Real Friends

I’ve got deadlines coming out my ears, so things have been pretty quiet around here lately. That isn’t to suggest that I’m not thoroughly immersed in the world of homoerotic wrestling still. Somehow, there always seems to be time for that in my life, in one form or another.

BG East Boss, Kid Leopard, makes Sailor Rob his bitch
I was exchanging emails with a long-time online contact and writing collaborator a couple of days ago. We know each other primarily through the venue of homoerotic wrestling fiction.  I mentioned in my last email something about BG East. He replied that he’d never heard of them.
Kid Vicious meditates on the connection between pain and pleasure

Wha-ha-huh?! I studied his reply closer to figure out where I was misreading it. But no. Never heard of BG East. Was he joking? It doesn’t look like it. He apparently loves some hot, erotic, beautifully bodied wrestling but is unaware of BG East, which by their own account have been producing exactly that (hot, erotic, beautifully bodied wrestling) since 1980! I became aware of them about 14 or 15 years ago, and I’ve been pretty much obsessed ever since. So imagine my shock to learn that a fellow kinkster who totally gets off on the same sort of wrestling action that I do (as far as I can tell from comparing wrestling fiction notes), has absolutely no idea who BG East is.

Badboy Joe Mazetti folds hunky Brad Rochelle up like gift wrap
Simply amazing! This disclosure reveals a few things to me. For one, this online collaborator clearly does not frequently read this blog. It’s simply impossible that someone could even occasionally read neverland and come away having never heard of BG East (or any of the other companies I finance with my homoerotic wrestling purchases, but especially BG East). Most of the feedback and ongoing conversations I’m involved in start with something I’ve said on the blog, so it catches me off guard that someone who knows my wrestling kink rather well doesn’t linger much around these parts. No shame, mind you. I’m not suggesting there’s anything wrong with not reading my frequently convoluted, often self-contradictory musings about what turns me on about homoerotic wrestling. Just surprised that someone who’s read a lot of my writing doesn’t read it here much.
Jonny Firestorm is out to destroy prettyboy Alexi Adamov
More interestingly for me, this revelation surprises me because I figure everyone who’s into homoerotic wrestling fiction online is also part of the fan base of homoerotic wrestling videos. I wasn’t conscious of it, but I was assuming that the gay wrestling video tent entirely contained within it the gay wrestling fiction audience. Homoerotic wrestling videos came before wrestling writing for me, so I’ve been under the assumption that everyone who I interact with around homoerotic wrestling fiction has also come by the same path. Assumption checked.
Mr. Joshua shows Darius that he’s got the right tool for the job
That anyone with a love for homoerotic wrestling in any genre or format should just not recognize the name BG East, however, seems like a missed opportunity for some hot pounding wrestling delights. I’m fully transparent in admitting often that my own fiction is frequently drawn from the best and most inspiring of what turns me on in the videos I watch. I certainly seem to recognize many of the same angles, perspectives, body types and holds in gay wrestling graphics/visual art that are, at least, “in keeping” with some of the gorgeous wrestling that good folks like BG East produce so well.

Brooklyn Bodywrecker taunts us with Mr. Joshua’s naked ass

So anyone who happens to read this post, perhaps surfing through following a search link for wrestling fiction or some particular celebrity wrestling fetish that you and I share, if you’re gay and hot for wrestling and haven’t extensively explored the world of BG East, go there now. If the names Kid Leopard, Kid Vicious, Jonny Firestorm, Brad Rochelle, Alexi Adamov and Joshua Goodman (that’s Mr. Joshua to you!!!) don’t ring a bell, and if anything that rings my bell rings your bell, then you should avail yourself of some awesome wrestlers and action. And if you and I exchange emails and you report being completely unaware of BG East, or Can-Am, or Thunder’s Arena, or Rock Hard Wrestling, then don’t be surprised if, after I get over being gobsmacked, I immediately tell you to walk, not run, to any and all of these find purveyors of fine wrestling kink.

Jose and his jackhammer pound hunky Greg Leary into the mat

As far as I’m concerned, real friends don’t let friends remain unaware of hot, homoerotic wrestling action!

Cocks Named

Jobberinnyc made short work of this week’s Name That Cock quiz. Way to go, jobberinnyc! He knows his homoerotic wrestling cocks, and for that, he’s head of the class this week here in neverland. Let’s review his excellent work, so that you can learn from his fine example.
Cock #1 belongs to…
… BG East’s Dino Serra

I’ve seen just a few of Dino’s matches, but my impression is that he had a loud-n-proud raging erection in every match. This fine display of his major league tool comes from his thrashing at the hands of eager beaver Jarrett Cole in Wrestleshack 7.

