Living the Dream

Drake Marcos reveals a lot about what happens behind the scenes at BG East’s Florida compound 
At the end of my recent interview with BG East’s newest X-Fighter, Drake Marcos, he suddenly disclosed that at the very moment we were chatting, he was in an airport waiting for his flight to Florida to tape another session of matches with the boys at BG East.  My imagination instantly kicked into overdrive, wondering what hot homoerotic shenanigans Drake would get up on his second outing with BG East, and especially who he’d see up close, personal, and behind the scenes.  Owing to my immense powers of persuasion, Drake instantly agreed to try to smuggle some candid shots out for those of us here at neverland.  With only a little badgering afterward, the Cheshire Cat of homoerotic wrestling coughed up the goods, giving us just a hint of what he saw and did at BG East’s south campus last week.
Presumably, The Boss is checking the latest gossip at neverland…
Some of these shots have a bit of a 007 aspect to them.  They’re a little grainy, from odd angles, like Drake was snapping them with the micro-camera lapel button he snuck in.  However, ever-diligent Kid “they-don’t-call-me-the-boss-for-nothing” Leopard commented on Drake’s interview, giving us at neverland a heads up that he’d be intercepting, censoring, and giving the formal stamp of approval on absolutely anything that Drake was going to pass our way.  Fair enough.  If there’s one thing I learned during my pilgrimage to Pembroke a year and a half ago, it was that The Boss is a “hands on” (euphemism for control-freak) type of CEO.  He readily admits it, so I’m not too worried about getting my nuts crushed for saying so… no too, too worried.  So I’m just happy Drake made it out with these little tidbits to share (and with all his limbs in tact).
KL tapes goldenboy Coop’s wrists before a match
Let’s be honest, Drake managed to get quite a lot past the Boss’ careful eye, so we should be thrilled that he documented such tantalizing facts as golden boy extraordinaire, Austin Cooper,  participated in the action in Florida last week.  The longer Coop is around, the tougher he seems to get.  Facial hair, knee pads, and big red boots on this muscleboy give me a major shot of adrenaline!
Drake describes this shot: “Coop taking it to a distracted Boss”

Coop flashing some gratuitous flexing toward Kid Leopard also turns me on.  A lot.  If he wasn’t just mugging for the camera, and instead was actually throwing a punch at heel-supreme KL… ah, hell!  What a tasty, tasty treat it would be to watch the ensuing carnage!  What the HELL are they watching on television though!?  Buzz kill….

Drake tries on some (wrestling!?) gear
Buzz return!  Drake evidently got to play a little dress up last week, including this gorgeous self-portrait in his jock strap.  As to whether this is evidence that he wrestled in a jock strap, Drake wouldn’t confirm with me.  Teasing bastard….
“Yeah… Drake Marcos is wearing Aryx Quinn’s trunks… bring it!”
Similarly, Drake also snapped this shot in square cut yellow and black trunks, and what’s more, he supplied the provocative caption above!  Those just tuning in may want to revisit my interview with young Drake in which, when I asked what retired classic wrestlers would he like a fantasy match with, he included überhunk, omnipresent Aryx Quinn.
Drake checks out how “retired” Aryx’ trunks look on him
In response to Drake including him on a list for a fantasy match with a star “who’s retired from the scene,” it turns out (should you read the comments to the interview) that Aryx himself took some umbrage at being prematurely put out to pasture by the new kid.  While Aryx’ infamous ego almost certainly swelled erect with Drake’s playful stroking, the ring veteran seemed none too pleased to be counted out of the homoerotic wrestling business before his time.  We’ll have to see what happens when Aryx gets a load of this same newbie strutting around in the gear most BG East fans instantly associate with Aryx.  Drake could be playing with fire here, but ah hell, I wanna be fireside when Aryx gets his hands all over him to demonstrate that he’s not quite ready for the old-folks home yet!
Is bespectacled KV sizing up Coop for a behind-the-scenes muscle bashing? (please say yes)

There’s a lot of detail left out of Drake’s scrapbook from Florida, but enough still there to spur my lustful imagination onward.  For example, Kid Vicious and Coop side by side, “chilling” (as Drake reports) between matches… let’s just picture for a moment KV working over Coop’s luscious muscles in that way that nobody but KV can do!

