Built to Wrestle

Morgan Cruise

Bard: Thanks for making time to chat with me today, Morgan.  You seem like a busy guy. I’m seeing you in a lot of wrestling products!

Morgan: Yeah, been a busy a few weeks orienting new talent filming seasons 5 and 6 at MDW, as well as work on a superhero season, and of course I have spent a fair amountof time down at BGE.

Bard: You all are already producing season 6!? Season 5 just came out! Damn, you are busy!  I’ve been seriously enjoying some of that new talent MDW has been getting their hands on lately. Tidus, Rodriguez, beefy boys in need of getting a beatdown. What do you do to “orient” fresh meat?

Morgan: Glad you like the new boys. These guys did not need much of a training session; they got in the ring ready to wrestle! Rodriguez in particular is going to be a damn fine talent. When a new guy comes in, though, the procedure is to have them spend time watching myself or Muscle Master Kevin wrestle a couple of matches so there are noquestions as to what is off limits. [laughing] All reservations quickly fly out the window using this method. Once they feel comfortable in that regard we set ’em loose.

Morgan tenderized fresh beef back in MDW Season 2, breaking in Mateus Shogun in Meaty Muscle Massacre.

Bard: Voyeur first, then climb in and go at it?  I like it.  I like it a lot.  I want to ask you more about other wrestlers and about the companies you’ve wrestled for, but first let me ask more about Morgan the Mastodon Cruise. It seems to me like you’ve gone from a rookie to a seasoned heel in the blink of an eye. To what do you owe your success as a terrifying force ofdestruction in the homoerotic wrestling universe?

Morgan: I take full credit for in my in ring prowess! [laughing]  But in all seriousness, I have been a wrestling fan for as long as I can remember, and when I got to BG East for the first time it was like a dream. I learned a lot from my first match with Lon Dumont – it was kind of like, “Oh, this is what I am going to be doing? Hell, yeah!”

Morgan learned the ropes at the mercy of indy pro veteran and competitive bodybuilder, Lon Dumont, in BG East’s Rookie Wreckers.

Bard: That was a monumental match with Lon. I’m a huge, huge, huge fan of his, and I go back to that match often. I had a strong feeling even then that with a little “orienting” from an indy pro veteran like Lon, you were going to be a force to be reckoned with. What would you say is the most devastating hold in your arsenal at this point in your career?

Morgan bearhugs Lon Dumont in Rookie Wreckers.

Morgan: Interesting, well that match was all about the bearhug; I bearhugged Lon; he bearhugged me; and I definitely have to put that one high up on the list. But as far as my most devastating hold, the torture rack has to take the cake

Bard: Fuck. Yes. Hoist an opponent up across those big broad shoulders of yours and make them scream. I’ll be in the front row every time.  I know what a move like that does for me as I watch you completely dominate a sorry bastard totally off his feet and under your control.  What’s the experience like for you?

Morgan racks the hell out of Christian Taylor, humiliating him in front of Christian’s lover, Skip Vance, in BG East’s Tag Team Torture 16.

Morgan: I am always surprised at how easy it is to throw an opponent up there and secure them by their neck and balls. Once they are on my shoulders and I am cranking down, they have no choice but to submit. It is the perfect chance to run my mouth, make them say whatever I want. It is complete control.

Bard: Complete control. That’s what it looks like on this end, too.  I hope you don’t mind if I ask about your body, because I’d swear it’s straight out of some of my fondest erotic fantasies from watching old school 1980’s pro wrestling on television. Big, solid muscles, unapologetically hairy, liberally dowsed in sweat, built for function. How would you describe your physique?

Morgan’s opponents know what’s going down.

Morgan: I am THE hairy he-man. When my opponent comes to the ring and sees me standing across from them, they know what’s going down. My chest is the kryptonite of all men. When I wrestle, I sweat all over guys – always was a heavy perspirer. My bi’s are built tall and peaked; my back is the thickest out of any other wrestler; and I am secretly extremely athletic. Obviously you are not going to see me doing any dop-kicks or high flying moves, much too methodical for that, but letting everyone know now that I can bust any move out. I was built to wrestle.

Bard: Built to wrestle. Excellent summary, and I can’t agree more. So tell me some numbers, because I get off on numbers. What’s your height and weight right now?

Morgan: I’m 5’8, 175 pounds – had been dealing with a shoulder injury and was forced to lean out for quite some time, but now finally am back to my usual bulky self and packing on more muscle than ever.

Bard: How big are those mountainous peaks you call your upper arms?

Morgan: Last I measured, they were in the realm of 18.

Bard: Sweet. How far does the tape measure have to go to get around your pecs and that thickest-of-all-upper-backs?

Morgan: [Laughing] Have not taken that measurement, but let me just say I have ripped a few shirts on the way on and off.

Bard: Damn, you need to get Kevin to grab that measurement… and send me a photo of him doing it. Waist?

Morgan: [Laughing] Good luck getting that photo. The boss is a busy man.  My waist is 28 inches.

Bard: Thighs (including copious hair)?

Morgan: Measuring now…

Bard: Damn, I wish I were there to lend a hand with that….

Morgan: You are not the first.  26 inches.

Bard: But I promise, I’d be the best.  Fantastic. No wonder opponent’s are weeping when you get those tree trunks wrapped around them.  So in the “real” world, when guys are hittingon you, ’cause I know guys are hitting on you all the time, what’s the first compliment they’re giving you to start flirting?


The gaze draws people in.

Morgan: They try and guess the color of my eyes – first they say grey, then green, sometimes blue, ultimately concluding they are hazel.  Either way it has always been my gaze that draws people in that is invariably where they start – then the bicep compliments start.

