Tightening Bard’s Belt

My post on the cost of my wrestling kink generated a lot of feedback. One nice result from my nervous confession that I’ve never tracked down permission from Can-Am to repost their pics is that I got an email from Can-Am giving me permission to repost their pics (thanks!).

Thiago Diaz and Jobe Zander – Can-Am’s Decrotchery

Speaking of which, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I saw the preview pics of Jobe Zander’s new match for Can-Am against one of the hottest new muscle bodies I’ve seen in a long time, who goes by the name Thiago Diaz. Thiago is absolutely phenomenal to look at in still frame.  My head is about to explode in anticipation of seeing if he’s just as kinetically hot and whether he can sell some sweet homoerotic wrestling. The sustained ball torture he appears to endure in his rookie debut entitled Decrotchery looks like seriously nasty shit of the variety that Jobe specializes in. If Thiago shows up in Can-Am’s series Pro Sex Fights, I may need CPR (preferably delivered by Thiago).

Rusty Stevens and Kevin Crowes – Can-Am’s Pro Sex Fight 4

And speaking of my jaw dropping (and hot muscle bodies and Pro Sex Fights), Can-Am has also posted in their store their newest Pro Sex Fight starring former long-time holder of the title as my favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy, Rusty Stevens! I don’t know what this means for Rusty’s announcement that he was retiring from porn last autumn. But knowing nothing other than that Rusty has climbed into the pro wrestling ring, I can already say with absolutely certainty that he’s back in contention to slam, squeeze, pound and fuck his way through the ranks of my favorite homoerotic wrestlers. And this rookie that he’s squaring off against is making my head spin with almost as much velocity as Thiago Diaz! Kevin Crowes is devastatingly handsome, constructed like a go-go boy addicted to his workout endorphins, and sporting what looks to an epic cock and major league, aesthetically gorgeous ink. Smart money might be on Rusty totally owning the rookie hunk, but then again, Rusty’s long resume of wrestling domination doesn’t feature much ring action at all, and this very well may be the first time that I’ve ever seen Rusty out-prettied by an opponent (possibly with the exception of David Taylor).

Jake Jenkins and Austin Cooper – BG East’s Ripped Rookies 1: A Score to Settle

In addition to the happy bonus of getting word that Can-Am is okay with me reposting, joining the ranks of the generous folks at BG East, Thunder’s Arena, and Rock Hard Wrestling, my post on the cost of wrestling kink also generated some sincere efforts from several folks giving me advice about what subscription I ought to choose to be the one to drop. Jon gave me more of a psychological assessment of my core beliefs and motivations, concluding that his read on my equivocation is that I should drop Can-Am and Thunder’s. Off line, I had one adamant reader insist that once you’ve seen one Naked Kombat, you’ve seen them all, so I shouldn’t expect anything too new or novel to need to keep investing in them. Someone also made the most fair point that the real cost-benefit ratio should be measured at the top end of the discounts that all 4 of my subscriptions offer (even if I’m too undisciplined to budget the big bucks for one time per year cost savings).

Leo Forte & Trent Diesel – Naked Kombat – The Bondage Match June 22, 2011

With that in mind, let me point out that I could get 365 days of BG East Arena delights for $125. A year of Can-Am Max and the opportunity to pine over the likes of Thiago Diaz would set me back $179.95. The most cost-efficient means of enjoying Thunder’s Arena’s Thunder TV is 90 days for $59.99 on a recurring bill (not sure why a non-recurring 90 days should suddenly jump up to $100… should that be a year?), which would equate to $240 for a full 360 days. And finally, for Naked Kombat’s exclusive content, I could be maximizing the fuck for the buck with their 1-year subscription at $169.99.

Z-Man and Dallas – Thunder’s Arena’s Custom Match

Since I’m not made of money, and since I anticipate some big bills coming up related to a barrage of travel obligations in the next 6 months, I feel like the cost-benefit analysis brings me to an unmistakable conclusion. Thunder TV, I’m afraid, is the weakest link. I’m going to sign back off of them, regretfully, but I’ll check with Joe at Ringside at Skull Island for any can’t miss new releases that he reviews from Thunder’s. Thanks to everyone who gave me your thoughtful advice. Now, if anyone has any other wrestling kink websites out there that I’m not tracking, let me know if you think I’m missing out on some major kink gold. And of course, should Rock Hard Wrestling come out with an exclusive content membership option, I’ll have to reconsider everything. It would require a whole new cost analysis of my overall wrestling kink budget, of course…

Kink Costs

I just filled out an online survey as a BG East Arena member, giving them my impressions of the Arena content and subscription cost. It reminded me that I need to buckle down and do something that I’ve been telling myself that I need to do for some time. I need to dump a subscription. But which one? I’ve signed up for more than I really ought to, convincing myself that it’s in service of having more to review here on the blog (weak pretense, I know). But truth be told, I really shouldn’t be carrying quite this many recurring subscriptions. So let’s look at this by the numbers, and you tell me what I should do.