Flashing so much bare muscle in front of Jonny & KV!?  Coop is just asking for it!

And/or (preferably and) let’s ponder the potential of a KV/Coop tag team partnership, as goldenboy Coop let’s that facial hair grow out in proportion to the nasty heel-lessons he learns the longer he hangs out with classic heels like KV and Jonny Firestorm!  I have to wonder how a bespectacled KV resists the temptation to just tackle barely clad Coop behind the scenes and crush all those muscles into a quivering pulp, and you know for a fact  Jonny would help hold the goldenboy down.  And while I’m on this high-speed train of free-association, can I just say, again, that wrestling hunks in glasses are insanely hot!?! YUM!

Ray Naylor and Lobolito were on hand as well

Sexy newbie Ray Naylor was also on hand in Florida last week, as was a blast from the slightly more distant past, Lobolito!  Let’s review: Lobolito has appeared exactly twice in BG East matches, first getting demasked, crushed, stripped and humiliated at the expert hands of Cage Thunder, and then repeating the rinse cycle in a Wet ‘N’ Wild version against Kid Vicious.

Lobolito cannot get enough BG East beatdown!

And Lobolito is back for more!?  Fuck me, this guy just skyrocketed in my esteem!

Drake identifies this guy aptly as “Mystery wrestler with a hot ass!”

There are, of course, more questions than answers in Drake’s scrapbook, which is, I’m sure, exactly the way KL intends it.  For example, who belongs to this stunningly hot ass approaching the sunroom mats, and where does the line start to catch that ride!?

Wow! Just. Wow!

When he’s coming this direction, he’s equally a mystery but even hotter!  Look at the pecs on this big bear of a bruiser!  A homoerotic wrestling blogger could feast for days on all of that gorgeous, massive muscle!  I’m just a little worried that young Drake might have found his way onto the same mat with his beast, because Insanity workout or no, there’s no way a muscleman this massive could do anything but snap lightweight Drake into several pieces!  Since Drake sent me the pics, I’m assuming he survived the weekend, ergo I’m guessing he didn’t have to face this bulging body in competition.  However, I can still fantasize about what Drake might have got up to with a twink-lusting muscle daddy off camera!

I do believe that’s Silver Eagle back for more after that ass-whooping he took from Morgan Cruise!

Again, I’m left desperately reading between the lines (aka, pulling this out my ass!), but I for one am titillated and delighted to see recent new masked stud, Silver Eagle, back on the mat in Florida.  This, I believe, is the unfortunate rook who faced an iconoclastic Morgan Cruise in his very first BG East appearance, in which Morgan not only crushes Silver Eagle, he gives a go at belittling and destroying the very foundation of the masked homoerotic wrestling genre!  While Eagle didn’t fare well in the end against Morgan, he put up some surprisingly tough and downright mean offense demonstrating that this slice of mouthwatering beef is no simple flat-footed, do-gooder novice.  He’s got an incredibly hot ass, and if he’s the one who had the privilege of facing off against that huge beast of a masked bruiser mentioned above, who do I need to fuck to get an advanced copy of that action!?  There are several more shots snapped by Drake that I have in my possession, enough, in fact, to post a couple more times on the contraband Drake smuggled out of the Florida compound (under the watchful eye of The Boss).  So for now, let’s just send out a word of thanks to a certain BG East newbie living the dream.  You rock, Drake!

Drake dreams of BG East action yet to come…

And I quote, "Masks are for losers!"

Briefly known as York
I don’t often bother with “spoiler alerts,” but for what it’s worth, here’s one for you.  I’m about to identify one of the masked-unmasked wrestlers in BG East’s latest release in the Masked Mayhem series.  Should you be terribly heartbroken to learn the name of the wrestler appearing as “Yorik” in the first match on this DVD, turn away now. But a word to the wise, if you actually buy the DVD, you’ll know who this hot and hairy stud is within seconds. Still turned off by the idea of knowing the secret identity of Yorik? Click here now.
Silver Eagle hangs hot and sweaty Yorik out to dry like the laundry!