Bard: I could totally see that, though if you had your shirt unbuttoned, I’d have to make a comment about those hot hairy pecs. Coincidentally, I put “hazel” as my eye color on my driver’s license, just because no one can tell me a better description for my eye color, either.  So back to wrestling, I’m of the opinion that you’ve moved the bar wherever you’ve wrestled. For example, at BG East, you’ve done some amazing work blending old school pro wrestling style with incredibly sexy, trunks off eroticism. And at Muscle Domination Wrestling, it seems to me you’ve been on the envelope pushing the explicit, full-frontal homoerotic combat angle. Do you think of yourself as a trailblazer?

Morgan wrestle raw against Tony Law.

Morgan: I ama stickler for wrestling logic.  That is where the old school style comes in. If a move in a sequence is out of place it really bothers me. I religiously watch back all my matches to fill in the gaps, always thinking about what I could have done here or there. I own a very raw wrestling style which goes hand in hand with baring skin. My main objective at MDW was to incorporate skillful wrestling within the sub-dom framework. Originally Muscle Domination Wrestling utilized wrestling as a medium to explore different facets of domination. My job is bringing the product to a level where wrestling assumes its natural artful position while MDW expands its vision for alpha male conquest. Season 5 marks the first huge strides towards this goal.

Bard: I’m thrilled to hear about that continuing evolution at MDW.  And I like the word “raw” for your wrestling style. It’s raw, hardcore, in your face wrestling without losing an ounce of respect for the art and science of it.  And I’m here to confess that watching you pound the shit out of some pretty, pretty boy turns me on… a lot.  Is wrestling a turn on for you?

Morgan: Turn on, fulfillment, gratification… all those words are appropriate.

Bard: Nice to know that it works that way on your end. Speaking of you pounding the shit out of pretty boys, name some names for me. Do you have a favorite match so far in your career?

Morgan and Diego Diaz had chemistry in Morgan’s Wrestler Spotlight.

Morgan: Ah, always a tough question, picking my favorite, but to name a couple… One from BGE, one from MDW.  I loved wrestling Diego Diaz.  He was a really naturally talented guy.  We had a great back and forth before I crushed my way to victory. Chemistry is just one of those things – until you are in the ring working off one another you just never know how a match will turn out, but right when we started and he responded to my shit-talk I knew we would have a good scrap.  As for MDW, it has given me many chances to wrestle Tony Law.  My first filmed match with him was also at BGE, but since then we have faced each other more times than I can count, so we work very well together – no punches pulled, just intense grit. The most recent match we had was a celebration of our “rivalry,” the culmination of our many bouts – Tony’s final chance to get one over on a 60 minute straight-through Iron Man match. We filmed it all in one shot, non-stop action, and boy did it get sweaty – my favorite match from the new season 5 for sure.

Morgan digs deep into Tony’s pumped pecs in Morgan’s Spotlight Wrestler match.

Bard:  Again, I’m a big fan of big, big, big Diego Diaz, and that chemistry you describe definitely comes through when watching that match. And I’m not surprised to hear Tony Law’s name pop up.  By the law of averages, since you’ve beaten him so many times, it makes sense one of those times might be on your favorites list.  I’ve seen your match with Tony over at BG East, and again, the word “raw” comes to mind. The match description for this Iron Man match for MDW’s season 5 makes it sound as if Tony may have finally turned the tables on you this time around, which I for one find hard to believe. Anything more you can say about Iron Man and how you left Tony’s meaty ass when the 60 minutes were up?

Morgan leans into his longstanding rivalry with beefy farmboy, Tony Law

Morgan: Well, the Iron Man contest allows for multiple pins and submissions (not that any heel is going to stop at the first tap out anyway), so I will say that Tony had a lot of chance to make up for lost time. The man that walks away with the most victories at the hour’s end is declared the ultimate winner of the contest, so either we exchanged a few wins in a closely contested bout, or I kicked his ass for an hour straight, but you will have to watch it to find out.

Bard: Nicely teased.  Damien Rush is another hot stud you’ve brutalized over and over from MDW to BG East and back again. The level of brutality and humiliation you’ve dragged him through is an astonishing body of work all on it’s own. I’ve got to hand it to the handsome hunk that he’s got some serious nerve climbing back into the ring again and again with you. You look like you could just about eat him for lunch, but I wonder if, at the end of the day, you walk away with respect for even the mewling, weeping opponents you leave crushed in the ring behind you, like hot hunk Damien.

Damien works up a sweat all over trashed boy toy, Damien Rush again and again.

Morgan: Damien is a hot-headed talent, and I do respect him, but at the end of the day I have job to do and that is putting everyone in their proper place beneath me the one true wrestling god.  Now, if Mr. Rush wanted to admit that I am and always will be better than him in every way and wanted to form a tag team with me then I could really respect him.

… and again, and again the Mastodon works to teach Damien some respect.

Bard:  Message sounds loud and clear to me. By the way, if you find yourself ripping Mr. Rush’s sweat-soaked trunks off his hot bod again, keep me in mind. I’ve got a trophy case with a spot reserved. Your most recent release for BG East featured you taking on both Christian Taylor and his notorious jobber boyfriend, Skip Vance at the same time in Tag Team Torture 16. I’ve only seen previews of the match so far, but it looks like you fucking own the both of them in body and soul. A boyfriend tag team beatdown is a long-standing pet erotic fantasy of mine. What was it like for you to not just work over another pretty boy like Christian, but to crush him in front of his anguished lover and then humiliate the both of them at the same time?

Morgan works his way underneath Skip’s skin by humiliating Skip’s lover inside the ring.