The BG East Arena membership is still stroking and stoking my kink quite nicely. I like the new weekly updates, even if they are proportionally smaller than their semi-monthly old updates used to be. I think I’m on the 90 day recurring billing scheme, for which I pay $34.95 for three months of access to the Arena. I’m under the impression that I get more quantity of content per penny with the Arena than I do with any of my other subscriptions (though a number cruncher may have more to say about that). I enjoy the preview pics of yet-to-be-released products, as well as the extensive galleries of new releases and “classics.” And I really enjoy the “action clips,” those little tasty morsels of a few minutes of BG East matches. BG East has also been very generous with permitting me to repost occasional Arena content here at neverland, which is extremely cool of them. I’m not inclined to put the Arena on the chopping block as I scale down my kink budget, but perhaps you have arguments for or against it?

I’m also subscribing to Can-AmMax. I believe I’m on the month-to-month recurring billing cycle, which gives me each month’s content for $19.95 (I could get 90 days recurring for $49.95). Can-AmMax is more hit-and-miss for me with regard to how into it I am at any one moment. When I’m particularly into Max releases (e.g., the first 2 Arena matches & Pro Sex Fight), I was scarfing it up and checking daily for when the next morsel would be offered. I like that I can watch entire matches, piece-by-piece, for the subscription price itself (unlike the extra charge over at the Arena). The photo galleries often aren’t always action-oriented (lot’s of posed Blue Steel stuff that leaves me bored), and the galleries don’t always correspond to new releases in a 1-to-1 relationship the way that the BG East Arena does.  I also repost Can-Am content holding my breath just a little, because though I’ve tried to figure out how to formally ask their permission to repost their content here, I haven’t been successful in receiving specific permission (if someday all Can-Am content has been removed from this blog, it’s because they must have finally asked me to stop treading on their copyrighted material). The wrestling action itself is running about 50/50 for me these days, with my sincere interest in their new releases rising only about half the time. I’d miss it if I dropped it, but I don’t know how much I’d miss it.

And yet again, I’m subscribing to Thunder’s Arena’s Thunder TV. I think I’m on the month-to-month plan with them as well, investing $29.99 recurring (I could get 90 days for $59.99). Thunders is striking a chord about as frequently as Can-Am Max (though very different chords). The wrestling, video, and photo quality are the weakest of the three, and the website itself is the lease intuitive or well-organized of anything I’m paying for. I like the personality and the personableness of Thunders. I like the humor and the big, big muscle boys. Mr. Mike has been sincerely generous in giving me permission to repost any Thunder’s content here, so they rock for that as well. It’s the coyest of all my subscriptions, with no nudity and only implied gay-themed content, which is frustrating. They do have some wrestlers that I enjoy that I just don’t see elsewhere (Big Sexy and Ace Hanson, I’ve got my eyes on you as I say that!). I’d miss the subscription from time to time, I’m sure. And this is the second time I’ve had a Thunder TV subscription, returning to the fold after a long hiatus. But it could be the low fruit ripe for picking in this bunch.

Finally, I’ve got a NakedKombat subscription for a whopping $34.95 per month, though if I was smart, I’d sign up for the 90 days recurring plan for $59.99. NK puts out exactly one new match every Wednesday that I can watch or download in its entirety, as I can any other NK match, at any time. I can also download photos of NK action from any match they’ve released, though the galleries sometimes aren’t as entertaining as in other subscriptions, nor do they have the bells and whistles and theme galleries that I enjoy elsewhere. NK doesn’t appear too worried about copyrighting their photos, so I don’t know how they feel about my reposts and reviews, but I suspect they don’t mind (wouldn’t be the first time I’m proven wrong, though). I’m into about every 2 out of 3 NK new releases, with my favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboys often showing up exclusively in this all-pornboy production (sweet Jesus I can’t get enough Trent Diesel!).  Round 4 and the victory sex interest me only rarely, frankly, since it’s the wrestling itself that really tweaks my kink the most. But rounds 1, 2 & 3 are highly entertaining and arousing for me for those matches that particularly speak to me. I’d miss it particularly for specific wrestlers that I go to for my hardcore pornboy wrestling moods.