Before I venture into my thoughts about the pseudonymous Yorik, let me take a moment to appreciate his masked opponent, Silver Eagle.  Wowza! Sweet, juicy ass.  Seriously packed package. Big, strong, and deceptively fresh on the scene.  I like this guy. Quite a bit.  His opening salvo on “Yorik” is fucking hot and powerful.  Normally I throw up just a little in the back of my mouth when I see a wrestler decked out so blatantly appealing to patriotic fervor, but when this bubble-butted hero slaps Yorik dismissively in the face and kicks him when he’s down, I have to admit, I’m turned on.  I’ll pull out my superhero/military man fantasies for him if Silver Eagle is down with getting nasty, mean, and engaging in totally unnecessary roughness and hot domination!

Patriotism is knocked on its ass!

I swear I’m convinced the out-of-nowhere flag-draped rookie is going to be the star of this show, absolutely having his way with the hairy badboy in black.  But that big, blue package of his is just such a target!  Swing that thing too often in a heel’s face and he’ll knock the air right out of your lungs with a punch where it hurts the most.  And that’s just what happens to Silver Eagle.  And even more astonishing, his opponent schoolboy pins the patriot and then peels of his own mask, revealing that he’s none other than tidal wave rising heel, Morgan Cruise!

Too handsome and terrifying to put a mask on it!

There’s so much that veers off the track in this Masked Mayhem match that it leaves me dizzy.  First and foremost is the fact that Morgan unmasks himself within minutes of the match starting, and from that point forward beats the living shit out of his formerly unstoppable red, white, and blue boy opponent.  The masked wrestler gimmick (said lovingly) is iconically exactly the opposite of that.  The wrestler is somehow superhumanly powerful cloaked in anonymity.  He’s darker, more mysterious.  His depths are untested and unknown behind his disguise, and so his threat is magnified.  Its when a wrestler is unmasked that he reverts to his mere mortal shell again.  Unmasked, his inexhaustible strength evaporates.  His forced exposure humiliates him, and he’s left at the mercy of the man who remains a mystery behind his mask still securely laced about his head.

Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair!

Morgan turns that meme on it’s head, growing three times stronger and infinitely more terrifying unmasked than he was as “Yorik.”  The heroic big hero Silver Eagle doesn’t know what the hell hit him as the minutes tick by, as Morgan kicks that gorgeous, metallic blue ass of his from a dozen different angles.

Morgan writes his own script across the bashed body of Silver Eagle

The match itself flies in the face of an icon of professional wrestling: the power of the masked wrestler. Morgan rewrites the book with his dripping, hot bod hammering all over Silver Eagle like there’s nothing but a rookie in way over his head under that shiny fabric laced to his face.

Morgan displays the rookie’s best side!

The reversal of the fixtures of masked wrestling is astonishing, captivating, and somehow that much more dangerous and suspenseful.  But Morgan Cruise fans will not be surprised when I report that the cruise-missile heel rising cannot stop his mouth from running.  And I swear to you, what comes out of his mouth makes me think that the foundations of BG East are seriously shaking at this very moment. Morgan explains that he hates masks.  He boasts that his reputation is twice as terrifying as any mask.  He’ll never wear a mask (again, presumably), because 1) he’s too handsome, and 2) people know and fear his face, so why would he want to cover that up!?  But then Morgan goes one step farther, one more step that made me gasp.  “Masks are for losers!” he snarls.

Morgan makes the masked man “the loser”

Holy fuck, did I just hear that right!?  We already knew that Morgan Cruise has got balls, but really!? He comes onto the Masked Mayhem series, a storied and highly popular genre, and disrespects the entire format?!  This is just match #1 on this DVD, mind you, so this is the first act to two more rip-roaring masked mayhem battles starring no fewer than three former homoerotic wrestlers of the month around these parts.  I’m desperately aching to know what any one of the other masked wrestlers on this DVD have to say in response to the coldly calculating call-out of the likes of Cage Thunder and The Enforcer!

To quote Big Bird after the Presidential Debate: Shit just got real!

There’s no mistaking that Morgan is a planner.  I don’t believe for a second that this was some off the cuff nastiness that he’ll walk back like a Republican Presidential candidate who’s just won the primary race.  Has Morgan Cruise just stepped over the line?  Is he out of control!? Or even more provocatively, is there a seasoned veteran who’s going to put the heel pup on his back, or is Morgan Cruise writing the rules now?  Wow.  Just… wow!