Morgan: Let me first say if you want Damien’s trunks you will have to peel them off his throat, but it is fine by me.  Someone needs to do him the favor after my many mean encounters with him. Boyfriend Beatdown was exhilarating.  While I owned Christian in the ring, Skip cheers on moral support from the much safer exterior of the ring. For the first time I was able to bash one hunk while taunting another. My game plan was of course to get both in the ring at once because obviously alone they are both squash material. Skip and I went back and forth for a good while before I got underneath his skin playing with his boyfriend in whichever way I wanted. Christian was no match for me and failed to save any face even with his boyfriend there cheering him on. I felt badly for him so it was only natural to provoke skip so his boyfriend could see that no one stands a chance against the Mastodon. Squashing both together was like playing god I was the ruler of their relationship; I was the master of all things private to them, it was Morgan Cruise who determined when and where they kissed along with other things.

Morgan has both Skip Vance and his lover Christian Taylor right where he wants them.

Bard: Holy shit, that’s hot.  That match is officially next on my BG East order form.  So here are a few stream of consciousness questions for you. Don’t think too long… just answer what comes first into your head.  Okay?

Morgan: Sure.

Bard: Steak or seafood?

Morgan: Seafood.

Bard: Boxers or briefs?

Morgan: Neither.

Bard: [Laughing]  Perfect. Legs or chest?

Morgan: Chest.

Bard: Scissor or bearhug?

Morgan: Bearhug.

Bard: Top or bottom?

Morgan: Top.

Bard: Of course.  Country or rock?

Morgan: Metal.

Bard: Nice.  So you’ve got a lot of fans, I’m sure you know. Watching you in the ring, however, you seem completely focused, like you don’t give a shit about anyone else, what anyone else thinks or wants. What do you make of the legions of Mastodon fans out there who can’t get enough of the magic that you make in the wrestling ring?

Morgan: The truth is that my namesake the Mastodon went extinct, but I am the perfect breed – an ever-evolving specimen, and that means listening to feedback and taking direction and criticism. I keep in close contact with my die hard fans, and they tell me what they like and what they do not. Luckily there is very little to not like. When I am in the ring I tap into the primal force that is the Mastodon, and everything else dissolves.  My focus becomes how I want to break my opponent down and how to do it with precise logic and incomparable style.

Bard: Good to hear. You are a crowd pleaser, it’s impossible to deny. What’s something that Mastodon fans don’t know about you that they should?

Morgan: I am very quiet outside the ring. [Laughing] I hardly speak. I meticulously dissect the way in which others communicate so that I never misunderstand anyone. Everyone has a different method or nuance to the way in whcih they articulate the idea they want to get across, so attention to detail is key.  As a result, I do not own a cell phone.  I heavily prefer direct contact

Bard: Fascinating… and suddenly I’m second guessing what I’ve said this whole interview.  Just a couple more questions for you. Is there any particular wrestler currently competing that you haven’t wrestled yet that needs to trampled by the Mastodon?

Morgan: Kid Karisma.

Morgan has his eye on none other than BG East’s Kid Karisma.

Bard: Holy hell, yes!  I’d pay for a front row seat for that one!  Hell, the image of all of those muscles locked with muscles is making me a little dizzy right now.  Speaking of muscles, if you found yourself climbing into the ring again with Lon Dumont, with considerably more experience and practice under your belt now than when you first wrestled, do you think things would turn out differently this time around?

Morgan: I have been waiting for that question.  He can come to MDW, or we can meet back up in the BG East ring any time, any place.  I am there.  This time around, you can bet your “firstborn,” The Mastodon is walking away victorious.

A rematch with Lon Dumont: Would this happen again!?

Bard: Sweet. I’m hoping to sit down for face-to-face interview with Mr. Muscles in the not-too-distant future, so I’ll be sure to let him know.  You’ve been a delight to chat with, Morgan, and for someone who typically hardly speaks outside the ring, you’ve been an awesome conversationalist.  Is there any last word you’d like to pass along to Mastodon fans out there before I let you go?

Morgan: The Mastodon is watching over the works at MDW, and would like to encourage my fans to check Muscle Domination Wrestling out as I am making sure my in-ring work extends beyond my own matches.  The landscape has changed, and the wrestling has come to the forefront. And thank you for the interview it was a pleasure to have this experience.  I have learned a good few things from your blog.  And do be sure to let good old Lonny Dumont that he can come to me, or I am coming for him [laughing].

Bard:  You are a one of a kind, hot, sweaty, raw, old school mass of muscle wrestler, and I cannot wait to catch up on your newest releases now, and to check out the evolving landscape at MDW. I hope we can chat again sometime, perhaps after I can get Lon back on the record.  Thanks again, Morgan. You’re awesome!




Raw material

Before I left for vacation (“holiday”), Kid Leopard sent me some sweet, behind-the-scenes shots of the new BG East facility in Florida. I love a glimpse behind-the-scenes of homoerotic wrestling.  A lot. I still ache for more behind-the-scenes galleries in the BG East Arena “Surprise” Galleries. Something just turns me on about that moment at the edge of one reality and another, the muscle studs of my wrestling fantasies geared up but lounging about, the snarling, hot hunks of the ring clowning around, showing some affection, or just whatever it is they do outside the ring. That one foot in, one foot out aspect of behind-the-scenes shots works me up just fine!

The art before it hits the walls and becomes the context within with homoerotic wrestling magic is made.

There were just a few shots that I didn’t have to post from The Boss’ indulgence of my lust for behind-the-scenes insights. They are of the “lounge” area, the break room for homoerotic wrestling hunks.  Taking a break between matches? Grabbing a quick bite or rehydrating before climbing back in the ring and pounding the hell out of an opponent? Stop off here and kick back, text your boyfriend, shoot the shit with the gorgeous, barely clad hottie in pro trunks and mid-calf boots across the room from you.

Kid Karisma and Jake Lorenzo hang out in the break room with a couple of hot hunks I can’t identify.

Now, first on my bucket list is to weasel my way into a closed set filming of a sweat-filled, muscle pumped, full-contact, preferably rip and strip pro wrestling match. Make said match starring Kid Karisma’s award winning ass, and I could die then and there. Second item on my bucket list is to pull up a chair in this lounge, do my best to tear my eyes off of the beautiful, mostly bare muscle bodies around me, and enjoy discovering what these guys are like when the cameras are off.

