprise, reflexively grabbing at Carter’s hands, trying to pull them away from his nipples.  Carter’s face, bloodied by Chris’ hands, was once again free.  Carter drove his forehead down again across the bridge of Chris’ nose.  Chris cried out in pain and twisted his body to the side, sliding in Carter’s scissors.  Chris’ hands again went defensively to his bloody, throbbing nose.

Carter unlaced his ankles and pulled himself free from Chris’ body.  Standing over top of his opponent, his feet straddling Chris’ midsection, Carter looked down at opponent writhing in pain.  Carter leaned down and grabbed hold of Chris’ trunks at the hips.  He yanked them violently down to Chris’s knees, as Chris’ body jerked in surprise.  Chris yelled, his voice garbled by his swelling nose and blood pooling in his throat, “There’s no bonus for the trunks, you bastard!”

Carter paused and grinned, then yanked the trunks the rest of the way off Chris’ legs.  “Fucking you up and leaving you naked in the sand is all the reward I need,” he snarled.  Chris kicked his feet, but Carter managed to pull the trunks around his ankles and off.  The battered big man crawled away from Carter on his hands and knees, blood dripping from his busted nose, his body naked.

Carter stalked his opponent from behind.  Walking up from behind, Carter grabbed Chris’ ankles and pulled them out from underneath him.  Chris fell to his stomach on the sand.  Carter twisted Chris’ ankles around one another, forcing Chris to flop to his back. Carter spread open Chris’ legs and carefully planted his right foot onto Chris’ exposed balls.  Chris’ hands darted to his crotch, as Carter leaned forward, placing his weight onto his right foot, smashing Chris’ testicles under the ball of his foot.  Chris groaned, “No, no, no, no, no!!!”, as Carter twisted his foot back and forth.  Chris began choking, the pain overwhelming.

Carter lifted his foot, and Chris’ hands cupped his abused balls.  Pulling Chris’ legs still farther apart, Carter then drove his knees into the meat of Chris’ hamstrings.  Chris winced in pain, still holding his hands protectively over his crotch, not daring to leave his balls exposed.  Carter hopped back to his feet, then dropped his knees again into the meat of the back of Chris’ legs.  Carter repeated the maneuver 3 more times as Chris groaned, his eyes shut tight in pain.  Carter dropped to his knees just in front of gasping opponent.  Lacing his left forearm underneath Chris’ right knee, Carter grabbed his wrist with his right hand and leaned backward.  Carter jerked and stretched Chris’ knee, prying the ligaments and tendons apart.  Chris screamed and sat up, batting at Carter’s arm.

Carter released the hold, then pressed Chris right knee down to the sand.  Kicking his legs backward in the air while pressing down on Chris’ leg, Carter lifted himself into a handstand, then drove his right knee downward into the side of Chris’ knee.  Chris screamed like a wounded animal.  Carter climbed to his feet and stepped back, assessing the damage he’d inflicted thus far.  Chris moaned and rolled over to his stomach, crawling to his hands and knees.  The moment he put weight on his right knee, though, he grunted in pain and lifted it off the sand.  Chris began to hobble away from Carter, dazed and damaged.

Carter rushed up behind Chris and swung his arm wide, smacking his open palm down on Chris’ bare ass with a loud crack.  Chris’ eyes went wide, and he tried to crawl away more quickly, but Carter followed closely.  Repeatedly, Carter swatted Chris’ ass cheeks alternately, which quickly grew bright red.  The naked muscle man was helpless to protect himself, blood dripping from his nose, his testicles throbbing, and his relentless opponent reveling in humiliating him like child’s play.  Finally, Carter stepped back and watched Chris’ continue to try to crawl away.  Carter licked his lips, then asked, “Are you done yet, pretty boy?”  Chris didn’t answer.

Carter swung a powerful kick into Chris’ ribcage.  Chris pulled one arm against his side protectively.  Chris was teetering, balanced only on one knee and one hand.  Carter planted his foot into the side of Chris’ midsection and shoved, toppling his opponent onto his side.  Carter dropped down on top of him, pressing him face down to the sand and straddling his knees across Chris’ broad back.  Leaning over his opponent’s head, Carter placed his left forearm across the bridge of Chris’ broken nose, then pulled backward with his right hand gripping his left forearm.  Chris again choked, tears streaming from his eyes, as Carter pressed his head backward and tortured Chris’ already damaged nose.  “How does that feel?” Carter taunted, gently biting his lower lip in concentration.  “Give it up, pretty boy, and put yourself out of your misery!”  Chris refused to respond.

Carter released his forearm from across Chris’ face, and a stream of blood poured down from Chris’ nose, pooling on the sand beneath him.  Chris’ head dropped to the bloody sand, and he began to pull his arms underneath himself.  Carter grabbed Chris’ bent elbows in his hands and pried Chris’ arms backward.  Carter then laced his legs around Chris’ arms, bending his knees and lacing his ankles over one another just behind Chris’ neck.  Chris’ arms jutted straight backward, squeezed in between Carter’s thick legs. Carter leaned backward, resting his hands behind him on top of Chris’ bare ass. Gradually, Carter squeezed his legs together, pulling Chris’ arms backward still farther.  Chris’ big shoulders stretched to their limit as he groaned desperately.

“Put a fork in it, pretty boy!  You’re my bitch now!” Carter laughed.  Chris held on, refusing to submit, completely immobilized within Carter’s relentless legs. His arms and shoulders were completely numb.  He tried to twist and jerk his body free, but he was entirely trapped.  Carter squeezed his legs still tighter, and tears poured down Chris’ blood soaked face. Carter chuckled sadistically, kneading Chris’ ass in his hands.  “It’s all up to you, pretty boy.  The pain will end whenever you say so.” Chris quivered all over with silent sobs, tears continuing to track down his bloodied face.  Something in Chris’ shoulder made a small snapping sound, and the big man finally cried out, “I give!!!!”

Carter released the pressure on Chris’ arms and slowly unwound his legs.  Straddling his defeated opponent’s back, Carter leaned down, placing his lips against Chris’ right ear.  “That,” Carter whispered, “was exquisite. Let’s do this again sometime.”  The champ crawled up to his feet and turned to face the cliff.  His body  caked in blood and sand, sweat pouring down from his forehead, Carter raised his arms to his sides and pumped his baseball biceps in a victory flex.

One thought on “Producer’s Ring: Cuomo vs. Evans

  1. Talk about a hot AF series. And ABC without a doubt has some of the hottest anchors and reporters out there. Now to bring in Matt Gutman, Will Carr, Victor Oquendo… But this entire series was most enjoyable. Loved the heel attitude exhibited by some of these guys.

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