So, surely someone out there is an CPA, MBA, financial advisor… someone with more money sense than I have. Crunch the numbers, wave a wrestling kink wand over top of them, and tell me what I should do to balance my checkbook and feel a bit better about my abundant outlay of cash in pursuit of wrestling kink.

These are a few of my favorite things…

Naked Kombat has served up a heapin’ helpin’ of hotness this week. The line up is delicious. Former tag team partners and always arousing Trent Diesel (yes, my #1 favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy) and DJ are now on opposing teams. DJ is paired up with former nemesis Leo Forte. Trent is tagging with Seth Green look-a-like, Sebastian Keyes. So let’s tally this up so far: Trent, DJ, tag-team homoerotic wrestling. Three of my favorite things!

But wait, there’s more! I’ve been nursing a live-audience lust for a long time now, and yet again, NK is serving up what I’m hot for. The cheering and jeering from the enthusiastic audience absolutely ups the eroticism. The horny boys in the seats are gasping and crying out for more as the wrestlers get nastier, meaner, and more erotic. Fantastically hot!

Trent is a vision as always, though now sporting a new tat on his thigh. When he’s introduced at the beginning of the match, he pumps his fist over head to the roar of the crowd. Damn. That body. Damn.

Sebastian and Leo are also-rans for my attention in this line up, so skipping over to DJ, I’ll just say that he continues to not just earn my respect, but he grabs me by the testicles and squeezes until I scream my passionate adoration. I realize that DJ is too skinny for some tastes. He’s hot as hell for my tastes, and his movement on the mats is pure gold.

The action seems to always be more intense and fast-paced when there’s an audience, which can’t be bad. A few highlights that make me push the pause-and-rewind include DJ mounted on top of Trent and licking my favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy’s face; Trent immediately flipping DJ to his back and returning the favor, slathering all over DJ’s cringing face (as the audience screams with unanimous pleasure); and every single fantastic double-team that NK allows for a few seconds following each tag-in.

When I saw the line-up for this tag bout, I have to admit, I was 95% certain that Trent and Sebastian were going to find themselves asses up and getting fucked hard by the notoriously dominating scrappers, DJ and Leo. In particular, I thought Sebastian was going to be the weakest link, and that not even the stunning physique and blinding beauty of Trent would be sufficient to make up the difference. I love being surprised.

Sebastian is a hell cat. The tag setting seems to bring out some awesome ferocity in him. Perhaps it’s the audience, loving every moment that the pale, pubescent looking boy, conspicuously the only one without visibly ripped abs, slams his cock down on top of his opponent’s face and roars with primal ecstasy. When the boys in blue end round three with three more points than the bad boys in red, I’m totally stoked for some more Trent on DJ humiliation.

The sex round this time around speaks to more than it often does. Again, I say, it’s the audience. Trent and Sebastian dominate not just for the cameras, but for the immediate and responsive feedback of the audience. Trent makes a bee-line to claim DJ as his personal trophy. Both victors drag the losers on their knees to the edge of the mat to give the audience an up close angle on force-feeding DJ and Leo their cocks. Sebastian turns Leo’s ass to the audience, with the loser’s lips still wrapped around his cock, to spread Leo’s cheeks wide for the audience’s inspection. When the audience demands it, Trent and Sebastian are happy to oblige them in shoving DJ and Leo’s faces together, forcing them to kiss on command. Once again, on command, with the loser’s faces shoved up the winner’s asses, Sebastian grabs Trent’s face as they kiss to the roar of the crowd, Sebastian pumping his fist. Yet again, when the crowd roars it’s desire, Trent and Sebastian saddle up and ride the losers around for a pony ride. The reaction of the crowd to Trent finally erupting all over DJ makes an incredibly hot, intimate moment that much more amazingly erotic.

This match does more for my wrestling kink than a typical NK bout does, frankly. It’s not only hot and hard, it’s thrilling and thoroughly entertaining. The sweet peck on the lips from Leo as the camera fades to black is fantastically sweet. Trent remains in solid possession of the title holder as my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy, and NK has finally chalked up an audience match free of injuries. I hope that means there will be more to come!

The Grudge

Speaking of getting bent across your opponent’s knee and spanked until your ass is raw, NakedKombat’s latest upload is a grudge match against tag team opponent’s DJ and Leo Forte.

On opposite sides of the mat, the team of DJ and my 2-time homoerotic wrestler of the month, Trent Diesel, teamed up against Leo and Cameron Adams just a couple of weeks ago. That match got heated, with some sweet heat generated between DJ and Leo, trash-talking and taking it personally. Leo and Cameron lost, and the humiliation doled out in round 4 included Leo being ridden like donkey by Trent’s stunning physique (damn, Rusty, you had better bring something soon!), and Cameron’s face shoved up DJ’s ass for days. I think DJ and Leo’s singles match may have actually been taped prior to the tag, but regardless, they continue to communicate quite convincingly that they seriously don’t like each other.