3rd on my bucket list…

Third on my bucket list is some one-on-one time rubbing down a homoerotic wrestling god in the massage room in back, preferably while he’s still soaked in sweat from the ring and he hasn’t gotten off in a week. Okay, that’s probably #2. At least.

The boys of BG East, poised to work their magic.

So I may die unfulfilled, but I’m incredibly grateful for the boys behind the cameras at BG East, and The Boss in particular, for giving me (and you) a little glimpse of palette upon which they paint the homoerotic wrestling masterpieces that are the reason for neverland’s being.  And I cannot wait to be introduced to the new faces poised to show up for their debuts with BG East, who we catch a glimpse of in the group shot above!

Lust Requited!

Mr. Joshua knows what you’re looking at.

Regulars here at neverland are aware of a handful of longstanding frustrations I have that I affectionally refer to as my “unrequited lusts.”  These are the subjects of relentless and ruthless teases that I’ve been a total sucker for. For example, Joshua Goodman (that’s Mr. Joshua to you!) and his momentous, mountainous, pendulous package. He is forever shoving his hands down the front of his trunks in his matches and readjusting the baggage that’s shifted during flight. He persistently points at the behemoth that strains the stitches holding together his trunks, reminding opponents and fans that there’s a hidden anaconda yet to be unleashed. Fuck, fuck, fuck! I’m so torqued by the Mr. Joshua package-tease! I’ve pleaded desperately for a rising upswell of popular demand crying out for a Mr. J strip stakes match (or series of matches, however many it takes before an opponent instantly becomes my #1 favorite wrestler by peeling off Mr. J’s dignity and finally, at long, long last unleashing the beast).

Michael C. Hall has gone shirtless, plenty, but…

Another frequent topic of my unrequited love has been more in the realm of my erotic wrestling fantasy material, namely Michael C. Hall’s ass. His character grew on me in Six Feet Under. But as Dexter, the sympathetic serial killer, he has played a starring role in several homoerotic wrestling fantasies of mine, one of which I actually wrote down and shared as part of my collection of celebrity homoerotic wrestling fiction. Not too surprising, Michael managed to come out on top in that match by pinning granite-hardbodied Justin Theroux to the mat via sitting on his face and letting those luscious cheeks make Mr. Anniston forget that he didn’t want to be trapped right there, right then.

Justin Theroux got the honors to wrestle Michael C. Hall in my homoerotic wrestling imagination (lucky son of a bitch!)

However tantalizing Michael’s ass has appeared in butt-hugging trousers in Dexter, though, the actual glutes themselves have never made an appearance. Dexter sex scenes? Sure. Naked boobies everywhere you look? Absolutely. The barest glimpse of Michael’s uncovered, bulbous booty? Not a one. Damn it.

Dexter’s naked ass has landed!!!

That is, there has been no sighting of those pound-able melons in the flesh until now. After being overseas on vacation, I’ve spent the last week scarfing down the episodes of True Blood and Dexter that I missed while away. I finally caught up with both, and glory be, after so much teasing, so many close-ups on that fantastic (but clothed) bubble butt, long after I’d intellectually given up on ever seeing that ass in the flesh, Michael sated my deep down lust with a long, lingering, full-on sex-scene starring (and I mean STARRING) his g-g-gorgeous ass!!!

Simply gorgeous.

When I say this steamy scene stars Michael’s ass, I mean, seriously, there was clearly nothing else on anyone’s mind as they blocked this scene. The woman that Dexter is supposed to be banging is naked and, in her way, for those with that predilection, I’m sure attractive. But there’s no way to put it other than to say that her naked body is completely and entirely upstaged. It’s not just that Michael’s beautiful nakedness is always on top with most of the scene shot from above. His ass literally gets several of it’s own close-ups! I mean, how often does this happen, that the camera zooms in, pans away, and then zooms in again on the guy’s ass in an opposite-sex sex scene!? It’s as if Michael, who you know had been asked a thousand times before to bare it, finally just said, fine, fuck it, film my ass!

The camera lingers…

Enough of the phenomenological critique. Let me just say that even with all of that build-up and all of that teasing year after year, still, without a doubt I did not leave disappointed.  His co-star kept trying to wiggle into the shot, but there was no disguising that those glutes are simply beautiful… powerful, sculpted shelf, fuckable for days.

Worth the wait…

Michael had a cancer scare that, sounds like, is behind him now. I’m still astonished that he was apparently diagnosed, treated, and in remission all basically within the time constraints of a between-season hiatus. It’s also incredible that despite what was apparently some aggressive treatment, his body is rocking my world every ounce as much today as when Keith first stripped him and threw him into bed in Six Feet Under.  I love that he’s at it for one last season as the lovable serial killer, and he is most definitely a fan-pleaser with this fulfillment of so many unspoken promises over the years.

Someday… Maybe…

This, of course, fills up my tank of hopefulness again for so many of my unrequited lusts. Maybe, just maybe, there’s still a chance that we’ll see someone unpack Mr. Joshua’s oversized baggage. Perhaps sultry stunner Rio Garza will, indeed, someday shock a cocky opponent with a picture-perfect flying drop-kick to the chin AND peel off his own sweaty trunks and stuff them into his opponent’s stunned mouth. Possibly, just maybe, I may even get that custom DVD I ordered from a wrestling fantasyman going on two years ago. Michael C. Hall let us take a lovingly long, lingering gander at his gluteus maximus… anything is possible!

Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

My HWOTM pick is very late in arriving here at neverland, primarily because I was traveling for the first 2 weeks of August. That does not mean, however, that I didn’t have time to enjoy the cream of the crop of homoerotic wrestling new releases that came out in July, and to form my opinions about which wrestler worked me the hardest. I settled on one particular wrestler who is almost certainly overdue for the accolades here at neverland, but truth be told, there was another couple of boys who were absolutely chomping on his ass vying for the title. It was a hair’s breadth between them, but I’ll save my lauding of the runner’s up and stick to placing the laurel leaves atop the head of the wrestler who entertained me most in the July new releases…


…Ethan “Axel” Andrews.

Skip Vance has described BG East’s Gazebo Grapplers 15 match featuring Ethan battling it out with Skip’s lover, Christian Taylor, as his favorite match of all time. I can understand why. It’s smoking hot. Both Christian and Ethan are in mouthwatering shape, with Ethan still sporting the bad mohawk that he earned in his Hairstakes match against my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler, Lon Dumont. The wrestling is intense, punctuated by the grunts and groans that few men can really fake with the type of sincerity you hear in this match. And, well, fuck, I’ve certainly had the odd (i.e., regularly recurring) fantasy of a vicious, barely clad heel beating the shit out of my lover during those moments when my lover is annoying me as only someone who knows me most intimately can.


Christian, a former HWOTM, puts up a highly entertaining performance, working that cold as ice, unflappable focus he has so masterfully. But it’s Ethan that has me laughing, gasping, and unzipping as he weaves an intricate, finely balanced narrative that unfolds like a favorite novella.


Ethan’s mouth runs pretty much continuously, as it does in most everything I’ve seen of his work. He’s got a sharp wit that cuts and slices at the ego strength of the long, tall beauty in front of him. Early on, he brings up Skip in his trash talk offense. And when it comes to Ethan, I mean “offense” quite literally. He makes no bones about his full on intent to offend, insult, crawl up under Christian’s gorgeous skin and fester like a rotting sore. He insults Christian liberally, commenting on the towering beauty’s less than stellar match record. But it’s when he insults Skip that I start to seriously appreciate the sexy-devious mind that has made many a fan before me line up right behind Ethan’s beautiful ass and cheer.


As I say, these boys wrestle with a heated intensity that not for a moment can be mistaken for anything other than homoerotic combat. There’s humor, laced with a strong overtaste of humiliation to keep it spicy. Ethan’s crotch bulges impressively from very early on. The banter and grappling and submissions scored on one another are transparently turning these hot young hunks on (not to mention this hot-not-nearly-as-young hunk on this side of my screen).


Christian is simply not up to the challenge of keeping pace with the intensity and focus of Ethan. There’s something almost “consuming” about the manner in which Ethan’s ripped bod wraps around his struggling opponent so fiercely. I’d say that he enjoys having as much of his body in physical contact with as much of Christian’s body as possible, but then again, there’s no need to say it. Just look at that lovely mountain hanging between his legs, particularly when he’s stripped to a totally impractical and somehow completely believable gear choice: a mesh thong. Ethan slowly reveals his master plan. Dump the twig, he advises Christian. Give lightweight jobber Skip the boot and make room in your bed for the likes of Ethan Andrews. He’s shown up not just to win a wrestling match, but to conquer another man’s lover and take what he’s won body and soul. Ethan is not just a homoerotic wrestling savant. He’s not just a ripped, hunky heel. He’s an unapologetic (hell, he clearly loves this shit) home wrecker!


We knew it. Christian knew it. Obviously Ethan knew it. Before this is all said and done, there was no way in hell that Ethan’s mouth would fail to be planted hungrily across the alluring lips of Christian Taylor. It’s Christian’s MO, I think. Opponent’s sign up for a match because, if they beat him, they can suck face with one of the most handsome hotties on the BG East roster. I imagine he must taste like mojitos… no real reason, just the look of satisfaction on the faces of opponent’s as they peel their lips off of his. Yes, it was destined to happen that, stripped to excellently minuscule thongs, these two would stretch out across one another, crotch grinding into crotch, pec to pec, Christian flat on his back and being owned by the relentless badger on top of him, before Ethan dives in and plants a long, lingering, lip smacking kiss on him. Fuck, I love that climax. It’s the perfect apex to a homoerotic wrestling story arc.


But it’s only after that point that Ethan suddenly grabs me by the balls and demands to be crowned HWOTM. Christian has effectively melted. “Submitted” is a polite term for it, really, because the way his body responds to being owned and tasted by mohawk stud, he’s completely ripe for the picking. Then Ethan smacks him around a little more and peels away. The smirk on his face as he looks at Christian’s prone body is hilarious. Like cruising a gay bar, he gives a I-had-that-fucker sneer toward bagged-and-tagged Christian and says that he’s changed his mind. He doesn’t want to take Skip’s place, after all. Now that he’s proven he can own Christian, Ethan announces that he’s ready to move on to his real prize: Christian’s lover Skip.


Fuck, that is a sweet, sweet story! There’s suspense, humor, rocking hot bodies and highly competitive mat wrestling with a through-story. Hello!? This was clearly so far up my alley that I need to dig my underwear out of my crack! Ethan plays it to perfection, controlling the pace, setting the fantastically erotic tone, toying with Christian’s mind and body and then really lowering the shocking boom by leaving the stud gaping open-mouthed as Ethan heads off to hunt down Christian’s bon-bon lover. Game, set, match! I’m still laughing; I’m still hard. Ethan Andrews is undeniably my reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month. Nicely played, Ethan.

Route 69


Getting back into the swing of things, I’ve uploaded a new installment in the Route 69 homoerotic wrestling fiction series by the fantastic author Alex.  Alex has quickly built a massive following of rabid fans who can be a little relentless when I’m slow to format and upload Alex’ newest material.  He deserves those fans, because his writing and his vision for scorchingly hot homoerotic wrestling fiction is epic in scope and quality.

