Wrestling Ink

I think it’s been a while since last I took the time to marvel at the particular pleasures of wrestling ink. While I’m awfully entertained by many of my favorite wrestlers who manage to be a work of art and a blank canvas simultaneouslyl, I continue to nurse a visceral infatuation with tattooed wrestlers.
True, it isn’t Thunder’s Arena wrestler Big Sexy’s tattoos that make me marvel the most. It takes a lot for his extensive and colorful body art to fail to be the most eye catching feature on his fantastic physique. But there’s pretty much nothing that could beat that ass of his, though I, for one, would like to get in line for just that task. As his ass is true to his name, his expansive and gorgeous ink is also both big and sexy. His most recent scrap after calling out devasting muscle hunk, Ace Hanson, is just about the sexiest pairing of wrestling bodies I’ve ever seen.

Another recent Thunder’s match, Mat Wars 22, also has me appreciating some more wrestling ink. Perennial battler Angel is simply stunning for both his beautiful body and the delightful artwork. I’m also intrigued by the sizable crucifix tattooed on the ribcage of new wrestler, fratboy-deluxe, Jackson. Is it sacrilegious of me to note that the crucifix makes me hot to see Jackson suffer even more? Probably. Nevertheless…

Recent BG East matches have also been well-populated with ink lately. Newcomer Hoyt Riley already has a massive quantity  of body art, and it looks like he’s in the middle of getting more. Some outlines ready for shading make me wonder if his beatdown at the hands of Mitch Colby may have provided the down payment for another trip to his artist.

Far less expansive, but still sexy as hell are Jonny Firestorm’s armband and shoulder characters. I’d love to see Jonny both continue to heel and take more ink. Send the pretty, pretty boy rookies to Jonny and the legitimate wrestler rookies to Denny to break in. Denny and Jonny can fight over who gets to welcome the pretty, pretty boy legitimate wrestlers to BGE.

Last, but certainly not least, I’ve appreciated the gorgeous art on Can-Am’s Michael Vineland lately. I’m still a little giddy over his fantastic performance with rookie homoerotic wrestling pornboy, Landon Mycles in Pro Sex Fight 1. I’ve gone heavy on the appreciation of Landon’s performance, including making the pornboy turned “pro wrestler” last October’s homoerotic wrestler of the month for the effort. But credit where credit’s due, Michael accounts for at least 50% of the excellent salesmanship in this match, and he’s bigger and harder than I’ve ever seen him. He’s also got a lot of ink adorning those incredibly sexy, massive muscles of his.

Pain and Regret Called-For

Ace Hanson over at Thunder’s Arena has been working his stunning ass off lately! This busy, big, bruiser of a boy (6′ even, 220 pounds, tree trunk thighs… did I mention is ass already?), is facing off with some even bigger boys lately (notwithstanding his squash-like-a-bug of Angel). As of this moment, he’s the featured new release against Cage, who looks like the last face you’d want to see in a dark alley. At 6′ and 215 pounds, the tale of the tape would suggest these two are tit-and-tat. But side by side, they’re actually quite the study in contrasts.

First of all, Cage is smuggling a grapefruit in the front of his trunks, whereas Ace is smuggling two regulation size basketballs in the back of his (which would seem like a perfect combination). Second, blond behemoth Cage is just outrageously massive, whereas Ace is constructed of thick and defined, hard muscle, no soft curves anywhere. Third, Cage is not pretty (unleash the grapefruit, and maybe I’ll change my mind about this, but I doubt it). In stark, stark contrast, Ace is absolutely, indisputably, yet somehow deceptively, very, very pretty.