Cock #2 belongs to…
Naked Kombat’s Race Cooper.
In particular, this shot of his rod comes from his most recent match, posted March 16, going toe-to-toe and cock-to-cock with Roman gladiator-looking beefy stud Jeremy Tyler. Pornboy Race is sculpted perfection. Damn.
Cock #3 belongs to…
… BG East’s Jose.
Holy hell, the sight of Jose’s meat always makes me gasp. Greg Leary, pictured here pinned by the python with some gratuitous pec clawing thrown in just for kicks, thought his quite impressive cock would warrant some cred when he stripped off his trunks. Pointing to his pendulous cock, Greg let Jose know that he was bringing his “quarter pounder” into the final round of their match in Hard Pros 6. Jose simply smirked dismissively and peeled out of his own trunks, illustrating that he was slapping down “the whole Big Mac.” Win-win-lose, as far as I’m concerned (Jose wins; you and I win; Greg loses).
Cock #4 belongs to…
Here, Billy has hoisted blond boytoy Dax Kelly over his gargantuan shoulders, on his way to breaking the twink down to complete adoring submission. Truth is, physiques as thick and massive as Billy’s make it tough to make even an impressive cock look proportional. However, Billy does just fine, as far as I’m concerned. The brain-trust that came up with the title “Wrestlers” for this release deserve a neverland razzie, but with Billy Herrington on the cover, who would ever remember the name of the tape?
Cock #5 belongs to…
… BG East’s heel extraordinaire, Kid Vicious.
So I’ve never admitted this to anyone, ever, but truth is that KV sort of looks like a bastard boss I used to have. This is disturbing on many levels, not the least of which is the haunting shadow image of my boss pounding his fist mercilessly into the naked cock of some poor, outclassed opponent. In this case, KV was beating the living daylights out of also-aptly named Skrapper (especially his cock) in Sexy Showdown 5: Florida Fun. I’m repeating myself when I say that KV is possibly the most accomplished master of connecting all the dots in homoerotic wrestling competing today. I’m also repeating myself when I say that Skrapper continues to catch me by surprise by how arousing I find his wrestling.
So there you have it. While jobberinnyc didn’t go the extra mile and name the opponents for yesterday’s quiz, he is nevertheless homoerotic wrestling fan #1 in the realm of neverland, at least for this week. Keep playing. Keep studying those homoerotic wrestlers, especially the ones with gorgeous asses, awe-inspiring cocks, and delightful tattoos, and maybe next week you’ll jump to the head of the class!

Boundary Crossing

I’m a fan of good grooming. That said, good grooming does not always mean the same thing to all men in all circumstances, as far as I’m concerned. For example, a shaved head can be one of the hottest looks in the world. Give me Lon Dumont’s head trapped in my face-to-crotch scissor hold with me rubbing the palms of my hands all over his baby-smooth pate any day (no, seriously, gimme!). But the sight of Lanny Love getting literally thrown across the ring by nothing but his long locks makes me gasp with pleasure. I know that there are strong opinions on shaving body hair out there, but again, for me, there’s no one right way to groom a gorgeous hunk. Gil Barrios and Skip Vance smooth from chin to toe as they wrestle has an undeniable erotic charm for me. Then again, Derek da Silva with a delicious winter coat and hairy legs will entertain me for hours and hours.

I’ve been noticing that lately a particular thrill I’m getting at the pube tease pose that seems to be “a thing.” The hot, hard hunk tugging at his trunks/underwear, giving just a glimpse of his dark curls, is just sending me into fits these days. Don’t get me wrong, I love the full monty as much as the next guy (more!), but there’s something playful, seductive, and intensely erotic about the playful tease shot, as if BGE classic wrestling hunk, Greg Leary, is just begging you to help him out of those barely on briefs.

Male models seem to be all over the pube tease these days. Photographer Rick Day in particular seems to get a ton of traction from the boundary crossing pose that just dares the censors to put up a fight. A helpful reader of this blog recently pointed out Rick Day blondboy, Cobus Jonker, illustrating just the good grooming that’s taking my breath away.

Another Rick Day boytoy delight, Karl Wehle looks like he’s been crushed in the ring, thrown around by that fantastic rats nest on top of his head, and is finally stripping down to shower off the sweat and humiliation sticking to him. The stop-action aspect of this pose just sucks me right in. I’m desperate to lend a hand, to help the story move from where he’s just come from to where he’s clearly heading. Anyday, anytime, Karl, I’ve got that hand free for you (two, in fact).

Researching this theme, I was delighted to stumble across this gorgeous shot of Dane Tarsen, another BGE classic wrestling god. The tan line, the dark patch peeking out over this thumb hooked and pulling at the front of his yellow trunks… everything is so fantastically proportioned that his crotch just seems like a bulls eye. I love me some Dane tying up some unsuspecting punk.

Header boy, Jared Prudoff and this tasty low-slung pic of model boy Sean Sullivan illustrate what it is that catches my eye and makes me desperate to write images like these into my wrestling fiction. It’s a boundary crossing, both literally and figuratively, from PG-rated to NSFW, from the erotic to erotica. It’s the hint of things to come, the tease challenging you and me to see if we can throw these taunting punks to the floor and rip their useless trunks the rest of the way off. It’s a small thing. It’s coy and demure. But it’s also a power switch sending volts of electricity charging through my erotic imagination.