Ben stars in the homoerotic wrestling fiction series, “Route 69”

The story I’ve just uploaded this afternoon is a prime example of what grabs readers by the cock and strokes them into such a frenzy about Alex’ writing. One of the stars of Route 69, Ben, is back at it, trying to decide if he’s bitten off more than he can chew and, alternately, whether he wishes he had or hadn’t.

This is Toby, the scrawny, relatively plain-looking element to an insanely hot brother duo that Ben “encounters” in Route 69: El Paso, TX.

I don’t need to sell regular readers, but if you haven’t read any of Alex’ work, remedy that oversight instantly by checking it out at the Sidelineland homoerotic wrestling fiction catalog. You’ll need to sign up for a membership if you haven’t already, but don’t let that scare you off. If you’re not a raging ‘phobe, you’ll get into the group just fine.  I’d encourage you to “enjoy,” but seriously, just sign up and the enjoyment will need no further encouragement.

Back Again

Chace LaChance is mesmerized by the feel of Braden’s Charron awesomely muscled back in BG East’s Summer Sizzler bonus match.

Those who connected with me on FB are aware that I’ve been traveling “abroad” for the past couple of weeks, which accounts for my complete absence from posting new material here at neverland. My time away was excellent, full of both rest and rejuvenation, but I have to admit, I missed home. Good news is, however, that I’m back!

Kevin Crowes illustrated back is a stunning work of art, and his erotic wrestling certainly stunned wrestling pornboy veteran Rusty Stevens in Can-Am’s Pro Sex Fight 4

I have some match reviews to post in the next couple of weeks, along with a final installment of my virtual pilgrimage to BG East’s south campus, and there will be, as always, more random thoughts and musings that are the meat the potatoes of neverland.

That’s one incredibly big, sexy back in Thunder’s Arena’s Bearhug Challenge 9.

Those into homoerotic wrestling fiction can also look forward to some more stories from Alex at our sidelineland site, as well as a new feature from me there that was a special request from a smokin’ hot wrestler and friend of this blog. So much wrestling eroticism to talk about, pick apart, put back together and, as always, being ecstatically inspired by!

Oiled, exhausted, incredibly beautiful backs wait for the final score in Naked Kombat’s June 19th battle between Landon Conrad and Alex Adams.

Damn, it’s good to be back.

Dev Michael’s gladiator back bulges beautifully as he breaks apart Austin Cooper piece by piece in BG East’s Hunkbash 14.

Virtual Pilgrimage – Part 2

Setting up a new home can be both a pain in the ass and a labor of love. I spent way too much time tinkering with the look of sidelineland.com before going live last week.  Even then, I knew it wasn’t quite right. But I keep telling myself that everything changes, so I can (and most definitely will) keep tinkering, adjusting, redecorating and reformatting as I settle into these new digs. Kid Leopard sent along a some housewarming gifts for me a few days ago documenting his own experience of building a new home for BG East’s south campus in Florida, completed just a few months ago. I posted a few of those photos a couple of days ago, but there’s more. I’m pacing myself (and you) because this gallery is shockingly hot and enticing to pour over!

The raw material

A few days ago I posted the before-and-after shots of the new matroom, from blank canvas transformed into homoerotic wrestling context. There was a preview of X-Fights 35 in that batch, starring rising star Lorenzo Lowe and hunky ginger rookie Steve Ponce, as well as a pair of wrestlers who we can’t quite see their faces, but holy hell I’d bet my retirement fund that I recognize that ass in blue! Today, I’m sharing some of the before and after shots of making an open warehouse storage space into the setting for what will be, I guarantee you, some of my favorite homoerotic wrestling fare.

Lorenzo, Jonny and Ray build the ring frame

Constructing the new ring room at the south campus was completed by some of the hottest on camera talent that BG East currently offers. I hope there was at least one in the bunch that is, in his day job, a carpenter (or had supervision), because the BG East ring inevitably takes quite a beating.

Talk about taking a beating! Dev Michaels crushes an opponent in a pool of sweat and tears

And just to demonstrate some of the beating that the ring has already taken, The Boss sent along some incredibly generous preview pics of matches not yet released.  You may not know this, but the BG East boys guard their trade secrets (and particularly their unreleased catalog of homoerotic wrestling treasure) with an icy cold seriousness. I once talked a wrestler into smuggling out some candid, behind the scenes shots of a BG East taping, and holy fuck, heads rolled! So getting a glimpse of stunning beauty like this not yet for sale at BG East is quite a treat for you and me!

Kid Karisma pries apart a hot looking rookie.

Some of the wrestlers baptizing the new ring with their copious sweat I don’t recognize; some of them I do. All of them, however, I want to get to know a lot better!  Less than a handful of action shots starring the likes of long-time friend of this blog, Kid Karisma and massive muscleman I’d love to cozy up to, Dev Michaels, and I’m already sweating bullets and having to adjust myself.

Kid Karisma shows the rook the new ropes

All good storytelling, as far as I’m concerned, has compelling character development and an engaging plot, but an oft-overlooked aspect of good writing that can (and frequently does) absolutely kill a story is how well it’s set. I’m one of those readers who enjoy paragraphs of description that transport me inside the scene. When I write homoerotic wrestling fiction, I typically edit out pages and pages of background and ancillary detail in order to maintain the focus and pacing, but I always, always, always start writing by writing context. BG East has once again constructed a compelling context, harkening to classic pro wrestling with a dash of for-gay-eyes-only intimacy. The muted color palette is apt background for the stunning beauty of the bodies and action inside the ring, but there’s nothing unimportant about a carefully painted background. As with everything, I sense that BG East has sweated long and hard over the details that we are expected to take for granted, like lighting, like textures and sound quality. It’s the boys body slamming and pouring sweat over one another that hold our attention, of course, but there’s a world that’s been painted around them that is an essential element to the well told homoerotic wrestling story.  Once again, BG East does it right.

