Battling Boyfriends

Naked Kombat this week is billed as a battle of boyfriends. It seems that NK veteran, Mike Rivers, talked his incredibly hot boyfriend to an NK appearance. This concept probably has been done before (though I can’t put my finger on it), but certainly it’s not been done to death. And even if it were for nothing but innovative spirit, I’m loving it.

However, it’s got more than innovative spirit. There’s a whole lot going right here. Mike taunts his rookie, greek sculpture of a boyfriend relentlessly. Whether or not the boys are actually boyfriends, it does seem to me like there’s an extra bit of intimate familiarity between the two. And Alexander Garrett has an accent (always value added!). And there’s oil.

Yes, this is a grocery list of some of my staple homoerotic wrestling favorites, capped off by one seriously gorgeous mammoth cock on Alexander (if this man isn’t already a dildo model, he should be).  It’s a relatively close contest, in which Mike’s experience matches Alexander’s superior strength. In the end, fans of muscleboys going down will be very satisfied.

The sex round, often my least favorite chapter, is interestingly uncharacteristic. There’s an obligatory spanking in lieu of a pony ride (got to be one or the other, right?), but completely understandably, winner Mike wants his victory prize to be fucked by Alexander’s astonishingly beautiful cock. The drama at the very end is awfully compelling, as Mike grabs Alexander by the hair, calls him a loser, and then tenderly adds, “but I love you.” To which Alexander climbs to his feet and spits on his boyfriend/conqueror’s back.  Sweet, sweet drama, boys! The post-match interview is also sweet… less hot, but sweet. I’d love to see more boyfriend battles and the drama that ensues (and more of Alexander, please!).

Cocks Named

No big winners this week, but these late-breaking cocks make us all winners, really. Wrestling Arsenal has a nicely put comment on the “other” cocks in the news these days that captures well some of my own sentiment. As we debate the morality of politicians with iPhones, take a break and check the answers to these other cocks in the news
Cock(s) #1 belong(s) to…
… BG East’s “Aqua” and Angelo Blanco.
Score! True enough, this isn’t quite as late-breaking news as a certain U.S. representative’s tweeting scandal, but Masked Mayhem 8 was just released a few weeks ago. While BG East has already released their Summer Sizzlers since then, my copy of Masked Mayhem 8 still has that “new DVD” smell about it that makes me all excited about the nuances I have yet to discover. However, I have already discovered the thrill of Angelo Blanco’s sweat-soaked body with his own cock in one hand and Aqua’s cock in the other.
Cock #2 belongs to…
…BG East’s extremely newly released debut of Stan (don’t call me Stanley!) Greer.
Thunder’s Arena’s fans will recognize the face and body, but this is by all means the first time I’ve laid eyes on that truly beautiful cock! As of just last friday, with Wrestle Worship 2: Triple Emission it certainly looks like Stan is giving us something that we’ve never seen from him before. Between him and Marc Merino battling for the adoration of lucky newby Randy Dowell, this is full-on, newsworthy, hot-off-the-presses cock worth taking note of!
Cock #3 belongs to…
…Naked Kombat’s Roman Rivers.
Muscle stud Roman just this week showed up for Naked Kombat against twink Mike Rivers, pulling out that pretty, pretty tool of his for a round 4 celebration.
Cock #4 belongs to…
 …BG East’s Rob Chandler.
Facebook buddy Ashley Ryder gets an extremely up-close look at Rob’s thick cock in Gear Wars 3: UK Kink in their breaking news release for BG East’s Summer Sizzlers out merely days. Ashley totally inspires me, but good god! Rob is smoking hot! The cock ring makes me wince, but every inch of this hot little muscle stud is sweet, sweet, sweet!
 Cock #5 belongs to…
…Naked Kombat’s Cameron Adams.
I LOVE this pic! DJ is on top here, bridging way high with that python of his bouncing around just out of Cameron’s reach. This match was the breaking news just a couple days before everyone started frantically tittering about a certain politician’s Twittering. Like Cameron in the round 3 face-off, personally I have a tough time tearing my eyes away from DJ’s sledgehammer. DJ has the cock to make Cameron weak in the knees and the wrestling skills to slap him to his back in heartbeat. Love me some DJ!
Like Wrestling Arsenal, I think there’s something insidious and untapped about the public flagellation required of a politician who snaps some iPhone pics of his hard body. Perhaps they do just need to find a new, more appreciative line of work. Regardless, I refuse to be discouraged or ashamed of big, beautiful, hot-off-the-presses cocks.