Baring and Caring

In celebration of a year of non-stop blogging, I’m promoting a good cause. Far too little attention is paid to AIDS these days in the media, and even less so is there attention on the continuing devastation of AIDS in this country. We need to keep our eyes on the ball, and the wonderfully creative (and hot) minds and bodies on Broadway are doing their part. Broadway Bares each year lets the chorus boys (and girls and headliners) display their hard earned, hard toned bodies to raise cash for AIDS services.
I’ve nursed a personal fantasy of a hot and torrid affair with a Broadway dancer. All that muscle and flexibility and desire to be watched… yes, indeed. In my fantasy, I run lines with my own personal Broadway boytoy, and to return the favor, he wrestles with me. We start off in thongs, and we finish with his arms trapped in the ring ropes, stripped naked, with me alternating applying pain and pleasure until he cums.
It’s not hard to figure why I’ve written Broadway dancer boy, Nick Adams, into my wrestling fantasies. Gorgeous Nick has appeared twice, initially barely escaping Mario Lopez with his life. Nick then earned his way into Producer’s Ring purgatory, requiring private and personal tutorials from the producer himself. The way I’ve imagined him, Nick is a classically overconfident face with a nasty, sadistic side who counts on his incredible muscles to compensate for his lack of impulse control and discipline. Nick’s story line has been stuck there for many months. I’ve come back to it a number of times, but I just can’t decide who to pit him against next (suggestions welcome).
Enough about me and my imagination, though. Today’s post is really about us and our collective power to ease suffering, promote health and life, and press toward a cure of a miserable disease (all the while feeding our lust for gorgeously toned men). If you go to Broadway Bares’ site, you can browse a lot more pics from last month’s performance as well as shots of hunks from prior years. If you’re jonesin’ for a more up close look, you can slip a virtual fiver down Nick Adam’s g-string (and the underwear of several other Broadway boys) and they’ll give you a little more of an eye-full (demurely). I’m personally a growing fan of the muscled torso and french script tattooed across Kyle DesChamps‘ lower abdomen. Here’s a man I’d like to see in an abdominal stretch (preferably mine).
So give generously and at the same time satisfy your kink for some hot hunks with major talents.
On a programming note, as today marks the end of my commitment to post daily, I don’t promise quite as consistent posting in the future. Hell, clearly I can find tons to say about all things to do with beautiful men, wrestling, and gay topics. But if I miss a day here or there, I’m okay with that, and I hope that you are, too. Play safe, and let me hear from you from time to time.

Adoring the Assets

I’ve been re-reading my recent posts (is that narcissistic?), and noting a pattern. A couple of weeks ago I was infatuated with pecs. It appears that I’ve now become fixated on butts. I’m not always all about big muscle butts. Lots of times a tight, compact caboose is entirely satisfying. But from recent posts, I’m starting to put my finger on (“ON” I said!) big, solid, muscular asses as my new body-part obsession.

In wrestling, a muscled ass can provide nice leverage… or a helpful handhold. More than a couple of the matches in my wrestling fiction feature face-sitting. I wrote Brad Pitt exacting a particularly humiliating face-sitting submission from Sean Faris well before I’d heard that Brad won “best celebrity butt” in some online poll. I’ve adored his ass ever since A River Ran Through It.
A beautiful reverse, face-first head scissors is, of course, an opportunity for a nice, wrestling butt to come in handy. Chris Geary has a nice variation on a figure-4 head scissors that makes me envy the jobber.
Of course there are more gorgeous butts than there are gorgeous butts wrestling, so we just have to use our imaginations. Here are just a few of the butts I find exemplary, which I’d love to see getting put to good use in the ring. First, I once again wax poetic as I ponder Mehcad Brook’s bodacious butt.
Sexy Black Dudes has several exposés (so to speak) on ample asses. I like this angle on model Brandon Parker.

Mario Lopez sports a fantastic ass (thank you Nip/Tuck). His dimples just cry out for someone to beat him senseless in the ring, though. I enjoyed writing a match between Mario and his Broadway rival, Nick Adams. The two of them got press for a muscle-off a couple of years ago, so I wanted to throw them both in the ring and see who came out on top. Personally, I’d be happy to just see the two of them walking away (slowly).