The new ring is packed full of classic and newbie hunks

The boys at BG East, both in front of the camera and behind it, deserve a boatload of respect for the days and days that they invest for every minute of homoerotic wrestling entertainment that they produce. Athletes, wrestlers, hunks, beautiful men, everyone of them, with awesome gifts for engaging all the senses in producing provocative, inspiring, and undeniably hot homoerotic wrestling. Thanks for what you do, and for letting us get just a glimpse of what we don’t see on camera.

Virtual Pilgrimage

It turns out that neverland isn’t the only spot that’s staked out new digs.  None other than BG East’s Boss sent me an incredibly sweet housewarming present for neverland, in the form of several photos of BG East’s new south campus facilities. We’ve seen some glimpses of the new setting, including Gold Shaft’s erotic initiation of babyface angel Lauden Sevior in Sunshine Shooters 6. The Boss told me that in the handful of months it’s been in operation, their new Florida digs have been the setting for more than 30 matches taped already, not to mention hosting visiting wrestlers overnight and providing the background for whatever off camera calisthenics they get up to.  While I’m still hanging the pictures on the walls here at sidelineland.com, I can identify with what is obviously a bit of excitement on the part of the BG East boys about setting up their new facilities, placing things where they should go, crafting a blank canvas into the ideal context for supercharged homoerotic wrestling to happen.

Reiterating BG East’s long-standing mantra of being a wrestling company run by wrestlers, we can see in this first batch of photos of the initial set-up of the new facilities that it’s the boys on camera making what’s off camera work. I’ve frequently remarked on certain homoerotic wrestlers whose bodies are built in such a way that there’s simply no better application of their beautiful brawn than to rip off their clothes and throw them into a wrestling ring. From these shots, clearly the second most perfect application of all that beautiful brawn is serving as stage crew.

If you like what you see and are interested in renting the new second holiest site in the world of BG East, you very well may be in luck. Between BG East tapings, these facilities are available for private rental. Can you imagine inviting a group of your closest hardbodied wrestling-and-fuck-buddies to Florida for an overnight orgy of homoerotic wrestling with the sights, smells, and psychic imprint of BG East’s gorgeous stars surrounding you? I can!  The facilities include a kitchen, a massage room, a shower and 2 baths, as well. To see about reserving the space for your (or my) birthday blowout, drop an email to the BGE boy in charge of the south campus: ziowrestler@yahoo.com.  Tell them Bard sent you, in case I get a commission (I won’t).

Lorenzo Lowe and Ray Naylor put hot wrestling muscles to their second-best use.
Jonny Firestorm is pumped with excitement for BG East’s new Florida facilities
Did The Boss open a new facility primarily for the wall space it provides for his huge collection of wrestling art?
The kitchen that fuels hungry hunks
Massage room set up to pound out the aches and pains from hard, hot wrestling action
Is Jonny Firestorm there to give or get a massage? Either way, count me in!
The new matroom when it was a blank canvas
Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 6.05.15 PM
The new matroom getting broken in with the sweat and tears (and other bodily fluids) of BG East’s gorgeous wrestlers (yet-to-be-released action)
Jake v Steven.
Speaking of fluids, Lorenzo Lowe and ginger rookie hunk Steve Ponce made excellent use of the new matroom in the extremely-soon-to-be-released X-Fights 35

New Digs

Welcome to neverland’s new address!  I recommend that regular readers bookmark this page for future reference, since I will no longer be updating the old site at blogger.  Happily, I’ve been able to transfer all the old posts as well as reader comments into this new format. For your convenience and to just clarify any issues of monetization and undue influence, there will continue to be no ads here at neverland other than the unsolicited publicity I offer through my discussions of homoerotic wrestling products that I enjoy. Check out the About page for reference to photo copyright owners who have generously given me permission to repost their images here.  You can also find an updated Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month Hall of Fame, and I’ve made some major administrative decisions regarding my running favorite homoerotic wrestler titles – namely, I’m collapsing the two categories of favorites (pornboys and non-pornboys), and once again forcing them all to battle it out in one big pool of sweat and tears for my lust and adoration. The Favorites page gives a more detailed explanation of how I came to this decision and where I drew the lines, but for those with a casual interest, suffice it to say that the inaugural unified title holder as my favorite homoerotic wrestler running is long-time infatuation of mine, wrestler-turned-bodybuilder-turned-wrestler Lon Dumont.

BG East’s Lon Dumont is my favorite homoerotic wrestler unified title holder.

I hope to get this new incarnation of neverland back to some of my roots, including intentionally blurring the lines between homoerotic wrestling fantasy and pop culture, celebrating beautiful bodies that do (or should) populate the homoerotic wrestling scene, and naming the names of the men, matches and maneuvers that dial my wrestling kink sensibilities up to 11.

In that vein, here are some fantasy match-ups I’ve chosen for which hot Hollywood hunk currently making news should climb into the wrestling ring, and which current homoerotic wrestling hardbody should be there to greet him.

Model-turned-actor-turned-superhero 6’1″ Henry Cavill
Model-turned-softcore-pornboy-turned-homoerotic-wrestler 5’10” Zack Johnathan (Z-Man)

First up on my plate is cleft chinned fashion model Henry Cavill, who’s come a long, long way to be all-American (albeit, space alien) superhero Superman in this Spring’s blockbuster. This photo is of a leaner Henry from Immortals, sporting a physique that speaks to me even louder than his hairy chested behemoth muscleman incarnation in Superman. Talk about a star on the rise, Henry seems to be making tongues wag and mouths drool uncontrollably lately.  He’s starred in several pieces of homoerotic wrestling fiction I’ve penned, and I think the perfect homoerotic wrestling veteran to test the newly minted man of steel would be equally devastatingly handsome beauty, Z-Man. I picture the blinding beauty of both of these boys inspiring them to higher and higher heights of savagery and lust for domination. Lovely Henry would have a lot to learn, and I think two-thirds of this match would involve Z-Man demonstrating all of the cruel tools of the trade he’s suffered for so many years at the hands of his opponents. However, I think Henry would be a quick study, sucking the air out of Z-Man’s lungs with an unexpectedly aggressive crotch claw, scoring the decisive knockout victory, and then working over the slowly rousing Z-Man’s luscious pecs with his tongue.