For fans of close calls, this match will delight. The match is gruelingly defensive, which isn’t particularly what I find most entertaining, but the fact that it’s so highly competitive and gritty from start to finish makes up for that.

If you’re desperate for suspense, don’t read further. But the most priceless moment, by far, comes when one of these wrestlers is officially named the loser.

Leo resents coming out on the bottom from start to finish in his sex round. He violates the concept of “winner gets to do what he wants with the loser” by bitching and moaning and resisting the entire time. Personally, I think by the time DJ drapes Leo across his knee and announces he’s going to spank him, I’m ready to see DJ disciplined for being such a sore loser.

DJ swats hard enough to make me flinch just a little. Leo is squirming and screaming (continuing the “…like a bitch…” theme). The loser is furious, full of resentment, teetering on the edge of getting up and walking away mad. And as DJ keeps swatting harder, he looks up at the camera with that half-stoned, heavy leaded gaze, and he grins.

Damn, that’s hot. Not everyone can pull off busting through the fourth wall. But DJ’s a champ on several counts here. For that sly, cocky moment, his gaze grabs hold of us, and an unspoken moment of shared pleasure in this moment of humiliating dominance passes between us. DJ continues to surprise me. He’s skinner and not quite as classically “handsome” as I tend to gravitate toward. Nonetheless, he’s got an awesome presence on the mat, and he’s got great instincts for homoerotic wrestling kink.

Movement in the Ranks

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! I just saw one of the most entertaining Naked Kombat matches ever. The set up was golden to start with. Trent Diesel, who’s grabbing me by the balls lately and demanding my attention, teams up with DJ in a mat tag match against Cameron Adams and Leo Forte.

This match rocks me hard, simple as that. Trent and DJ are shredded and hotter than hell. Cameron and Leo are softer and command less fighting experience. I was sure from the intros that Cameron and Leo were headed into a one-sided beat down. I was so wrong.

Truth be told, I think the match wasn’t as close as the official score (55-53), but it was certainly highly competitive. I love the 2-on-1 “grace period” that NK allows when a tag happens, permitting the tagging team to double-team their opponent for a while before kicking the tagged out teammate off the mat. Both teams work the 2-on-1 aggressively. All four boys work their asses off and never say die. And best of all, they generate some serious heat, as egos are bruised and the entertainment turns to defending of pride. Leo in particular cannot STAND getting double-teamed, making it that much more delightful to watch when he’s on the bad end of it (and listen as DJ cackles with delight over Leo’s screams).

Leo’s telling the story of being Cameron (“the weakest link”) Adams’ coach. He’s barking instructions throughout whenever Cameron’s on the mat. And I think it makes a huge difference. Cameron looks like he doesn’t know which way is up quite a bit of the match, but he obeys Leo’s commands and more often than not works him way out of a fix. I was slightly astonished to watch DJ be the total top in his partnership with Trent. During their 2-on-1’s, DJ is snarling out instructions at Trent like a fierce daddy. Just to spoil the drama for you, when they come out on top and take command in the sex round, it’s DJ calling the shots and Trent seeming happy to take his lead.

The most astonishing thing about this match has got to be DJ. I’ve seen him on NK several times (including getting his ass handed to him by Trent), and I’ve liked his work. But in this tag match, he’s incredible! I swear, he holds his own nearly as well on the short end of a 2-on-1 as he does 1-on-1. He kills the double-team advantage for Leo and Cameron on more than one occasion, leaving them simply unable to capitalize on what should be a points bonanza. Frankly, he outwrestles Trent, though Trent on the paralyzed receiving end of Leo’s body scissors, then turning around a couple rounds later and returning the favor long and hard, is fantastically hot.

It’s DJ that makes the biggest jump in my estimation, coming from the unseeded masses to position himself as a serious contender to be one of my homoerotic wrestling favorites (pornboy division, of course). But truth be told, this match nudges Trent sufficiently upward (even if covering less absolute distance), to unseat my #1 contender homoerotic wrestling pornboy, Mitch Colby. Yes, for the first time since I started keeping track of the rankings, Mitch has been suplexed right out of the top two, leaving Rusty Stevens looking over his shoulder at a new #1 contender: the ridiculously hot, hard, gorgeous-with-a-dirtball-edge (in the very best way), Trent Diesel. Congratulations, Trent! Way to climb on top and pound the competition into submission!