I have a deep respect for Ace’s work because he keeps going toe to toe with fellow big boys. Regardless of what you think about the work itself, the big, hard wrestlers who continually tackle (and I do mean tackle) fellow big, hard wrestlers are, pound for pound, carrying more than their fair share of the homoerotic wrestling load. The physical workout itself has got to be intense (not that Ace’s quads could fail to be up to the challenge of doing squats all day with Cage across his shoulders), and the potential for injury has to be heightened in his session with Cage or Uno, as opposed to Angel (well, at least for Ace… the calculus probably doesn’t add up the same way for Angel).
Ace comes across to me as straight up straight boy happy to bring in some extra cash by appealing to the wrestling fetishist among us gay boys. More power to him. As with most all the work at Thunder’s, there’s something oddly demure about the ferocity and stagecraft of Ace’s wrestling performances of late that leaves me craving a look at that moneymaker (in Ace’s case, this is most definitely that muscle ass of his). Happily, Ace’s prior incarnation in homoeroticism (as Eric Reins) feeds the need. In Can-Am’s Sex Submissions, Ace/Eric was working that fine, hard ass of his against the bodybuilder bruiser, Gauge. Unlike his more recent work, he wrestled bare naked (and with a ridiculous haircut… you’ll find that easy to ignore when you get a look at his glutes and cock).
Despite the “sex” in the title, Ace/Eric did not obey the rules of sex wrestling: he refused to get fucked when he lost, opting instead to masturbate and then exit the stage for another wrestler to come in and do a much less impressive wrestling performance against Gauge but eventually take it up the ass. I think this should be considered a serious foul in the game of homoerotic wrestling for which Ace still needs to be draped across someone’s knee and spanked bare-assed until those glorious glutes are red as beets and he’s littered the floor with his tears of regret and pain.
Somehow, I don’t see this scenario happening anytime soon in Thunder’s. But I’m keeping my eyes open for it, nonetheless.

I got ya

Joe at Ringside at Skull Island offered an excellent and definitive review of Thunders Arena’s “Custom Video Series” debut featuring Ace Hanson squashing Angel to smithereens. As usual, Joe is on the money, and there isn’t much else really to say. But still, I feel compelled to repeat one of Joe’s perfect lines and emphasize just a couple additional points.

Joe writes, “Ace has got as much muscle in his buns of steel as poor Angel has in his whole well-built but compact body.” This line caught my attention, similarly to how Ace’s buns of steel grabbed me by the ears held me fixated on them. I think I get more of a kick out of more squash mashes than Joe, but even among tasty squashes, this is a pretty fascinating match to watch, not in small part due to Ace’s massive glutes. S0 much beef squeezed so tightly into spandex trunks boggles the mind.

It’s not as if I wouldn’t see Ace walking down the street and fail to notice that he’s one chiseled, massive, massive man. 6′ tall and 220 pounds is hard to miss from a distance. But up close, juxtaposed against 5’5″, 135 pound Angel, with his tree trunk thighs squeezing the tattooed tough guy until the little man is literally begging for him to stop… and this is just astonishing to watch. The opening test of strength captures the whole, remarkable novelty of this match. Angel is clearly destined to be struggling uphill against anything Ace has to throw at him.

If there’s one thing I have to quibble about in this match, it’s the “custom” scenario built around Ace’s need to beat up on Angel because Ace caught Angel staring at him at the gym. This seems just shy of a gay panic concept, and I’m repeatedly on the record as opposed to that tired, homophobic old saw getting mixed up in genuinely hot homoerotic (even the PG version) wrestling. Still, the big v small scenario has a long tradition with more than a passing overlap with wrestling kink tastes (including my own). What Ace and Angel bring is a fascinating angle. The match is taped really, really up close. So, for example, when you see Ace’s thighs wrapped around Angel’s torso, you just can’t miss the amazing fact that Angel’s waist is, at most, barely bigger around than just one of Ace’s upper legs. When Ace has Angel in one of several face-to-crotch figure-four headlocks, Ace just looks impossibly big. When, in the same position, Ace gives a couple completely, absolutely unnecessary and entirely gratuitous hair yanks, the domination and humiliation are profoundly arousing. It’s not as if Ace needs to drive home the point any further that Angel is 100% under his paralyzing control. Ace does it just for kicks, and he gives the camera some long, lingering grins to let you and me know that he does it for our kicks, too.

Finally, just a handful of points that Joe didn’t mention that I can’t leave unsaid. Squash though it is, Ace works up a very fine sheen of sweat, and that’s a major plus in my book. Ace has Angel out cold at least 3 times. And one last wrestling kink joy in this match for me is precisely at the moment that Ace has Angel in a cobra clutch. Ace whispers, almost lovingly, as if reassuringly, as Angel is losing touch with the conscious world: “That’s right, I got ya…. Oh, goin’ down…. Don’t fight it. I got ya.”

Yes, Ace, indeed… you got me. (That last pic is from an earlier Ace match where he’s shaved… I can’t decide which I like better).