Rower-turned-jokester-turned-tv-hearthrob 6’4″ Joel McHale
Muscle-teen-turned-bondage-dominator-turned-wrestler 5’10” Muscle Master Kevin

Joel McHale not only graduated from an institution that I did, he also grabbed a whole lot of attention when he disrobed for the first time on his network television show Community, instantly earning him a spot in the crowded field of funny men hunks I lust after.  While I don’t follow Community faithfully, it’s a sentimental favorite of mine for no other reason than Joel’s mouthwatering pecs. I think this giant funny man could have no better greeter when he enters a wrestling ring than ice-cold and entirely humorless Muscle Master Kevin, boss-in-chief and stunningly pectacular CEO of Muscle Domination Wrestling. No shit, the initial stare down would be between Master Muscle Kevin’s baby blues and Joel’s mouthwatering nipples (because you know Kevin wouldn’t deign to look up). The muscle master very well might bite off more than he can chew in ripped comedian Joel, who I think harbors the deep cynicism of a serious heel-rising. But I have to think even with the size disadvantage, Master Muscle Kevin would slowly beat the tallboy down to size, humiliate him, terrify him, and teach him crucial lessons Joel would need to learn to own the ring as the heel he harbors deep inside.

Hero-turned-villain-turned-hero-hottie 5’10” Sendhil Ramamurthy
Pornboy-brute-beefcake 6’0″ Marcus Ruhl

Discovering that Sendhil Ramamurthy was back on television and shirtless stoked some sizzling hot embers he first lit when I fell in lust with him on Heroes. He appeared in a couple of fictional wrestling matches I wrote, but the height of homoerotic wrestling fantasy would be to see him climb into the ring and discover beefy pornboy kombatant Marcus Ruhl staring down at him. There’s no way that the tidal wave plowing into him would leave sensational Sendhil anything other than flat on his back with knees in the air, but I think he’d make the pornboy work hard for it. One way or another, however, there’s a pony ride in Sendhil’s future appearances in my imagination (with Sendhil as the pony, of course).

Roman-god-turned-naked-werewolf 6’5″ Joe Manganiello
Twink-turned-terminator 5’9″ Chace LaChance

Finally, Joe Manganiello is never far from my homoerotic wrestling fantasies. He’s a recurring character in my fiction, and even more frequently appears to me in my fondest dreams. There may have never been a Hollywood actor more perfectly suited to be a homoerotic wrestling god than mountainous muscleman Joe. In fact, I struggle to imagine who could manage to initiate the mighty beast sufficiently. Having admired the beastly transformation of Chace LaChance from tweezed go-go-boy to brutishly massive muscleman, however, I’m picturing Chace to be the one to give rookie Joe a boot to the face as the Hollywood stunner tries to stride up to the ring apron for the first time. Chace has taken some severe beatings, and I have to imagine Joe would match him muscle for muscle, and then some. But my fantasies could picture no other outcome than big, beautiful Joe flat on his back with Chace’s muscle butt planted across his face as the Hollywood heartthrob taps frantically his final submission before Chace strips him naked (like we haven’t seen that before) and rides his glorious ass (okay, that would be new) as picture perfect Joe hangs onto the ropes and moans.

So leave me a housewarming present here at neverland 2.0 by sharing in the comments below your Hollywood-turns-homoerotic-wrestling fantasy match-up.  And welcome!

Boston on My Mind

I’ve been struggling with wanting to post something, but not wanting to disrespect the victims and survivors of the Boston marathon bombings by being as frivolous as is my default here at neverland.  I’ll keep this brief, so as to not get too distracted from my main point, which is my affection and respect for Boston at all times, and most poignantly over the last couple of days.  The time I enjoyed spending there taught me some lessons about Boston and Bostonians.  For example, I come from a metropolis where people are fastidious about braking for pedestrians.  Not so, Boston.  They’ll run you down in a heartbeat, crosswalk or no.  I learned that it’s not that they are contemptuous of pedestrians.  They do not wish them harm.  It’s simply that they trust that pedestrians are tough and savvy enough to know better than to cross a street in front of oncoming traffic.  It’s certainly not that they aren’t looking out for each other, but rather they count on each other to be smart and exercise common sense survival instincts.  In the time I’ve spent in Boston I witnessed a lot of honking, a good deal of yelling, and a fearlessness about casual confrontation.  I also enjoyed random Bostonians striking up friendly conversations with me about my tattoos, why I was there in the city, if I knew about the best places for connoli (none of these things would ever occur in my uptight and icy hometown at the time).  Unlike other places I’ve lived, I found Boston not at all shy, not reserved, neither in swearing at you for being in the way or shooting the breeze with you about where you got your ink.

While the bombings will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on Boston and the rest of us, I have to think that there’s something fundamentally bostonian that it is tough as hell, practical and pragmatic, unafraid of confrontation, and not at all reticent to reach out to a stranger with genuine interest and friendship, that no assholes with explosives can make a dent in.  And I can think of nothing more appropriate than for said assholes to be identified and dropped on the streets in South Boston just after the bars close.  I’m not a fan of state-enacted executions of criminals, but somehow I don’t seem to have a problem with the idea of some man-on-the-street Boston justice in this case.

To my Boston-based friends and family, know that we’re thinking about you, hurting with you, and knowing that “terror” is the furthest thing from your hearts.

And at the risk of devolving into the frivolous, here are just a few of some of my favorite examples of “Boston justice,” courtesy of my very favorite Boston-area based homoerotic wrestling producer…